A violent crime is a horrific experience that could happen to any family in Villa Park, CA. The aftermath of a violent crime is not just mentally exhausting. It can be physically overwhelming and dangerous. At some point after law enforcement clears the scene and ends their investigation, the property will be turned over to you. Cleaning up a crime scene is complicated because of the biohazards. You may not be in an emotional or physical state to do this type of cleaning yourself. Eco Bear is a licensed and bonded company with skilled cleaners who handle all types of crime scene cleaning. You can turn to us to do this difficult task for you.

What a Biohazard Is

A biohazard is biological material that can have a negative impact on your health or the environment. Some examples of biohazards at crime scenes include blood, body fluids, biological material and contaminated items that came into contact with those materials. In many crime scenes, the blood of the victim is not the only material. The perpetrator’s blood and body fluids may also be present. Even if you know your loved one’s health status, you don’t know the status of the perpetrator. Biohazards can contain infectious viruses, bacteria and parasites that put your health and safety at risk. It’s best to leave this work to our trained professionals who have the personal protective equipment to deal with these hazards.

What a Crime Scene Is

A crime scene is where a violent crime took place. The FBI defines violent crimes as illegal actions that use force. Some examples of violent crimes include non-negligent manslaughter, aggravated assault. homicide, robbery and rape. A crime scene could be one room, such as a bedroom. It could be a whole residence. Some crime scenes extend to the outside of the property. Crime scenes can also happen on private commercial properties, such as workshops, offices and stores. We clean all types of crime scenes in Villa Park.

Why Professional Crime Scene Cleaning Is Necessary

Once law enforcement and forensics investigators are done collecting evidence, they release the property to your control. Their work may involve the use of chemical agents, such as fingerprint dust or indicators for blood and body fluids. Those chemicals can be harmful to your health. There may also be blood, body fluids and tissue left behind. These biological materials can harbor infectious bacteria and viruses that live on surfaces for as long as 10 days. The longer these materials remain on surfaces, the more difficult it is to clean them. The odors from the natural breakdown of blood and tissue attract pests. The sooner you arrange for professional crime scene cleaning in Villa Park, the sooner you can return to a clean space that is free of reminders of what took place.

Who Has Responsibility for Cleaning Crime Scenes

Law enforcement has no responsibility to clean the scene of the crime. They may even leave the area messier because of the work they need to do for collecting evidence of a crime. When a violent crime takes place in your home or business, the cleanup ultimately falls on your shoulders. You may already be emotionally devastated by what took place, and the last thing you need to worry about is how to safely and properly clean up the aftermath of a violent crime. Eco Bear offers a rapid response time. As soon as the property is released to you, let us know. We’ll arrive quickly, conduct an assessment and provide you with an estimate. We work with insurance companies and provide you with documentation of what we’ve done to clean the crime scene.

Why You Shouldn’t Clean a Crime Scene Yourself

Most individuals don’t have the training or experience to clean blood, bodily fluids or tissue. You likely don’t have the personal protective equipment that will keep you safe from infectious particles in the blood and body fluids at a crime scene. Professional-grade cleaners are necessary for disinfecting crime scenes, and only healthcare and professional cleaners can access these cleaning agents. If used incorrectly, those chemicals can harm you.

When you’ve lost a loved one in a violent crime, your top priority should be moving forward from the incident. Having to deal with the cleanup process is an emotional burden you don’t need in your life. Our services allow you to focus on your family and grief instead of the onerous task of cleaning the crime scene.

How Eco Bear’s Crime Scene Cleaning Works

Once we have authority from law enforcement and your permission, we start the cleaning process. We have a multi-step crime scene cleaning process for all types of violent crimes and all locations. The first step is cleanup, which involves removing contaminated items, tissue, blood and body fluids. We use biological hazard waste bags and for correct disposal of these items.

The second step is disinfection of all surfaces. We use different cleaning agents for disinfecting wood, plastic, metal, drywall and other surfaces. We can clean anything, including tile, masonry, concrete, stone, acrylic, hardwood, laminate, plastics, vinyl, leather and more. 

The third step of our process is restoration. This may include removing drywall, flooring or doors. Finally, we bring in odor-control equipment, such as ozone generators, to remove any lingering odors from the breakdown of biological materials. The entire process takes a few days. Once we’re done, you’ll have full access to the clean, sanitized and disinfected property.

Why Eco Bear Is the Right Choice for Villa Park Crime Scene Cleaning

We’re a team of insured, bonded and fully trained biohazard specialists. We perform remediation on all sizes and types of crime scenes. Our cleaners treat you with respect and compassion during this difficult time.