Azusa is a beautiful city nestled in the San Gabriel Valley resting at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in California. Azusa is a popular stop on Route 66 and locals and tourists just passing through alike love to visit this exciting city. With warm, dry summers, Azusa has no shortage of sunshine and fun things to do. The Santa Fe Recreation dam is a popular outdoor spot, with a 70-acre lake and swimming beach popular with kayakers and boaters. In addition, the Azusa River Wilderness Park is a hilly cannon preserve with an extensive network of trails for hiking and mountain biking. For the thrill seekers, Azusa offers exhilarating bungee jumping off of Bridge to Nowhere, a world-famous arch bridge. Azusa is also home to Azusa Pacific University, nine elementary schools and two high schools, making the city attractive for families with kids.

As of the 2010 census, Azusa had a population of 46,361, a steady increase from 2010. As more and more people move to Azusa out of pricier areas like Los Angeles, the city is experiencing increased sprawl and development. When any city grows, unfortunately there tends to be an uptick in crime. While Azusa is a relatively safe area, crime can happen anywhere and to anyone. Gang violence is particularly prevalent in Azusa, with the violence largely taking place in Atlantis Gardens, a cluster of about 40 buildings near Rockvale and Alosta avenues. Gang violence can have an extremely negative impact on an area, and can be very difficult for families with kids. In 2019, a man was shot and killed on a doorstep in the area, and one teen and one man were killed in a shootout on Jan. 8. It was believed to be related to gang warfare, and police are taking actions to mitigate violence on Azusa’s streets and ensure that acts of retaliation are eliminated. Still, there is a need for crime scene cleanup in Azusa, California, as well as a need for a professional company to take on this difficult job. 

What is a crime scene?

There is no one size-fits-all crime scene. They range in description according to the crime committed and the extent of the violence, and they also are not usually contained to one certain measure of square footage. Crime scenes usually do not look like what one sees on TV or movies, with swarming police officers, members of the public and lots of evidence to be collected. In general, a crime scene is any tangible location where some kind of crime or criminal offense has taken place. Crime scenes can be found anywhere, such as a residential or office building, or even in an outdoor area. Sometimes, crime scenes can be so obscure that they are not discovered for several days or even years. When a crime scene is uncovered and law enforcement is called, the scene is immediately sealed off to the public and put under government control. This is done to preserve the scene for evidence collection and to discourage external interference from humans or animals. Every piece of evidence must be collected and preserved in order for it to be used in a coroner’s report. Evidence collection and a full sweeping off the scene may delay physically restoring the area to its pre-crime state. But, it must be done so that law enforcement is able to move forward in solving the crime. The sheriff’s office will turn the area back over to either the homeowner or local government agency when the cleanup is cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scenes are difficult to understand, for law enforcement and loved ones alike. Collecting evidence and getting a picture of both the victim and the perpetrator is a complex process and can be traumatic for family members to watch. Once crime scene investigation is complete, family members must begin the long healing process while the case is being solved. Part of this healing process is cleaning up the crime scene and returning the space to its former state. Unfortunately, it is not required by law for the sheriff or coroner’s office to clean up a crime scene. But, it is crucial that is happens, and often this difficult responsibility falls upon residents or family members. But, crime scenes often have biohazard materials and other pathogens, and many people are not equipped to clean such materials on their own. This responsibility should only be undertaken by a professional crime scene cleanup company.

A professional company cleans a crime scene according to four distinct steps: cleaning, sanitization, deodorization and restoration. The company come with all necessary personal protective equipment including gloves and skin covering to treat harmful bacteria. Next, the company will sanitize the area with high-grade chemicals to eliminate pathogenic material. The company will deodorize the crime scene if a body had remained at that scene for an extended period of time. The company will finish by restoring the scene to a livable area. Throughout the entire cleanup process, the company will remain sensitive to the family members’ needs and proceed with care.