Known for Disneyland and the gorgeous weather, Anaheim, California also has a serious lack of affordable housing. As the housing prices in Southern California increased, many people lost their homes. Instead of spending a few nights in one of the local shelters and worry about where they would stay later, they chose to live on the streets. In late 2018, city officials cleared out one homeless encampment in Maxwell Park and moved many of the temporary residents to shelters across Anaheim. Similar efforts resulted in the shutdown of other camps across the city. With a homeless encampment cleaning company in Anaheim, you can get help clearing out the trash and waste that they left behind.

Encampments and Tent Cities

Homeless encampments are similar to tent cities in that they often contain temporary shelters that residents use as their homes. Tent cities first popped up during the Great Depression as financial issues drove millions of people from their homes. Anaheim is home to multiple tent cities and encampments where people live today. Those areas are home to both those who live during the day to work or panhandle as well as those who live there 24/7. Even if officials close the camp, you still need to deal with the cleaning that comes later.

Bloodborne Pathogens

One of the serious issues that you need to handle with encampment cleaning is the pathogens that those residents leave behind. Not all of those who are homeless have drug and alcohol problems, but a larger number of them do. Depending on the drugs that they use, they may share needles, which allows them to spread diseases among their group such as hepatitis and HIV. Every time that they leave those needles behind on the ground, there’s a risk that someone might come into contact with one and contract that disease. Proper cleaning will remove any of the pathogens that can make other people ill.

Human Waste

A common issue facing those who live in Anaheim homeless encampments is a lack of running water. They also do not have access to clean water. When you need to brush your teeth or use the restroom, you can head to your bathroom and wash your hands when you’re done. Homeless people do not have that luxury. They may use large bottles and jars to store their waste or simply use the bathroom anywhere they want. Both human feces and urine can cause foul odors and leave areas contaminated. Homeless encampment cleaning companies in Anaheim can handle the removal of all types of human waste.

Drug Overdoses

More than 5,500 people in Orange County visit the hospital for drug overdoses every year with close to 700 residents dying from their drug use. While this can include individuals who take prescription drugs that they got from their doctors, it also includes homeless people who use street and illegal drugs. Drug overdoses are common in homeless encampments because those who witness the event do not want to contact the police and possibly get in trouble. This may result in addicts left to die in the street, which can impact both the people in the street as well as those with homes nearby.

What to Do About a Homeless Encampment

If you notice a group of homeless people living near your home or business, you should contact the city for help. City officials will take steps to remove those people from the area and find new places for them to live such as one of the Anaheim shelters. Though officials may remove the people, they often do not have the resources necessary to remove the trash and debris that they leave behind. You can easily find a homeless encampment cleaning company in Anaheim that can thoroughly clean the former camp.

Trash and Debris

As much as you worry about the human waste and blood that people leave behind, you also need to worry about the trash and debris that they leave too. If someone showed up on your doorstep tomorrow and told you that you had a few hours to pack and leave your home, you would leave behind a good number of things. Homeless people are no different. They leave everything from tents and boxes that they used as shelters to blankets and clothing along with books and hygiene products. A good cleaning company can remove that debris and make sure that any contaminated items go in biohazard bags.

Three-Step Process

Cleaning a former homeless encampment in Anaheim is a three-step process that starts with the cleaning. Not only will cleaners remove any physical items left behind, but they can identify those items contaminated with human and biological waste. This may include the carcasses of dead animals and sleeping bags or blankets saturated with blood. Any contaminated items must go into separate bags and go to the infectious disposal unit for proper disposal. Sanitizing is the next step, which ensures that the former residents did not leave behind any diseases or medical conditions. This also removes blood and tissue that can infect others. During the final stage, the cleaning crew uses deodorizing products to eliminate any potential odors.

The Cost of Homeless Encampment Cleaning

You cannot put a price on your peace of mind, but you can put a price on homeless encampment cleaning. Most companies will give you an estimate or quote before beginning their work. This allows you to compare prices and see what each company includes to make sure that you choose the best one. The price should include thorough cleaning of the camp as well as the disposal of any infected or contaminated items. Choosing the right homeless encampment cleaning company in Anaheim, California ensures that the property is clean and ready for a new life.