Aliso Viejo is the newest city in Orange County, having been incorporated directly after the start of the 21st century. Aliso Viejo is nestled in the San Joaquin Hills. The planned community, with a focus on families, has largely avoided the national spotlight. There has been one glaring exception to Aliso Viejo remaining a quiet, placid community: the case of the murders and suicide perpetrated by William Freund. The case stunned the nation and knocked the community off its moorings.

The odd, horrific, terribly sad case will be discussed a bit more in a moment. The case is mentioned because it illustrates what is involved in a biohazard cleanup in Aliso Viejo following traumatic deaths by homicide and suicide, in this case, both.

The Aftermath of Traumatic or Violent Events in a Residence or Business

When a traumatic event, like a murder or suicide, happens in a home or place of business, the owners are left with a challenging situation. Of course, if a family has lost one of their members to suicide or because of a homicide, that loss in and of itself is beyond heartbreaking. Coming to terms with that can be a herculean task.

These survivors also face the reality of having to deal with biohazard cleanup. In theory, these bereaved survivors could undertake this task on their own. However, there are two significant reasons why they should turn to the services of a skilled biohazard cleanup in Aliso Viejo professional.

First, survivors who’ve lost a loved one to suicide or murder already face seemingly insurmountable hurdles when it comes to facing their own grief. They need no compound that by taking on the horrific task if biohazard cleanup following a violent incident.

Second, there can be a safety risk associated with biohazard cleanup in Aliso Viejo. Blood and other bodily fluids can contain dangerous bloodborne pathogens. Not being properly trained in what technically is known as biohazard remediation can expose a person to these dangerous substances, resulting in serious disease. Potential disease-causing infections that can be conveyed in this manner include:

  • HIV
  • MRSA
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B

The Gruesome Tale of a Rampage in Aliso Viejo

The day started like any other on the tree-lined street in Aliso Viejo. During the course of the day, William Freund, a 19-year old young man that lived in the neighborhood, walked to his car and drove 100 yards to the neighbor’s house next door.

The young man was wearing a cap and some sort of helmet. A neighbor that witnessed Freund drive from one house to another, and get out of his car, though he was dressed for some sort of costume event. Truth be told, no one in the neighborhood really knew that much about Freund. As happens with some regularity after situations like the one at hand, Freund was described by others in the neighborhood as being “something of a loner.”

What was made clear during the investigation was that Freund really did not know his immediate neighbors, nor did they really know him. In the end, crime investigators never could develop a motive for why Freund selected his neighbors for what would end up being horrific acts of violence.

Freund entered the neighbor’s home and shot and killed the father and a daughter in her early 20s. When Freund walked out of the house, he then fired shots at a residence across the street, missing two people who had been looking outside a window after hearing the initial rounds of gunfire. The bullets fired at them missed.

Freund’s parents, not knowing their own son was the source of the gunfire, were among the first in the neighborhood to call 911 when they heard the shooting. Freund ended up walking home, where he shot and killed himself.

There was no evidence of drugs or alcohol in Freund’s system. The young man did have a history of mental illness.

Professional Support for People in Aliso Viejo Recovering From a Traumatic Loss

There are licensed professionals who provide an array of therapeutic services to men, women, and children who’ve suffered a traumatic loss, like the death of a loved one by homicide or suicide. These therapists can assist with individual counseling or group therapy, depending on a person’s individual needs. These Aliso Viejo therapists that work with individuals suffering bereavement, traumatic grief, depression, and anxiety issues (including PTSD) include:

Phoenix Rising Behavioral Healthcare

92 Argonaut, Suite 170
Aliso Viejo, California 92656
(877) 299-5694

Daryl Sparks Holistic Therapies and Life Coaching
Aliso Viejo, California 92656
(480) 470-4287

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