As we face these dangerous times in Visalia, California, the owners at Eco Bear want you to know that we’re here for you. We understand the fear and confusion that can result from COVID-19. We understand the hesitation to trust anyone new coming into your life or the frustration in figuring out how to eliminate the virus from your home or workplace if you’ve been in contact with it. We want you to know that we hear you and are here for you every step of the way.

Now more than ever it’s important to have a company by your side that understands how to eradicate the virus from your home or workplace. COVID-19 doesn’t know age or gender – it affects men, women, and children of all ages. That’s why as a community, we have to band together to help one another protect ourselves from the threats of this dangerous disease.

At Eco Bear, we are proud to serve the community of Visalia, California. As a locally owned and operated company, we lead the competition in the most effective and complete biohazard and infectious disease cleanup. We do more than clean up your home or workplace; we serve our community, helping to protect anyone and everyone during this difficult time.

COVID-19 – What Do We Know?

If you turn on the news or log into your social media channels, you’ll find so much misinformation about COVID-19. It’s enough to make anyone go crazy! In these uncertain times, we want you to know the facts so that you can best protect you and your family, which is what Eco Bear is all about. We’ve done our research and talked to the experts. Here’s what we know:

  • COVID-19 is a very contagious illness that spreads fast
  • It affects people of all ages
  • Certain people are more at risk than others, especially those with underlying health conditions
  • The virus can last in the air and on surfaces for many hours and sometimes days
  • You can be a carrier and not even know it because you don’t have symptoms
  • As much as 15 percent of people with COVID-19 need hospitalization
  • As much as 2 percent of the people with COVID-19 are at risk of dying

Knowing these facts, it’s more important than ever to have your home or workplace professionally disinfected if you’ve come into contact with anyone with COVID-19. Because the virus can last for hours or days on certain surfaces, you run the risk of infecting everyone in your home or workplace if not properly cleaned.

At Eco Bear, we understand the precautions that need to take place even before we clean the area. We are experienced in a large number of cleanup situations, including suicide, unattended death, and crime scenes. We use our experience from these situations plus what we’ve learned about COVID-19 to protect you, your family, and ourselves because how we handle it could affect the entire Visalia community. We take our job very seriously, ensuring that we have the proper protection equipment before we even step foot onto your property. This is as much for our safety as it is yours and we always have our clients’ safety in mind.

Let Eco Bear Be the COVID-19 Cleaning Company That Protects Your Health

What better way to ensure that your home or business is properly cared for than by hiring a local company that cares about the community? We aren’t a company with headquarters across the country or even abroad. We are locally owned and operated right in the Visalia community. We are living the same life you are – we are entrenched in the danger just like you and we are here to help you make the most of the situation.

Our comprehensive cleaning services are competitively priced, but our service can’t be beat. Our track record speaks for itself as community members call on us time and again for our professional disinfection services. We are honest, hardworking, and most importantly, into protecting everyone involved.

If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, call us to get the best disinfection services available in the Visalia area. We promise to provide:

  • An honest quote for our services
  • Fair pricing that’s competitive with other companies in the area
  • 100% satisfaction
  • No payment until the job is complete and you are happy with the results

We are here for you Visalia. Ask us any questions, vent to us about your fears, and ask how we can help you with our COVID-19 disinfection services. We want you to feel safe in your own home and workplace. We understand the fear that’s going through everyone’s minds right now. Let us help alleviate them.

Call us today at (818) 358-4359. We are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Whether it’s day or night, if you need us, we are available. Let us help you put your COVID-19 fears to rest today.