Azusa has a population of about 46,000, including a considerable percentage of families with children under the age of 18. Growing families are attracted to Azusa in part because of the city’s well-regarded schools and a lower crime rate than found in much of the greater Los Angeles area.

Speaking of education, the largest employer in the community is Azusa Pacific University. Northrup Grumman is another major employer in Azusa.

Overall, life is pleasant in Azusa. As mentioned, crime is reasonably moderate in the community. With that said, quite like communities across the country, Azusa has experienced an increase in its suicide rate in recent years.

Two Suicides by Hanging on the Same Day in Azusa

A sadly exceptional day in Azusa was when two suicides by hanging occurred in Azusa. The first suicide was discovered at about 4:30 in the morning. A motorist spotted what turned out out to be a 25-year old man hanging from a tree in Azusa. 

The second suicide discovered involved a 45-year old man. A hiker was making his way when he came upon the deceased man hanging from a tree at about 6:45 on a Friday evening.

According to the Azusa Police Department, the two deaths were unrelated. The LA Coroner’s Office confirmed the initial findings of the police that both deaths were the result of suicide.

Discovery of a Suicide

If you discover a suicide in Azusa, the first step to take is to call 911 immediately. Emergency personnel, including the police and paramedics, are dispatched to the scene. Once the police and paramedics confirm that a person who appears to have committed suicide is deceased, the coroner is dispatched to the scene. In California, a paramedic is able to declare someone dead at the scene. In other words, the remains of a person who appears to have committed suicide do not need to be transported to the emergency department of a hospital to have a doctor declare that the person has died.

The LA Coroner will remove the body from the scene. The coroner performs a forensic evaluation, including an autopsy, to confirm the cause of death and attempt to verify that the individual committed suicide.

The Azusa Police Department is located at:
725 North Alameda Avenue
Azusa, California 91702
(626) 812-3200

Addressing Suicide Cleanup

If a suicide involved a firearm or knife, or if the remains of a person who took his or her life are not promptly found, professional suicide cleanup is advised. The reality is that these types of situations are highly challenging to address, even for professional suicide cleanup specialists. A survivor of suicide should not further aggravate grief and other emotions by undertaking a suicide cleanup personally. In addition, retaining a biohazard cleanup or suicide cleanup professional ensure that the work is done safely and thoroughly.

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