In the aftermath of the death of a family member, grieving and the funeral is the initial orders of the day. But, the challenges do not stop there.

Following the funeral, and while still in the midst of the grieving process, the deceased individual’s relatives may face the need to pursue probate of the estate of the family member who has passed on. One of the issues associated with many estates is planning and pursuing an estate liquidation sale. was created in part to assist families in need of estate liquidation services. In an interview with the team at, information about all of the different ways can be of assistance to families as well as businesses involved in estate liquidation. Different members of the team at provided information on the operations of

The History of was founded as a family run business and remains that type of enterprise today. The McQuade family that runs the business continues to oversee its operation today. The company went into operation in 2002.

The concept for started locally in Memphis, according to one of the firm’s founders, Dan McQuade, the father of the clan. The Memphis derivation of what grew into featured different estate sales being conducted across the city. The listing for each estate sale in Memphis came complete with photos of the items being offered for sale.

At the end of 2001, the McQuade family decided to take their concept national. By doing so, people in different cities across the United States can access individual estate sales online and get a look at what is for sale. This can be accomplished without a potential estate sale customer having to go from one estate sale to another in the brick and mortar world, hoping that something of interest might be found.

The site continued to grow apace for the next 15 years. At this time, has over 30 million visitors monthly to the website,” according to Dan McQuade. “ currently has a team of over 30 employees. We feature sales from across the United States.” Dan noted that the site is designed for traditional estate liquidations or sales only.

Locally, Regionally, and Nationally Featured Estate Sales

In building, the team came to understand that people across the country have an interest in estate sales away from their home communities, according to Dan. An ever-increasing number of auction houses and other entities involved in estate sales are making it possible for people located anywhere to bid on items being sold at a particular sale.

As a result, offers auction houses and others the ability to market their upcoming estate sales locally, regionally, and nationally, according to Dan. Local ads promote sales in a specific metropolitan area. Regional ads promote estate sales in a 250-mile radius surrounding a metro area. Finally, through national ads at, estate sales can be promoted in other metro areas selected by an auction house or other entity organizing an estate sale.

The Probate Process and Estate Sales is proving itself to be a perfect resource for people involved in dealing with the probate process as the result of a deceased loved one. In many probate cases, the need arises to sell a great deal of the property owned by the individual who has passed on, according to the California judicial system. The last will and testament may direct specific items of property to be given to particular individuals. However, oftentimes personal property is to be sold, the cash or proceeds from the sale then being distributed to the heirs of the deceased person.

In California, the law permits a number of different probate procedures. These include a simple process to a more complex one when a particular estate is more complicated or is contested for reason. No matter the complexity of the actual probate process, there is likely property to be sold.

If the estate is governed by a will, the person appointed an executor in the will oversees the sale or property. If there is no will, the court appoints an administrator to deal with issues related to an estate, including the sale of the property.

“We always work to optimize the return on property sold as part of the probate process,” team member Micky McQuade noted. He went on to explain that the various tools and resources at are developed to assist an estate in optimizing the amount of money obtained through the sale of property during the probate process.

Private Estate Liquidation Sales

According to Dan McQuade, a person need not go through an auction house to sell a property that is part of an estate. He did explain that auction houses and professional estate liquidators do take advantage of the resources at Understanding this reality, an estate executor or administrator can directly take advantage of these resources.

An individual can set up the same type of account used by an auction house or an estate liquidation firm offered at, according to Dan. There are different types and levels of services available to an estate executor or administrator at different price points.

One helpful resource available to an individual responsible for selling the property as part of the probate process is an unlimited sales description. A person is able to present comprehensive information about an upcoming estate sale, with none of the limitations associated with a newspaper ad, according to Dan.

Find a Sale Search Option

Micky from the team discussed another of the resources available through the company. This is a sale search feature option. With this option, a person is able looking to shop an estate sale can search by city and date. In addition, a person is able to undertake a regional or national search as well.

Shop for Specific Item Option

More than a few people patronize estate sales because they are seeking a certain item or items. Historically, they have had to go from one estate sale to another, hoping to find the specific item sought.

At, the user-friendly website includes a resource that permits a person to search for a specific item, according to Dan. A search can be undertaken in a specific city, but also on a regional and national basis as well.

Hire an Auction House or Estate Liquidator

If a person is interested in finding a professional estate auction service or estate liquidator, there is a resource at that provides access to these firms. As is the case with so many features at, a hunt for a professional estate liquidator can be undertaken on a city, regional, or national basis.

Hoarding Cleanup and an Estate Sale

There exist situations in which the family of a deceased person is faced with cleaning up a hoarding situation after that loved one passed away. Facing cleaning up a hoard after a person dies can be daunting

A key issue when it comes to a deceased hoarder, sorting valuable items that can be sold from the trash. That can prove to be a time-consuming process.

The resources at, which include ads for items being sold, can be helpful in providing guidance to a person dealing with identifying potentially valuable items that might be uncovered in a hoard. Into the Future

The team at makes it clear that the firm intends to continue to expand geographically into the future. In addition, there is a commitment to continue to expand the range of services offered to people and other businesses involved in the estate auction, estate sales, or estate liquidation process.