People with hoarding disorder save excessive amounts of items, many of which would be considered useless or trash by other people. In addition to the excessive saving of items, many people with hoarding disorder also acquire more items than what most people would consider to be reasonable. After years of excessive saving and acquiring, a person’s home fills to the point where it can’t be used for its intended purpose. The home may be unsanitary and unsafe. Eco Bear is a hoarder property cleaning company serving West Covina, CA, and the surrounding area. Our skilled team of cleaners is ready to clean any type or size of hoarded property and restore it so that it’s safe, clean and comfortable.

Hoarding Is Not the Same as Collecting

There’s a distinction between collecting and hoarding. Collectors focus on a particular type of item. They have pride in their collection and give it a place of honor in their home. They’re excited to show off their collections to friends or family members who visit. Hoarders are often ashamed of the condition of their home. They may make excuses as to why family can’t enter the home. They end up being socially isolated because of the hoard. They may find the hoarded items distressing, yet the idea of getting rid of the items is equally distressing. People with hoarding disorder acquire items haphazardly. There’s no organization to the hoard, and they can’t find what they need. If this sounds like you or your loved one, you’re not alone. An estimated 2% to 5% of the world’s adult population has hoarding disorder.

How Hoarding Disorder Impacts Your Life

When your home is filled with items, your physical and mental health suffer. You may be walking on top of things, which could slide and cause you to fall. You may trip over items and fall down the stairs. Items stacked high could topple and hit you. Some rooms may be blocked and inaccessible. Your shower, toilet, sink, oven or refrigerator may be full, broken or inaccessible. The doors of your home could be partly or fully obstructed, making it difficult or even impossible to get out in case of an emergency.

Hoarding also impacts your mental health and social life. It’s difficult to entertain or have family members over for a holiday or dinner when your home is filled to capacity. Your inability to use the bathtub, shower or sink could impact your personal hygiene. Sleeping in a hoard is difficult, which can lead to mood changes and fatigue. Your friends or family may be frustrated with you about your living conditions, and you may withdraw in order to avoid judgment and criticism.

When you live with others, their physical and mental health are also impacted. Children living in a hoarded environment may be distracted and have a tough time doing homework. They can’t have friends over to play because of the hoard. Partners or spouses may be angry over the living conditions. 

Why Hoarded Properties Need Professional Cleaning

The sheer volume of hoarded items means you can’t go it alone. Some items in a hoard can be dangerous, including human or animal waste, moldy food, rotted food, medical waste and trash. Pests are attracted to hoarded properties. Pests bring along fleas and infectious diseases, such as hantavirus, plague and E. coli. 

Hoarded properties are typically in violation of the city’s health and environmental codes. You may be facing steep fines or even jail time if the hoard isn’t removed. Neighbors may be angry if the hoard abuts their property, spills onto shared areas or detracts from their enjoyment of their property. Pests from the hoarded property may begin infesting neighboring properties.

Your property didn’t become hoarded overnight. It took a long time for it to get this way. Eco Bear’s skilled team of cleaners has the capacity to clear a large hoard in a few days to one week. We have the proper personal protective equipment and dispose of hazardous items in accordance with California’s health and safety requirements. 

Types of Hoards We Clean in West Covina

We clean all types of hoarded properties in West Covina. It doesn’t matter what size your home is or if you also have a detached garage, barn, workshop or shed that is hoarded. If the outdoor property is hoarded, we’ll clear it.

We clean hoards that contain all types of items. Our cleaners remove hoards filled with inherited items, antiques, consumer goods from compulsive shopping and old items saved from children who have long since become adults.

Our team of professional cleaners removes hoards with hazards, including used medical supplies, pet droppings, spoiled food and moldy items. We work with law enforcement to safely remove any weapons or ammunition we find in the hoard.

We’ll clean a hoarded apartment, home or estate. We also clean mixed properties that include a home and business. Our cleaners are able to clear hoarded farms, ranches and more.

What Eco Bear Can Do for Your Hoarded Property

We begin by assessing the size and type of hoard. We’ll give you a competitive written estimate and start date. on the day we begin, you don’t have to be on site. If you’re elsewhere, we keep in contact with you and set aside anything you’ve asked us to save. We’re comfortable working with pest control, Humane Society agents, inspectors, code enforcement officers and repair technicians.

Why Eco Bear Is the Best Choice for Hoarder Property Cleaning in West Covina

We clean, disinfect and restore all types of hoarded properties. Our cleaners don’t pass judgment. Anyone can develop hoarding disorder, and we treat each client and their belongings with professionalism and respect during every interaction.