The population of Blythe is reaching about 25,000 residents and growing. Tourism is a major industry in Blythe. The city lies at about the center point between Los Angeles and Phoenix. As a result, a significant number of travelers stop and spend a day or two in Blythe when traveling between these two major metropolitan areas.

The legalization of cannabis in California in 2016 has given rise to a whole new industry in Blythe. Indeed, it has provided a needed injection into the economy of the city. The proposed Palos Verde Center in Blythe will be one of the largest on the planet upon its completion.

Blythe enjoys a relatively moderate crime rate. Nonetheless, Blythe played a major role in one of the more notorious multi-state killings to touch the state of California in history. Indeed, the case took over 20 years for justice to be served in the matter.

A Deadly Road Trip and a Murder in Blythe

Ernesto Martinez was a 19-year old young man motoring from California to visit his family in Arizona. When Martinez had reached Arizona, he ended up being pulled over by an Arizona Highway Patrol officer. After being pulled over, Martinez shot and killed the highway patrol officer.

After killing the patrolman, Blythe turned his car around and fled back into California. When he reached Blythe, he ran out of fuel and funds. Blythe ended up at the Day & Nite Mini Mart in Blythe.

Once at the convenience store, Blythe demanded cash from the clerk on duty.  When the clerk refused to comply, Blythe shot and killed that man. After killing the convenience store clerk, Martinez high-tailed it out of Blythe.

Martinez quickly traveled to Indo. It was in Indio that Martinez got into a shootout with law enforcement. He eventually surrendered. Martinez was extradited to Arizona to be tried for the killing of the highway patrol officer. Martinez was found guilty in that trial and was sentenced to death.

Due to an immense amount of legal wrangling, 20 years passed before Martinez was finally taken back to California to stand trial for the Blythe convenience store killing.

Since being incarcerated on the Arizona murder case, Martinez taught himself law. During the Blythe murder trial, he represented himself. Court observers stated that he did a fairly impressive job in acting as his own lawyer.

Ultimately, Martinez was also convicted in California. He was convicted after a court case that lasted about seven years. The length of the case was largely due to the ability of Martinez to file and argue effective pretrial motions.

Cleaning up a Blythe Business or Residence Following a Violent Death

When a violent event occurs, like the murder at the convenience store mentioned a moment ago, the responsibility for cleanup rests with the owner or manager of the business. The same holds true if a murder or other violent event occurs in a residence. The homeowner becomes responsible for the cleanup.

The idea that the police, sheriff’s department, or some other governmental agency cleans up the scene of a violent traumatic event is a myth. These agencies are responsible for many things, but biohazard cleanup in Blythe simply is not one of them.

There some significant risks associated with blood and bodily fluids, which oftentimes are found at the scene of a homicide, suicide, or some other violent event. These pathogens include:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • MRSA
  • HIV or AIDS

Because of these pathogens can be life-threatening a business or homeowner is wise to employ the professional services of a skilled, experienced biohazard cleanup professional.  In addition to the physical risks associated with biohazard cleanup, there are emotional ones as well.

Following the violent death of a loved one, family members and other loved ones face a challenging, sometimes seemingly overwhelming bereavement process. If a person endeavors to take the biohazard cleanup process on his or her own shoulders, that grieving process becomes significantly more challenging

For these reasons, hiring the services of a well-trained, committed, caring biohazard cleaning professional is the recommended course of action. A biohazard remediator will sit down with you to discuss all aspects of the cleanup process, including the containment of hazardous pathogens.

Blythe Grief Therapists and Counselors

As mentioned, the level of grief experienced following an untimely and even violent death of a loved one can be significant, even nearly overwhelming. For this reason, family members and other loved ones of a deceased person may need to seek assistance from a qualified, caring Blythe grief therapist. Blythe grief therapists and counselors who stand ready to assist a person struggling with the bereavement process include:

Annissa Gomez
1297 West Hobsonway
Blythe, California 92225
(760) 921-5000

Jacqueline Fisher
134 E Hobsonway, Suite 5
Blythe, California 92225
(760) 320-3838

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Rutherford.

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