Alive Alone

This is a simply laid out blog dedicated to bereaved parents, but particularly ones who have lost an only child or all their children have died. The site is a resource for grief related websites, support organizations, and general self-help for the healing process parents go through after losing a child. The goal is to assist in resolving grief by finding positive ways to reinvest parents lives and benefit the future of now childless adults. Alive Alone is created, run and maintained by webmaster Sam Brewster, who does so for charitable purposes only. Although not as flashy as some websites with a similar focus, this is a good place to find basic grief support information and gain ground in the grieving process.

To contact Alive Alone:
Alive Alone, Inc. / P.O. Box 182 / Van Wert, OH. 45891
Email: [email protected]

The Compassionate Friends

This is a support website for all kinds of grief needs. It provides resources and service links for adults and parents who have experienced the loss of a child. Family, sibling, and child support information is available, as well as other services. The mission statement for this group organization is clearly stated, “Time has shown us that with caring and sharing comes healing.” The goal is to bring hope by finding purpose in living when life feels the most empty. Helping others go through the natural grieving process is supported with compassion and friendship.

To contact Compassionate Friends:
The Compassionate Friends / PO Box 3696 / Oak Brook, IL 60522
Toll-Free Phone: 877-969-0010

The Grief Toolbox

This is a grief support blog that focuses on education and sharing. It has many basic resources for parents who have suffered from a loss, but also general information for all grieving individuals. Users are encouraged to read and share their experiences since those that have been down similar roads can help each other. Walking through grief is the goal, so the Grief Toolbox attempts to add to the ever-growing tools that have helped others. This is a growing website that is noteworthy and easy to navigate. Lots of good stuff happening here, whether parents are looking for support or just to explore their options. The Grief Toolbox understands that as people change, so do their needs while grieving and living life.

To contact Grief Toolbox:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 603-791-0999

The Missing GRACE Foundation

This is a resource website for bereaved parents of all kinds. The Missing GRACE Foundation is a non-profit supporter of grief services for parents, but also a wide variety of charitable works. GRACE provides grief support, care professional listings, fertility challenge services, adoption links, and help for expecting parents as well. Community service programs include GRACE care baskets, care totes, and other material support needs. The charitable mission is helping parents find a safe place to grieve, connect with others, heal hearts and provide hope again. This message is a gift that the foundation believes can change lives and save lives.

To contact GRACE:
Missing GRACE Foundation / 12817 Main Street / Rogers, MN 55374
Email: [email protected]

COPE Foundation

The focus of COPE is to help with the grief and healing process. This website is part of the wider organization that includes support groups for parents, siblings, and children that have lost parents or guardians. Helping families to heal and live after the loss of a child is the primary objective of the COPE foundation. The foundation mission statement is simple, “No parent, sibling, or child should have to grieve alone. The next level of healing is a help. In helping each other we help ourselves.” All users are encouraged to make use of the many listed grief-related resources and links to other support blogs. The COPE foundation is a non-profit organization and welcomes volunteer support from those who have experienced grief in their own lives.

To contact COPE:
COPE Foundation / PO Box 1251 / Melville, NY 11747
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 516-832-COPE(2673)

SHARE Pregnancy And Infant Loss Support, Inc.

Almost 1 in 4 pregnancies end in some kind of loss. SHARE is a community dedicated to those who have experienced a tragic loss in of a baby during childbirth, pregnancy, or as an infant. The website offers service and support to parents, grandparents, siblings, and all family members. It is part of an active nationwide organization that aids parents with grief but also is the main resource for professionals that give care to grieving families today. SHARE also offers live online support groups, where users can chat with someone directly when they are in need. This is a private online support community that makes grieving parents a priority with many resources and other services that are not available elsewhere.

To contact SHARE:
National Share Office / 402 Jackson Street / Saint Charles, Missouri 63301-3468
Email: [email protected]
Toll-Free Phone: 800-821-6819

Pallimed: A Hospice & Palliative Medicine Grief Blog

The Pallimed website was founded in 2005 by Drew Rosielle, MD. It started as a way of tracking new and interesting articles that were relevant to palliative care, but it has grown in scope to include a variety of care issues, grief support, and hospice information. For parents that are dealing with terminally ill children or have lost a child, the webpages here can offer much-needed answers to difficult medical questions. Contributors to Pallimed are primarily physicians and nurse practitioners, all of whom are volunteers. There is no advertising and the website is run out of care for those in serious need. All people, families, patients and medical professionals are welcome to visit for encouragement, education, and understanding.

To contact Pallimed:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @ctsinclair / @drosielle

POMC—Parents of Murdered Children, Inc.

The National POMC website is on a mission stated clearly as “For those victims never identified and the survivors who will never know.” The webpages are about making a difference via lasting emotional support, information, education, advocacy, and awareness for grieving parent of children who died by violence. The goal is to help parents reach out and find the support they need, but also find answers. The POMC website has active adult programs, links to legal professionals, survivor support group listings and a wide variety of other offerings. It is a comprehensive site that offers open membership to all grieving families and friends. POMC has multiple contact options and a toll-free support number.

To contact POMC:
National POMC / 4960 Ridge Avenue, Suite # 2 / Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
E-mail: [email protected]
Toll-Free Phone: 888-818-7662

National Funeral Directors Association Grief Resources

NFDA is a comprehensive website used by many funeral directors and other businesses related to death or dying. Although used by professionals mostly, this website is a huge resource and information site. If grieving parents are dealing with a recent loss, this website can help with burial needs and other tasks that survivors may be hard-pressed to deal with. It also has plenty of professional resources for grief support and more valid information than most similarly focused webpages. Helping all parents get through the death and grief process is the main focus, but it is also a business website, users should approach it with this understanding.

To contact NFDA:
NFDA Headquarters / 13625 Bishop’s Drive / Brookfield, WI 53005
E-mail: [email protected]
Toll-Free Phone: 800-228-6332

Twinless Twins

This last blog is for parents and siblings that have lost a child but is focused on twins that have lost their twin sibling counterpart. It demonstrates that many types of grief that exist in the world today. It also wants to help all those grief-stricken parents by providing support for the entire family. This is just one example of the many needs that death brings, but are often forgotten our daily life. Twinless Twins is devoted to helping twin sibling survivors overcome the unique challenge they have after such a profound loss. The website provides a support system for adults and children, so they can move on with living and deal with healing their grief.

To contact Twinless Twins:
Twitter: @ttsgi