You probably do not think of getting sick with a virus or a bacterial infection as a biohazard, but that is exactly what it is. When you or another family member or a work colleague falls ill, you need to take precautions includes biohazards cleanup to protect yourself from disease spread. A virus represents just one of many biohazards that must be addressed to protect yourself and loved ones. The list includes:

  • microorganisms
  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • biologically derived toxins

You might not think of a car accident or an unattended death at your home or business as falling into these categories, but because you cannot know with certainty what the individual involved was exposed to or had contracted, cleaning up their blood and other bodily fluids fall under the category of biohazard.

The Importance of Biohazard Cleanup 

The term biohazard encompasses a wide range of substances including man-made chemicals and living organisms. The biohazard caused by SARS viruses remains just one of the many our state faces that Eco Bear can help you combat. Although life-threatening if contracted, the methods of protecting yourself from the disease remain simple and disinfecting and sanitizing areas that a carrier or infected individual may have spread the virus. 

The biohazard severity determines the protective equipment used, the cleaning agents used and contributes to the time frame needed for cleanup. Biohazards rank in severity from level one to four with four being the most serious. A level four threat has no existing vaccine or cure. Sanitizing and disinfecting for such a virus requires professional level protections and hospital-grade disinfectants. Involving a professional biohazards cleanup team such as Eco Bear ensures you obtain an appropriate cleanliness level using the right cleaning agents and equipment. Our professional-level equipment and specialized training prepare us to do the job right.

 Pandemics are not the only reason you might need to call Eco Bear for biohazard cleaning. When an individual in your family faces a serious bacterial infection or infectious disease, it also requires biohazardous cleaning. An unattended death, one which goes undiscovered for at least one day, requires this type of cleaning as well. That applies whether an animal or person dies. Decomposition causes biohazards, such as bodily fluid releases and gases. 

 Many crime scenes include an element of biohazards if they involved homicide, battery or assault. The procedures followed by crime scene investigators include the use of forensic investigation chemicals that can cause the need for biohazards cleaning. An industrial accident or automotive/motorcycle accident can also create biohazards. Hoarding cleanup also qualifies as a biohazard cleanup. 

 Eco Bear offers professional cleaning services with the highest quality equipment and cleansers as well as empathic personnel. We adhere to the procedures for biohazard decontamination set by the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA). We offer an understanding ear and an empathic nature plus we use the personal protective equipment (PPE) and specialized, hospital-grade cleaning agents that restore the safety to your home or business. 

Every Decontamination Differs 

 Every situation differs. At Eco Bear, we will be upfront about the time cleanup will take and delays that might make cleanup tougher. We understand you probably want to know at the outset how long it will take to get your home or business back to looking normal, but we need to meet with you and see the space before we can give you that information. Simple pet odors take just a few hours to clean up, but a crime scene can require days as can a medical cleanup. The size of the space that needs cleaning and surfaces affected will also impact the time it takes to clean up the biohazard. Situations can occur that require the replacement of materials or household items. For example, blood and bodily fluids on a mattress require its disposal and replacement. Water seepage into a wall or flooring necessitates its removal and replacement. 

Biohazard cleaning occurs in stages. A cleanup may require two or three stages. Stage one consists of biohazard cleaning. If the contamination involves a chemical spill, the cleanup of it consists of stage two. Stage three encompasses waste removal. 

 Eco Bear understands that having to deal with the events that cause a biohazard creates trying times. You already enough to deal with, so let Eco Bear handle the biohazard cleanup of your home or business in Twentynine Palms, CA. Email or phone us to set an appointment for a consultation. We can decontaminate, restore and sanitize your business or home and help you restore normalcy to your life. Let us help you remain safer. 

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