Whittier is a city rich in history. Its fascinating Whittier Museum, adventurous Turnbull Canyon hiking park, and beautiful Penn Park are just a few of the things you can see and do while living in or visiting Whittier. Not everything about Whittier is beautiful, though, because there is a large homeless population that lives in the city. Anyone who has ever seen their downward faces and tragic tent city encampments already knows this.

Homelessness has many causes, but it is very often the cause of untreated mental disorders and drug addiction. We cannot turn away from the unpleasant facts of life that we see before us every day, and as a company that provides homeless encampment cleanup services, we know this unfortunate fact better than anyone. When we see a problem, we face it head on and try to do something about it. Our part in helping the community is in making these homeless encampments safe for human travel again. 

Cleanup of Unsafe Encampments

Homeless encampments aren’t just dangerous for the general community. They are perhaps most dangerous to the people who live in them. Because of the often messy nature of daily life, and the inability to dispose of trash and other things safely, homeless encampments quickly become havens for disease and sickness. The homeless are people just like the rest of us. They love owning pets and having their companionship. However, unlike the rest of us, they do not have a place to dispose of those pets when they die, so homeless encampments sometimes have dead pets littered around them.

Trash is another biohazard at a homeless encampment. You’ll often find piles and piles of rotting food and other garbage around the area. Dirty clothes, undergarments, blood, and even needles also become a part of the scenery at homeless encampments. You might also see things like human vomit that quickly become biohazards and spread disease. A homeless encampment is, sadly, not a home for the homeless. It is a dangerous area riddled with biohazards and environmental dangers. It is safe for no one. That’s why Eco Bear takes its responsibility to clean up these encampments very seriously. We’re not just cleaning up the environment; we’re making the world a safer place.

Eco Bear’s Cleaning Process

Eco Bear’s early beginnings as a residential cleaning service in 2015 helped us to quickly learn that it’s very rewarding to make the world a cleaner, safer place. The joy in people’s eyes when they see their homes sparkling and new inspired us to enter another realm of cleaning: biohazard cleaning. In just a short time, we’ve established ourselves as one of the premier biohazard cleanup services in Whittier. The people here know us, and we know them.

Homeless encampment cleanup is one of the most significant contributions we make to this community that we love. We clear the area of unsafe trash, needles, and potentially infectious diseases and make the area beautiful for the community again. We never forget, though, that the Whittier homeless population needs compassionate most of all. Whenever possible, we make sure that they notice of the cleanup so that they can find safe places to go, too, and we work with city workers also to find help for them whenever possible.

Protecting the Whittier Community

Our cleanup is designed to make things easier for all people involved. We never forget that it’s human beings we work for, and in some ways, a homeless encampment cleanup is also protecting the homeless people themselves who don’t realize just how dangerous their encampment is, how they might become sick if they stay here. We use solid science, modern cleaning techniques, and the most modern equipment to ensure the safety of everyone involved in our cleanups.

City and local government bodies and community organizations are a part of our process from day one. We want all the feedback and direction we can get in making our cleanup a more humane one. When it comes time to do the physical cleanup, though, we do what we’re trained to do and with professionalism and promptness. Some of our PPE gear includes:

  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • HEPA Masks
  • A uniform that provides layers of protection from biohazards
  • Additional gear determined as the job progresses

There’s no 1-2-3 of homeless encampment cleanup, as there are always challenges that are unique to each encampment. For example, one encampment may include mostly trash and call for disposal and then sanitation. Other encampments will contain dangerous biohazards like blood or needles, and when that happens, we have to adjust and quickly call for regulators or bring more workers and gear onto the scene. No matter what our work regiment consists of, we do our job as the professionals we are, and we strive to treat all involved with courtesy.

Call Eco Bear Today

Whittier homeless encampments are a danger to the community, and areas like Whittier are rightfully making an attempt to clear “tent city” areas away for good. Community leaders then attempt to find resources that will help homeless people find other safer places to be, leaving the cleanup to Eco Bear. We take our job very seriously and are honored to be serving the Whittier community. If you have any questions about our service or need to schedule with us, just give us a call or write to us. We will strive to work with your organization to ensure that the homeless encampment is completely cleared and every trace of it replaced by a fresh, outdoor area that’s once again welcoming to people of Whittier and visitors to the community.