While sad, everyone will someday die due to the nature of life. Even so, many are uncomfortable and don’t know how they should console someone who just lost a loved one. There are some important tips regarding this matter that everyone should take note of. Remember that there is no perfect or proper way to treat someone who is grieving the recent loss of someone that was special and dear to them. It is essential that others reach out during this trying and highly emotional time. Simply being there to mostly listen to the person left behind is really the best way to help.

What People Should Do Immediately After Someone Passes Away

The time immediately after someone dies can be exceptionally hard on the family members left behind. Other family members, friends, and neighbors can show that they care just by making a point to say how sorry they are during this trying time. This is a good time to also ask if the family members need any help or other tangible support. This could be keeping an eye on younger children, making easy meals like casseroles, taking care of the family’s yard, pets or inquiring if they can be of assistance in making the funeral arrangements.

Ideas to Make a Funeral or Memorial Service Feel Warmer and Comforting to the Family

Sitting through a funeral or other memorial service can be exceptionally difficult for the bereaved family members to endure. These types of services can be planned or made a bit more comforting by adding some warm family memories. These humorous family stories and memories can be written into the memorial service during casual comments from speakers sharing their memories or while speaking with the family members at the funeral home or memorial service.

Many families today use their favorite family pictures in a slide show presentation that can be set to music and played during the memorial service. A considerable number of funeral homes today do offer the use of powerpoint projectors and other types of equipment, or the families can use their own. Typically, someone close to the family members will pick the photos and music selections. Adding this type of close family or friend memories into an otherwise stately or solemn funeral arrangement can bring a measure of joy, comfort and personal touch that can be a welcome relief for grieving family members.

Other Added Touches to Make a Memorial Service Feel Comforting

Sending flowers has been a traditional way that people express their sadness and comfort to the grieving family members for generations of time now. This is still a wonderful way to express concern and even some joy into an otherwise sad and solemn time. Local florists can assist individuals in choosing the right type of floral arrangement, added sympathy cards and/or plant arrangements, and they will also be able to deliver the chosen arrangements either to the funeral home, church or family home.

Giving the family members a gift of live plants that can be enjoyed and/or replanted later can bring some measure of solace and hope. Another great idea is to take old family photos and create a memory book that family members can enjoy later. Often, families will hold a memorial service without having a casket present. This is typically the case for individuals who have been cremated per their request. This type of service can be made more touching with the inclusion of an enlarged photo of the person being remembered and adding some personal extra touches. 

Give the Gift of Personalized Jewelry or Other Mementos

Many individuals opt to be cremated when they die. Some families display a memorial urn that holds their loved one’s ashes in their homes. A large number of families scatter the ashes in a place where their family member loved or desired to see. Today, family members have the option of choosing to have a small number of their relative’s ashes and/or a photo into a customized piece of jewelry or other keepsakes.

These sentimental pieces can be made even more special by including a personalized engraving on the selected jewelry piece or keepsake. Many funeral homes today have this type of service for families to choose from. Having a beautiful silver engraved picture frame, silver locket or pendant necklace to keep their loved one’s memory alive and close can be truly comforting for the person who is still grieving their loss.

Other items that are able to be customized with a special engraving include jewelry boxes, keepsake figurines or knick-knacks, individualized pens and other terrific selections. These mementos can be given for anniversary dates, holidays or other special occasions when the person might need a little comfort.

Ways to Assist a Grieving Family or Individual After the Funeral Is Over

While holding or attending a family funeral or other memorial service is supposed to aid individuals in getting through the grieving process, it can still be sad and painful long after for some family members. Other concerned family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers can continue to show their care by including the bereaved ones in their lives and speaking kind words about the person who died to keep their memory alive.