When a crime is committed in which someone is hurt or killed, the crime scene usually is covered with evidence of the incident. There may be blood, tissue, and many other types of physical evidence that makes it clear that a crime was committed or that someone died in the space. Once the police and first responders have done their work, it’s time for crime scene clean-up to take place. While some people end up cleaning up the side of a crime themselves, it makes the most sense to have it handled by a professional team.

Crime scene clean-up takes place in the location where someone has gotten hurt or killed. People who have never been involved in crime scenes before are usually not aware that crime scene cleanup is usually a task that the survivors are responsible for. This fact can be psychologically, mentally, and physically overwhelming, especially if the victim of the crime or incident is connected to the person responsible for cleanup. Even if the person responsible for cleaning is not connected to the victim, cleaning the space can be emotionally taxing. Our team can help. 

We Can Handle the Cleanup for You

We have the expertise, cleaning materials, and equipment necessary to do a thorough crime scene clean-up so that the space where the incident took place can be restored to its original state. We will treat the space with the respect it deserves while thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing the space to remove all traces of what happened. We will work with you to make sure that you are aware of what can be restored, figure out which items you would like to have removed, and which items must be destroyed or discarded.

What Types of Places Do Crime Scenes Take Place In?

A crime scene is literally the space where the crime or incident took place. This means it could take place in a home, at an office, in a car, in a boat, or any other place. If the crime scene took place in an office, the business owners are usually responsible for cleanup. If the crime scene is located inside of a private space, the owner of that space is responsible for cleanup.

What Types of Responsibilities Are Handled by Crime Scene Cleaning Companies?

Crime scene clean-up is a complicated process that needs to be taken seriously. There are many different things that we are responsible for. Our goal is to clean the space so that it can be ready for use once again. Following are just a few of the areas that crime scene cleaning covers.

Cleanup Due to All Manners of Death

Crime scene cleaners handle the aftermath of many different types of death.

  • We can handle deaths related to electrocution.
  • We can handle cleanup if there’s been an accidental drowning. We will handle pool cleanup, draining, cleaning, and sterilization of the pool so that they can be used again.
  • We handle the cleanup of crime scenes related to homicides, suicides, and other types of violent accidental death. We will remain sensitive to the survivors as we do our job. Any of these types of death could have come about through violent means, and having someone there who is able to handle the cleaning diligently and professionally while keeping a healthy emotional distance is something that many survivors welcome.
  • We ensure that every bit of blood, bodily fluids, and body tissue is removed from every single part of a crime scene. We go through every inch of the space from top to bottom, cleaning drapes, curtains, carpets, walls, ceilings, radiators, and every other part of the space.
  • We use federally-regulated cleaners and chemicals to handle the decontamination of spaces so that they are free from the effects of blood-borne pathogens. Bloodborne pathogens could end up causing disease in anyone who enters the room or space if they’re not eliminated completely.
  • We handle cleanup from natural death. Natural deaths sometimes remain undiscovered for long periods of time. This usually results in a space filled with heavy decomp and built-in odor. We’ll remove every trace of decomp and odor so that the space is once again livable.
  • OSHA, the EPA, and other federally regulated agencies require that biohazardous waste is disposed of properly. Biohazardous waste includes blood, human tissue, and other elements often found at a crime scene. We will discard and remove all biohazardous waste according to these regulations.

What Types of Equipment Do Cleaners Use to Clean Crime Scenes?

Professional crime scene cleaners have the advantage of access to special tools, chemicals, and equipment that help make the cleanup process go smoothly. Some of those tools include the following.

Ozone Machines

Ozone machines are special machines that work by eradicating and removing the strongest odors from the air. This is especially helpful at crime scenes where there has been significant decomp.

PPE Gear

Our teams have the latest PPE gear that helps prevent them from hazardous waste. This includes gear like disposable body suits, boots, and gloves. These items protect our cleaners from bloodborne pathogens and other potentially dangerous substances.

Crime scene cleaning is an emotionally taxing task that can extend and enhance the trauma that survivors are already dealing with. By working with our team, you’ll be able to spare yourself added stress and distress. Once cleaning has been done, you’ll be able to focus on your emotional recovery. Give us a call if you have any questions about professional crime scene cleaning or if you want to find out more about what it entails. Our team is here to help.