Crime scene cleaners remove biohazard materials from the place of crime, decontaminate the area and restore it to its former shape. Such scenes are unpleasant and highly infectious as well. Due to this disturbing and dangerous nature of places of crime, cleaning them is not a job for everyone. That is why crime scene cleaning is considered as a special kind of restoration cleaning.

Generally, the crime scene cleanup industry is not regulated. However, any reputable crime scene cleaning company in Beverly Hills, California, will have well-trained and qualified specialists to get the job done. Competent crime scene technicians possess the right knowledge and skills necessary in clearing up a crime scene thoroughly. Besides that, they are proficient in tolerating emotionally and physically upsetting sights while being attentive to details. Crime scene cleaning is a challenging job but very rewarding at the same time. So, what makes crime scene cleaning different from regular cleaning procedures? Read on and get answers to the question.


Like other types of cleaners in the industry, crime scene cleaners must possess a high school certificate. It is the minimum requirement for becoming a crime scene cleaner. Besides that, crime scene experts need to be certified in crucial areas such as bloodborne pathogen handling, biohazard waste handling, transportation, hazard communication, personal protection training, and cleaning death scenes. In most cases, government institutions such as the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offer training and certification in these modules.

Places of crime cleaners need to undertake continuous training to stay abreast of the industry’s latest knowledge and technology. Undertaking and passing courses in PPEs usage, waste handling, hazardous communication, and other topics enable them to remain certified. A reputable and licensed crime scene cleaning company in Beverly Hills, California, will organize regular training programs for its technicians. Nevertheless, technicians may train independently to improve their skills. Always remember to ask for certification documents when hiring a crime scene cleaning company in Beverly Hills, California.


Often, crime scenes will be disgusting to view, let alone to clean up. There will be blood all over and sometime fresh or decomposing dead bodies. Not everyone can stand working in such environments. Unlike other cleaners, crime scene cleaners have a strong tolerance towards nauseating and deadly scenes. Over time, they become desensitized to these sights. No matter how disgusting the scene is, you can expect a thorough cleanup while working with a professional crime scene cleaning company in Beverly Hills, California.

The ability to handle long hours of intensive labor is another distinguishing quality of professional crime scene cleaners. Clearing up the mess in a crime scene can take up to several days, depending on the amount of damage. They have to scrub down carpets, clean walls, sanitize and disinfect surfaces, remove furniture, deodorize the place, and many more. All this work is usually done and completed in one session. As such, patience and resilience are must-have qualities in the crime scene cleanup career.

Crimes often strike when you least expect. Usually, they happen at the odd hours of the day. Therefore, in addition to working long hours, crime scene cleanup companies often work during irregular hours. Your regular 8 am-5 pm cleaning company might not be able to handle this task. A good crime scene cleaning company in Beverly Hills, California, will quickly respond to your call at any time.

Materials and Equipment

Unique materials and equipment are required for the proper cleaning of a crime scene. It goes beyond the usual detergents, scrubbing brush, sanitizer, and deodorizer used by your regular cleaning company. A competent crime scene cleanup company will use various materials to ensure the work is done safely and correctly. Top on their list is the use of proper PPEs to protect the technicians from infections. Their sanitizers and deodorizers are hospital and industrial grade.

A crime scene cleanup company is versed in the latest remediation technologies to ensure complete crime scenes remediation. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to restore the place to its perfect shape. Not only will the proper materials and equipment help to clear off biohazard materials, but also to speed up the work. It means that you will get back to your regular routines in the shortest time possible.

Biohazard waste found in some crime scenes could be carrying bloodborne pathogens, mold, and bacteria. These materials pose a threat to the people living around the area if not eradicated. Professional crime scene cleaning experts are well-trained to eliminate microorganisms safely. Also, they can get rid of the foul smell as well as mold.

Let the Experts Do the Job

No one can handle crime scene cleaning thoroughly, except the experts. Although your regular cleaning company can scrub off the blood and clear up the mess, they might miss out on the unseen life-threatening microorganisms. This is an excellent reason to hire experts. Professional crime scene cleaning companies have the right expertise, experience, and equipment to remove biohazard waste, eliminate pathogens, get rid of bad smell and restore the region to its original state.

Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is a professional, licensed, and reputable crime scene cleaning company in Beverly Hills, California. You can trust us with your crime scene’s cleaning up, whether it is your residence or business. From personal protective equipment to classic machinery, we have everything it takes to complete the cleanup thoroughly and safely. Contact us and find more about our services.