As of 2010, Santa Rosa California had a population of 2,091 people, a small part of the general Santa Rosa Community. It’s neighboring areas are home to sprawling wildlife preserves like Safari West, historic residential neighborhoods that are the site of many tours throughout the yaer, and the famous Luther Burbank Rose Parade and Festival. Local pride and hometown enthusiasm run high. Like every city, though, Santa Rosa has another side to it, a much more tragic side.

Eco Bear loves working in the Vista Santa Rosa community and getting to know our neighbors and fellow citizens. We wish we could say that our services aren’t needed, but it’s always rewarding to deliver a tough job well done to people in Santa Rosa. Our biohazard cleanup services have been a part of keeping Santa Rosa beautiful for many years now.

What Is Biohazard Cleanup?

Crime scenes, homeless encampments, hoarder homes, and everyday areas that contain biohazards compose the bulk of our work. We also do COVID-19 disinfection for local businesses and homes that tragically come into contact with the virus. We formulate strategies for eliminating biohazards and restoring areas based on guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They classify biohazards according to four different biohazard safety levels.

Level One

Low risk microbes are present in an area such as this, and they have a low risk of infection to human beings who are healthy. E. coli is your most common example of a contaminant that would rank as a “BSL-1” level. When working with this level of biohazard, we make sure that no food or drink is allowed in the area, advise on washing hands during cleanup, and warn workers to stay away from aerosols. 

Level Two

Moderate risks are present in a level 2 situation and may include such well-known and dangerous pathogens as HIV. While the pathogen itself is very dangerous, there’s a low risk of infection to those in the immediate area. Still, we take major precautions just like on a level 1 call, but we also call for PPE and safety cabinets to be used (along with other added protections to workers and people in the area).

Level Three

If the area is contaminated by pathogens that can be inhaled and cause death to workers or people in the area, it’s ranked as a level three situation. People working with these dangerous biohazard situations must wear respirators, gowns, and use things like sinks that don’t require you to touch them.

Level Four

This is the most dangerous biohazard situation we face in Santa Rosa. Sadly, we’ve had more than a few level four situations on our hands here, and it’s never a pleasant job to do. What is pleasant, though, is that we’re able to face this type of crisis and keep others safe by doing our job meticulously. Microbes in these settings will be “highly dangerous and toxic” and have a high risk of infecting anyone who’s not appropriately dressed in the right PPE gear. For these situations, everyone must change clothes before even going into the work area, and they must clean themselves through showering afterward. Decontamination is frequent and thorough. We must isolate these situations and make sure that all air in the facility is free and clear.

Keeping Vista Santa Rosa Safe

Eco Bear was founded on the principle that people like us can make a difference. Even the most disheartening of human situations – such as homeless encampments and hoarder homes – can be cleaned and made safe for the rest of the world to re-enter again. Our team employs a multitude of physical machines, tools, PPE gear, and cleaning strategies to ensure that cleanup is straightforward, safe, and above all, effective.

Situations We Clean

Biohazards develop from human life in a number of different ways. You will often find biohazards at the site of accidental death, suicide, homicide and other crime scenes, homeless encampments, COVID-19 infection sites, and hoarder homes (ask for a full list of situations we can help you remedy). These scenes are a tragic portrayal of human life and impulse gone wrong.

Hoarders hold onto possessions for so long that they rot, mildew, and fester in the open air. These materials may block doorways and cause dangerous situations from room to room. Homeless encampments are often a long string of human microbes that come from used needles, blood, feces, and decomposing food. Are any of these human situations pleasant? No.

What is pleasant to us at Eco Bear, though, is knowing that we can use our expertise and experience in this industry to make a difference in Santa Rosa California and specifically Vista Santa Rosa, a small extension of the larger community. Like all small areas, Vista Santa Rosa wants to feel safe in its hometown environment. It’s a charming area when it’s clean and safe. It’s our pleasure at Eco Bear to see to it that Vista Santa Rosa remains safe and sound year after year.

Call Us To Inquire About Biohazard Cleanup

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about biohazard cleanup and hope you will contact us directly for a free consultation. The founders of Eco Bear are proud of the work we’ve already done in Vista Santa Rosa, but we know that there is so much more to do (especially now that we have a very new and real threat in the novel coronavirus). Our team will be happy to sit down with you and discuss how our expertise and experience can help you eliminate a biohazard situation in your home, business, or government office.

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