Compulsive hoarding, also referred to as hoarding disorder, is a condition in which a person acquires and keeps a lot of belongings. Those belongings may be of little to no use or value, especially in the eyes of others who don’t have hoarding disorder. In addition to the compulsive need to attain more items, people with compulsive hoarding also have trouble getting rid of things. They may even have a tough time removing trash or emptying the cat’s litter box, feeling as if getting rid of the broken or unneeded item would be too distressful. At Eco Bear, we’re a team of professional cleaners who handle hoarder properties in Buena Park, CA. We have experience dealing with all types of hoarding scenarios and all sizes of hoarded properties. If you or your loved one have hoarding disorder, you can count on us to clean the property so that you can have a safe, clean and healthy place in which to live.

Signs of Compulsive Hoarding

Most people with hoarding disorder don’t recognize or accept that they have a problem. It may take a family member or several family members and friends pointing out the issue. In some cases, people with hoarding disorder isolate themselves from friends and family. A utility worker, repair technician or delivery person may be the one who sees the problem and reports it to authorities. Some common signs of hoarding disorder include:

  • Inability to use appliances, fixtures or furniture the way they’re intended
  • Losing important items in the clutter
  • Buying things because they’re a good deal
  • Unable to stop taking free items
  • Inability to throw items away, donate or recycling belongings
  • Feeling distressed, overwhelmed or embarrassed
  • Not allowing people into the home
  • Avoiding home repairs because areas are inaccessible

Who Hoarding Disorder Affects

Hoarding disorder can affect anyone. There’s a genetic component to the condition. Many people with hoarding disorder report that a parent or grandparent had the same issue. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety or depression are more likely to also develop hoarding disorder than people without those mental health conditions. Most hoarders have this problem their whole life. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help with the compulsion to acquire, but a person may still have a whole hoarded property that needs to be cleaned.

Why It’s Difficult for a Person With Hoarding Disorder To Get Rid of Items

Hoarded properties don’t occur overnight. The accumulation usually takes years, sometimes decades. People with hoarding disorder may have trouble getting rid of items because of:

  • Disability, illness or injury
  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination or inability to decide what to keep
  • Delight in getting new items
  • Fear of running out
  • Belief that items are valuable or useful
  • Feeling of personal responsibility to the items
  • Denial there is a problem

What Happens When a Property Is Hoarded

When a property is hoarded, living conditions are unsafe. Piled items present an entrapment and trip-and-fall hazard. Items blocking stairs and doors hinder the ability to exit the home in case of a fire. Emergency medical technicians may not be able to get into the home if help is needed. Pests and vermin are attracted to hoards, and an infestation of spiders, mice, rats or other critters could occur. These infestations lead to more structural damage. Pest droppings put you at risk of exposure to infectious diseases, such as hantavirus and plague. If there are children or elderly family members in a hoarded home, they’re at risk of removal by child or adult protective services. A person with hoarding disorder may face fines or jail time if the property isn’t cleaned and kept in compliance with Buena Park city building and health codes. In severe cases, a hoarded property could be condemned by the city and cleared or bulldozed at the homeowner’s expense. Our compassionate team of cleaning specialists at Eco Bear is prepared to prevent these serious consequences. We clean all types of hoards in apartments, homes and properties. Some types of hoards we handle include those with:

  • Pet hoarding
  • Biological or medical waste
  • Multiple vehicles
  • Trash, such as rotting food
  • Building materials and supplies
  • Antiques, inherited possessions and items from compulsive shopping

How Eco Bear Can Help You

When you need hoarder property cleaning in Buena Park, you can count on us for thorough, efficient and effective services. We’re connected with local waste hauling and removal companies. We take an initial tour of your property so that we understand the contents and scope of the hoard. During the cleanup, we wear personal protective equipment. We remove all trash, contaminated materials, pet and biological waste. Our prompt response time means that if you’re facing city code violations, we’ll have the property cleared in a hurry. By performing complete remediation for hoarded properties in Buena Park, we help you avoid additional fines and other serious consequences of hoarding. Our company is licensed and bonded to completely clear hoards of all types and sizes. 

Why Eco Bear’s Hoarder Property Cleaning Service Is the Right Choice

Safety is our top priority at Eco Bear. Not only do our cleaners use personal protective equipment, but we also work with your safety in mind. If we notice structural issues, pests or anything else that requires attention, we let you know. Our clear and consistent communications facilitate trust. Our cleaners treat you with kindness, compassion and respect. We complete most hoarder property cleaning services within a few days, although very large hoards may take up to one week. Throughout the process, we keep you informed. We’ll work with the local code enforcement officers, repair technicians, pest control operators and other professionals to get your home and property in a safe and habitable condition.