Anaheim, California has been largely known as a magical place for kids since Walt Disney opened Disneyland in an empty lot back in 1955. This iconic family-themed amusement park still draws many visitors to its location in the heart of Anaheim each year. Some other amusement parks also make their home in this Orange County city just outside of Los Angeles. Once known only for its citrus groves, Anaheim is now a popular tourist location with many fun and interesting local attractions that includes two major sports teams – the Angels baseball team and the Anaheim Ducks Ice-Hockey Club.

This “happy city” is the second largest town in Orange County and boasts a population of about 340,000 residents. This beautiful city is just 20 miles from prime beaches and near to all of Los Angeles cultural attractions. A must-do sightseeing trip is to walk the famed historic Anaheim Packing District that features mesmerizing architectural styles, savory cuisine options and much to see.

Murder in Anaheim That Shocked the Nation

Despite this city’s family-oriented attractions, Anaheim still occasionally deals with shocking homicides and other frightening crimes. In a bizarre twist, a previously unknown man named Marvin Magallanes made national headlines when he attempted to drive through the security gates at the home of then local resident Kylie Jenner.

Magallanes was convicted of this crime and sentenced to 10 months in jail. Close friends and fans of the famous reality star Kylie Jenner hoped that this would be the last that they heard of this disturbed individual.

Unfortunately, now 25-year-old Magallanes was again in the news accused of senselessly murdering two homeless people living in Anaheim. The local Anaheim Police Department released details that Magallanes did brutally stab these victims on two separate occasions. One of the victims was attacked while sleeping behind a restaurant located in Anaheim, and the other homeless man was accosted while asleep on a bench near a city bus stop.

DNA Found at Both Brutal & Bloody Anaheim Murder Scenes

Police found DNA evidence on both murder scenes and concluded that one perpetrator was responsible for both of these horrific murders. Shortly after the second murder, Magallanes showed up at the police station and confessed to both crimes. Last summer, Magallanes was again in the news accused of killing his cellmate by strangulation. He has been found mentally incapable of standing trial.

Biohazard Cleanup in Anaheim Professionals – There When Victims & Families Need Them

What the public doesn’t know is that the city officials were responsible for the cleanup of these two murder scenes as the killings were both committed on public property. This cleanup commenced after the Orange County Coroner’s Office removed the bodies and the police inspectors completed their initial investigation.

If these murders had been committed inside a private residential home or commercial business building, the owners of the home and business would then be fully responsible for the crime scene aftermath biohazard cleanup requirements.

While there isn’t a law that states that these scenes be cleaned only by a professional biohazard cleanup and property remediation service, it is highly recommended that private citizens in this situation do hire a local cleanup company like the dedicated team at Eco Bear.

First, when a violent death occurs, like the stabbing in the case of Marvin Magallanes, the scene is contaminated by blood and other bodily fluids. The same holds true following a suicide by firearm or blade as well as a situation in which a person dies an unattended death and his or her body is not immediately discovered. Blood and bodily fluids can contain hazardous pathogens that can infect a person attempting to clean up following a violent event. The risk of infection with a dangerous virus or bacterium is prevented if a business or homeowner engages the assistance of a skilled, experienced biohazard cleanup expert.

Second, following a violent death, surviving family members and other loved ones face a traumatic bereavement process. Mental healthcare professionals strongly suggest that survivors should not unnecessarily aggravate their grief and make the bereavement process even more challenging by personally taking on the task of biohazard cleanup

Reasons Laymen Should Call-In the Experts With Crime Scene Cleanups

There are some significant factors that citizens should consider when dealing with a clean up following a violent crime. While technically laymen could perform the work, it is not recommended due to the high risk of contamination from dangerous pathogens normally found on messy crime scenes such as murders, violent assaults, and some rapes.

When any kind of violent crime takes place, the scene of the violence often harbors dangerous pathogens lurking in the left behind blood and other body fluids. This would have been true of the case in which Magallanes forcefully stabbed his victims, and is often the case again following a suicide by firearm.

Any unattended death where the body is not discovered until much later than the event happened can also be a danger for untrained and unprotected individuals to encounter. Blood and other types of body fluids such as urine or saliva often contain hazardous pathogens that can infect any unsuspecting individuals trying to clean up the scene of a violent crime.

Property owners finding themselves in the position of cleaning up the aftermath evidence like blood and urine can dramatically lower their risks for contamination simply by hiring the reliable and skilled Anaheim cleanup experts like those at Eco Bear to complete this dangerous task for them.

