The City of Whittier, California, has felt the impact of COVID-19 to its core. We are all living through unpredictable and unprecedented times since the COVID-19 pandemic first ignited and spread through our country in January of 2020. Indeed, Whittier’s citizens, like the Americans across the nation, are doing their part to halt this virus in its track by staying at home and disinfecting their personal and public spaces. 

We are here to help and guide you through that process. We are Eco Bear, a woman-owned veteran-led biohazard cleanup company local to the Whittier and greater California area. We are here to eliminate the risk of COVID-19 contaminants in your home and public spaces and improve the health and wellbeing of our fellow Californians. 

Eco Bear has years of experience in managing and assisting those who are most vulnerable through traumatic and tragic situations. We are facing this pandemic just as we have faced hundreds of other disasters within our beloved California community – with unparalleled compassion, strength, expertise, and efficiency. Indeed, there is no one else more qualified to take on this task. Our services and specialized skillsets range from infectious disease disinfection to hoarder property cleanup to crime scene and unattended death cleanup. We have seen it all, and we have solved it all. 

What COVID-19 Means for You, Your Family, and Your Livelihood: How to Stay Safe

None of us can understand the full impact of COVID-19, but we must continue to do our best to make thoughtful, informed decisions when dealing with it. We know that it has already disrupted our families, homes, health, and commerce. Because of that, we are committed to sharing the latest and most relevant information with our clients. 

Here’s what we know about COVID-19:

  • It is highly contagious and passed through person-to-person contact and proximity to others. It is possible that it also spreads through touching infected surfaces. 
  • Many show little to no symptoms of Coronavirus, which means many of our homes and public spaces are contaminated without our knowledge. 
  • The elderly, chronically ill, immunocompromised are at a particularly high risk of severe and fatal symptoms.
  • Preventative measures include strict social distancing, wearing masks when out in public, and disinfecting your homes and essential businesses thoroughly. 

It is worth noting, too, that our sources stress the importance of maintaining mental and emotional health and taking clear steps to relax and remain calm in the face of COVID-19. This will have tangible effects on our physical health.

We must continue to run essential errands and carry on as normally as possible; we need food from the grocery store, medications from the pharmacy, and gas for our cars. While delivery options are easing some of the demand to go out into public spaces, we are all inevitably exposed to infected people or areas. This is especially true because so many people show no symptoms while infected.

Eco Bear understands the unique challenges that we all face as we endure this pandemic. We are here to help you navigate the complex and essential process of keeping your home and essential businesses sanitized and contaminant-free. 

Your Local Whittier California COVID-19 Cleaning Company: Let Us Help in Your Time of Need

Our team at Eco Bear offers comprehensive COVID-19 disinfection and cleaning services to our local Whittier area. We have a 24/7 COVID-19 helpline that you can call at (818) 358-4359 if you fear there are infected areas or Coronavirus contaminants in your home, rental property, or business.

We are actively working to shepherd our Whittier and broader California community through this crisis and give it new life. Eco Bear offers its specialized COVID-19 disinfection services to clients at a fraction of the cost as our competitors. We recognize how vital it is that all of us can take the necessary preventative measures. We believe we should all have access to professional disinfection services during this uncertain time. 

The Eco Bear team is also communicating with local businesses to develop strategic COVID-19 remediation and prevention plans. This will ease the reopening and transition period for our retailers, restaurants, and other non-essential companies, which will ultimately help our local economic and social recovery. 

We are here for you. It is our privilege to serve you, and we will be here to help whenever you call. Let’s stop this virus together.