A violent crime leaves behind plenty of grief, questions and unsettled feelings. Once law enforcement leaves the scene, you may also be left with a large contaminated area. Eco Bear is a team of experienced crime scene cleaners offering affordable and thorough services in Whittier, CA. We’re licensed and bonded for complete crime scene cleanup, disinfection, sanitizing and remediation throughout the state of California. As a women- and veteran-led business, we treat you and your family with compassion, respect and honesty. Our dependable services remove all traces of the violent crime that took place at the scene so that you can return to a clean and sanitary property or list the property for sale.

What a Violent Crime Is

A violent crime involves the use or threat of force. According to the FBI, violent crimes include aggravated assault, non-negligent manslaughter, robbery, rape and homicide. These crimes have more than just force in common. They often result in serious injuries or even death. Part of this process also involves the loss of blood, body fluids and tissue. The victim of a violent crime may lose a lot of blood, and bodily fluids and tissue may also be present. In some cases, the perpetrator’s bodily fluids or blood are present at a crime scene. Blood, tissue and body fluids contain many hazards, which is why you should leave the Whittier crime scene cleaning to our skilled Eco Bear cleaners.

What a Crime Scene Includes

A crime scene includes more than blood, body fluids and tissue. It may also include some materials left behind from the forensics and law enforcement investigation and evidence collection process. They may have dusted for finger prints or used chemical indicators to look for blood and body fluids. These chemicals can be harmful to your health, which is why you shouldn’t try to deal with them yourself. 

Law enforcement bears no responsibility to cleaning a crime scene. They typically spend a few hours to a few days collecting evidence and investigating what happened, then they turn the scene over to you or the property owner. The responsibility for cleaning the scene is handed to you, but it’s not likely something you want to deal with after your loved one is the victim of a violent crime. You may be grieving the loss of your loved one or visiting them in the hospital. Your priorities might include caring for your loved one’s child, making funeral arrangements or finding legal representation. Instead of worrying about how to clean the aftermath of a violent crime, you can leave it to us. We’re experts in complete crime scene cleaning, and our attention to detail makes us the right choice for this specialty cleaning service in Whittier.

Where a Crime Scene Is

A crime scene is where the violent crime took place. This might be outdoors, such as in the backyard of a home or in the driveway. A crime scene can also be indoors, such as in the kitchen or a bedroom. Many crime scenes are spread out, encompassing several rooms or an entire home. A crime scene can also have indoor and outdoor areas. Businesses and other private property can also be the scene of a violent crime. If the business is open to the public, prompt and thorough cleaning are especially important. We exceed all California public health standards for full disinfection and remediation of crime scenes on any indoor or outdoor residential or commercial property.

Types of Hazards at a Crime Scene

Blood, body fluids and tissue may contain dangerous viruses, bacteria and parasites. Some of these include hepatitis B and C viruses and HIV. Staphylococcus, MRSA, tuberculosis and brucellosis are some types of bacteria present in blood and body fluids. Malaria parasites and other germs may also be in blood and body tissue at a crime scene. Even if you have your loved one’s complete recent medical records, there’s no way for you to know if some of the blood is from the person who attacked your family member. The perpetrator may have a blood-borne pathogen, and you could get exposed to it by attempting to clean the crime scene without the proper personal protective equipment, supplies and professional-grade cleaning agents.

Crime scenes may also have other hazards. Broken glass is common at crime scenes, especially those that involve robbery or gunshots. Shards of wood or metal may be present. These sharp items could puncture your skin, leading to infection with one of the blood-borne pathogens. 

If the crime wasn’t discovered for a few days, the scene may have strong, foul odors. These odors result from bacteria breaking down blood and body tissues. As they digest these materials, they release gases into the air. They also release acids, which cause additional damage to surfaces. Crime scenes that went undetected for a few days also attract insects and vermin. Eco Bear’s cleaning professionals know how to safely deal with all of these hazards. We use Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols for handling biological materials and comply with all California rules and regulations around the disposal of contaminated items and biological waste.

Why Professional Crime Scene Cleaning Is Needed

When your loved one is the victim of a violent crime, you don’t need any additional trauma. Eco Bear is prepared to handle the intensive cleaning, disinfection, sanitation and remediation of any crime scene in Whittier. We work quickly and leave no spot of blood behind. Our compassionate and trustworthy cleaners also maintain your privacy and dignity. We’re licensed and bonded for full crime scene cleaning remediation in California. Our affordable rates, quick response time and rapid project completion make us the right choice for all crime scene cleaning needs in Whittier.