For citizens of Walnut Creek, California, the coronavirus has been a brutal reality. With a roller coaster of coronavirus upticks in the recent months, business owners in the greater Contra Costa County have been searching for ways to keep their businesses running. Walnut Creek’s Eco Bear COVID-19 cleaning professionals are happy to assist the community during these trying times.

Who Is Eco Bear?

Unlike run-of-the-mill biohazard cleaning companies, Eco Bear is an independently owned and operated enterprise.

Owners Emily and Ray are a husband and wife team that is dedicated to serving communities across California. They understand the importance of keeping employees and patrons safe amid the global pandemic.

You can rest assured knowing that their teams make full use of appropriate personal protective equipment. What’s more, their infectious disease remediation specialists also use the most tried and true cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing methods. They strive to preserve the health and safety of their team members as well as the members of the communities they serve.

When to Seek Eco Bear’s Assistance

It’s hard to ignore the facts of coronavirus. After all, the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefings have become a part of our daily lives. But how can you know when it is time to seek the help of a qualified infectious disease cleaning team? 

Let’s go over some quick facts.

  • Anyone can contact the coronavirus. Scientists have discovered that the disease is spread through contaminated repository droplets. These droplets may be clinging to surfaces or objects. They can also be transmitted through direct contact or the air. 
  • If you or someone you have had close contact with tests positive for coronavirus, it is likely that the pathogen is lingering on surfaces and objects inside your home or business.
  • Many infected people only experience mild symptoms. Meanwhile, some people are completely asymptomatic.
  • Still, parts of the population are particularly susceptible to the illness. They may suffer extreme discomfort or death.
  • If we do not take steps to control the virus, our medical systems could be overwhelmed.

Resuming Business As Usual

There’s no such thing as business as usual in the wake of the coronavirus. At least, we’re a long way off from the world we once knew. Still, Walnut Creek businesses need to find ways to keep their businesses functional and viable. 

Governor Gavin Newsom has implemented strict measures, many of which have been made even stricter after recent upticks in coronavirus statistics. As business owners hunker down and plan for reopening, they’re being asked to do so safely and responsibly. During these trying times, Eco Bear’s Walnut Creek COVID-19 cleaning company has partnered with businesses, churches, and other establishments. 

Remember, we are all in this together. At Eco Bear, we offering 24/7 services. Call (818) 358-4359 to make us a part of your pandemic response plan. 

Keeping Customers Minds at Ease

Eco Bear provides comprehensive cornavirus cleaning and disinfection services. We’re here to help stop the spread of this horrendous disease so that we can keep our fellow community members safe and healthy. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have remained steadfast in their efforts to rapidly educate the population on the risks of coronavirus. We now know that:

  • Coronavirus is a highly contagious virus.
  • Coronavirus is spread through contaminated respiratory droplets
  • Coronavirus can also be spread through direct contact with contaminated surfaces and objects.
  • Coronavirus can also linger in the air in enclosed spaces, including HVAC systems.
  • Coronavirus can live on objects. We now know that coronavirus can live on surfaces for as many as 17 days.

Armed with this knowledge, Walnut Creek business owners can’t sit back and wait for the coronavirus to strike. 

Eco Bear’s Walnut Creek COVID-19 Rapid Response Cleaning Team

Eco Bear is a woman-owned, veteran-led biohazard remediation company that specializes in infectious disease cleanup. We can eradicate all sorts of pathogens, including coronavirus. We also provide a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting services. 

Every member of our COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection team is trained in the art of removing potentially deadly pathogens. Our members are fully insured and bonded. Plus, they are all fully informed and up-to-date on the latest information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in Walnut Creek, California, and the nation as a whole.

Our team recognizes the importance of following safety protocols. We make sure to secure all contaminated areas before cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing them. What’s more, all of our employees don appropriate PPE when providing comprehensive COVID-19 remediation services.