Avoid the Stress of a Violent Crime or Death Scene by Leaving It to Professionals

Many mental health experts warn of the intense and emotional impact that a violent crime or death can cause to the frightened, grieving or exhausted victims or their loved ones. The harsh task of cleaning up these sorts of scenes can further traumatize an already fragile and upset family member or the victim that has survived a brutal attack.

Rather than aggravating an already difficult bereavement process by taking on the huge challenge of remedying the aftermath chaos that crime and/or death scenes are likely to include, contact a local biohazard cleanup team such as the caring team of professionals working at Eco Bear instead.

Where Anaheim Crime Victims or Families Dealing with an Unexpected Death by Suicide or Other Cause Can Turn for Help

There are many local grief therapists in Anaheim that are capable of assisting grieving family members through the entire bereavement process that happens following the tragic death of a loved one. These amazing and compassionate therapists offer people of all ages realistic and practical help and support that can help mourning individuals process their loss.

Other Reasons for Hiring an Anaheim Biohazard Cleanup & Remediation Crew Like Eco Bear

Along with crime and death scene cleanup challenges, there are some other important reasons for hiring a locally based Anaheim biohazard Cleanup and Remediation Crew just like the ones available at Eco Bear in Anaheim. Some of these reasons include:

  • Cleanup & Sanitation Following a Contagious Illness
  • Rodent Infestation Problems
  • Vehicle Contaminated with Biohazardous Substances Cleanup
  • Clearing Out Drug User Hang Outs Where Contaminated Used Sharps like Needles are Present
  • Natural Disaster Aftermath Cleaning Challenges
  • Company Contamination from a Biological Pathogen Through Air Vents or Other Source
  • Seasonal Cleanups of Camps, Vacation Cabins & Cottages

Anaheim Traumatic Grief Therapists

There are Anaheim grief therapists that work with men, women, adolescents, and younger child in getting through the bereavement process following the violent death of a loved one. These include:

Brenda Corderman
1100 E Orangethorpe Ave, Suite 200-L
Anaheim, California 92801
(909) 473-4268

Nicolas Silva
233 W Cerritos Ave
Anaheim, California 92805
(714) 462-8966

Odegaard Family Counseling, Inc.
2400 E Katella Ave, Suite 900
Anaheim, California 92806
(562) 217-6219

Benefits of Using an Anaheim Biohazard Cleanup Service After a Contagious Illness

While many illnesses that people suffer do not cause long-lasting or permanent damage or danger, there are many diseases and health conditions today that are highly contagious and present a real threat to anyone who comes in contact with the nasty pathogens.

Most likely know that many illnesses are caused by microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. There are other dangerous pathogens that people should be fully aware of to protect themselves and their families. These include virulent protozoa strains, various worm infestations, and bacteria caused diseases that are highly resistant to known antibiotics used to treat these conditions.

There are also flesh-eating diseases that are extremely contagious, as well as other diseases like Mad Cow Disease for one. To keep others from being infected by these serious and often deadly pathogens, the room or space where the sick person resided should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by elite professional cleanup specialists like Eco Bear employees. These cleaning experts have the unique and advanced training and experience to handle tough potentially harmful pathogens and other biohazards.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities must strictly abide by mandated healthcare cleaning requirements to avoid the spread of dangerous and infectious pathogens. This type of professional cleaning and sanitizing must include proper precautions for working around these contagious bacteria, viruses and other microscopic organisms.

If someone has a dangerous or highly contagious sickness and is recuperating at home, the house should be fully cleaned and sanitized afterward focusing on those areas where the ill person was inhabiting. This includes wiping down bathroom and kitchen surfaces plus sanitizing door knobs, light switches and other places where people commonly touch. There are some great tips for housecleaning after an illness that individuals can follow. 

Effective Ways to Deal With Rodent Infestations – Cleanup & Prevention Strategies

Rodents like rats, mice, squirrels, and others present a unique challenge when they invade a home, business or other property structure. These creatures are notorious for their cagey escapes from their human hunters. There are some very effective ways to deal with rodent infestations that include following some simple cleanup and prevention strategies.

First, take the time to learn about the risks when dealing with any type of rodent indoors or even outside at campsites. The telltale rat or mice droppings are known to carry especially dangerous to humans pathogens. When a rodent’s nest or place where they have been had been disturbed, like when sweeping up the messy evidence, the nearly invisible dust particles that can contain severely contagious pathogens are released right into the same air that other people inside the building are breathing. Consider the sad case of a North Dakota woman who recently died from a rare disease spread by rat droppings.

