The COVID-19 pandemic has required us to be apart, to be physically separated. With that said, it has also brought the community of Anaheim closer together in many ways. Family-owned Eco Bear is part of our community and understands the unique challenges we face during these challenging days. We are committed to enhancing the safety of the community as well as the businesses and families of our city as a dedicated, reputable, tenacious Anaheim COVID-19 cleaning company. You can reach us at (818) 358-4359 right now.

Eco Bear provides comprehensive coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services to home and business owners in Anaheim and throughout Southern California and elsewhere in the state. A woman-led, vet co-owned business, Eco Bear has assembled the most dedicated, well-trained team of infectious disease remediation specialists in the state. 

We utilize the latest technology and medical-grade disinfecting solutions to ensure that your business, home, rental property, or other location is rendered fully safe. We fully eradicate the potentially fatal coronavirus from all surfaces and objects.

Quick Response to Protect Your Home or Business

At Eco Bear, we fully understand the necessity for immediate action when you believe your home or business may be contaminated by COVID-19. We are the Anaheim COVID-19 cleaning company fully geared for immediate or even emergency remediation. We fully understand that your health and the welfare of your family, workers, and others depend upon the prompt, safe resolution of a COVID-19 contamination.

We’ve set up a COVID-19 contamination cleanup hotline at (818) 358-4359 available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. We’ll be at your side immediately to ensure that a potential COVID-19 contamination is promptly, comprehensively eradicated.

Affordable Anaheim COVID-19 Cleaning Company With Upfront Pricing

Not only does our experienced, skilled coronavirus cleaning and disinfection team set us apart from other cleaning companies, but the affordable and upfront pricing offered by Eco Bear is also a hallmark of our service to the community. When you reach out to us, we immediately respond. We provide you with a comprehensive, reliable estimate of what COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection will cost.

Unlike so many other Anaheim biohazard cleanup companies, there are never any hidden fees for our services. You’ll never have sticker shock when you receive a statement when our services have been fully provided. We provide comprehensive infectious disease remediation services at the most affordable rates to be found anywhere in the state of California. 

How COVID-19 Spreads and Contaminates

COVID-19 spreads in one of two primary ways. First, COVID-19 spreads via person to person contact. This is the reason why diligent physical distancing is crucial. 

Second, COVID-19 can spread when the virus ends up contaminating surfaces and objects. People infected with COVID-19 can leave the virus on surfaces and objects they come into contact with. We now know the virus survives on surfaces and objects, with the potential for infecting other people.

Symptoms of a COVID-19 Infection

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its comprehensive list of COVID-19 symptoms. If a person exhibits indicators of a COVID-19 infection, that individual typically will show more than one symptom. According to the CDC, the most commonplace symptoms of a COVID-19 infection are:

  • Fever – 88% of cases
  • Dry cough – 66% of cases
  • Fatigue – 38% of cases
  • Phlegm – 33% of cases
  • Shortness of breath – 19% of cases
  • Joint pain – 15% of cases
  • Sore throat – 14% of cases
  • Headache – 14% of cases
  • Chills – 11% of cases
  • Runny nose – 5% of cases
  • Vomiting – 4% of cases
  • Diarrhea – 4% of cases

It is important to note that a considerable number of people do become infected with COVID-19 and never display any symptoms. We do now know that even if a person never shows any symptoms of a COVID-19 infection, an individual can spread the disease and infect other people. This reality makes COVID-19 all the more dangerous. This reality necessitates business and homeowners across the city to be as proactive as possible to engage the services of a qualified, experienced Anaheim COVID-19 cleaning company like Eco Bear.

A smaller percentage of people who contract this novel coronavirus do end up hospitalized in serious condition. When people end up hospitalized because of a COVID-19 infection, an alarming percentage end up on a ventilator. The latest statistics indicate that when this happens, when a person is placed in the ICU on a ventilator, only about 20% of patients will recover and survive. This alarming, horrific reality underscores the need for the intervention of an experienced Anaheim COVID-19 cleaning company like Eco Bear when you believe your home or business may have been contaminated coronavirus. We’re here for you around the clock at (818) 358-4359.