Some of the more common diseases spread via rat droppings include:

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Lassa Fever
  • Plaque in Many Third World Countries
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Salmonellosis
  • OMSK Hemorrhagic Fever
  • Leptospirosis & More

The safest way to deal with a rat, mice, bat or other rodent and/or pest infestation cleanup is to hire a cleanup company in Anaheim like the hardworking Eco Bear professionals. These cleaning experts are particularly skilled in handling all different types of dangerous and infectious pathogens.

Higher Risks for Restaurant & Other Food Businesses When Rodents Invade the Premises

Every food diner, restaurant, fast food joint, and grocery store must abide by all safety and health regulations set by their state health department. If rodent droppings are found on the premises, this could be grounds for the local health department to cite the business owner for violations which include steep fines and/or the health and safety inspectors could and do shut down the business until all violations are fixed.

It makes sense for owners of businesses that deal with food or beverages to hire an experienced cleanup team from Anaheim that has the necessary background and training to ensure the safety of everyone on the site during the cleanup and recovery phase. This is too high of a risk for the business owner to attempt a different approach.

All residents of Anaheim and the surrounding areas are urged to report any rodent sighting in food eateries and dining establishments quickly to their area health department where the business is located.

Preventing rats, bats, mice, and other creatures from entering in your restaurant or home is the best and most effective rodent protection measure to take. Some commonsense ways to keep rodents out include:

  • Sealing Off Potential Entry Points
  • Keep Food Sealed in Glass or Metal Containers
  • Clean Premises Regularly & Daily
  • Keep Garbage Cans Covered Tightly & Away From Building
  • Call for Professional Rodent Remediation & Cleanup Services if Rodent Evidence is Found

Effectively Cleaning a Vehicle Contaminated With Biohazardous Substances

During car auctions, consumers might note the term “biohazardous vehicle” at some point. This is referencing the cars and other vehicles that have known or potential biohazard substances and/or fluids somewhere in the interior or trunk. While the cars may be sold for a bargain price, the prospective owner should be aware of how difficult it is to effectively remove, clean and sanitize these types of contaminated vehicles before they purchase the vehicle.

While most laypeople will find these cars that are contaminated by some type of hazard from a biological source too much of a hassle to take on, there are professional cleanup services that deal with exactly this kind of hard-to-clean vehicle situation every day. The expert cleaning and property restoration services delivered every time by Eco Bear employees in Anaheim can quickly resolve these challenging contamination problems.

Oftentimes, these vehicles contaminated with some form of biohazard agent have been involved in an accident where the driver or passenger sustained injuries that resulted in bleeding. Alternately, someone could have committed suicide or died by natural causes while inside of the vehicle. Any of these situations demand expert cleaning services to fully resolve the issue. These experts can remove stubborn blood or other body fluid stains, remove contaminated material safely, sanitize the entire car space and deodorize the air using cutting-edge technologies and products that really work.

Challenges Facing Property Owners Following a Widespread Natural Disaster

Severe storms appear to be on the rise in many parts of the world including the United States. This can be an emotionally depressing and devastating time for those that have sustained severe damage to their homes or businesses. Oftentimes, a massive hurricane or heavy thunderstorm can flood entire neighborhoods putting homes and businesses under water.

This water can be exceptionally contaminated by a wide variety of dangerous pathogens. These can include rodent droppings, snakes, human waste, industrial runoff wastes, and many others. It is necessary to have a committed team of skilled cleanup and remediation specialists onsite as soon as possible to lessen the overall property damage. Any cleaning service hired should have a strong background in dealing with infections waste and other pathogens. One Anaheim biohazard cleanup and remediation company called Eco Bear is fully capable and ready to assist in cleaning properties contaminated by biohazards.

Potential Dangers When Cleaning Seasonal Abodes

Many individuals have access or own other properties other than their home. These can include summer cottages, vacation beach homes, mountain hunting camps, and others. There are some risks and potential dangers when cleaning out these living areas after the structures have been closed up during months when they were not being used.

It is common for these property owners to find evidence of a rodent inside the building. A buildup of dust due to the vacancy can present an even bigger health risk if this potentially contaminated dust is disturbed in any way. Sweeping and vacuuming are all that is needed to cause these particles to become airborne when everyone inside may unknowingly breathe in.

These scenarios are better resolved by hiring an Anaheim biohazard cleanup & remediation service such as family-owned-and-operated Eco Bear. Access for more details on the impressive available services, and read the informative and helpful blog postings.

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