With a population approaching 85,000, Buena Park is a community that boasts a diverse population. This includes growing young families, up and coming single professionals, and retirees. Buena Park is also a popular Orange County tourist destination as it is home to Knott’s Berry Farm.

One of the reasons why Buena Park is a growing community with a broad demographic of people calling the city home is its reasonably low crime rate. This includes both properties as well as violent crimes. With this duly noted, as is the case with any community in California, Buena Park is not a crime-free oasis. Indeed, the city the scene for part of the horrific drama associated with a truly horrendous murder.

The Murder of Jasmine Fiore

Jasmine Fiore was a relatively well-known swimsuit model. She made live appearances in Southern California and Las Vegas with regularity. In addition, she had developed a growing following online, including via different social media outlets.

Fiore married a real estate investor named Ryan Jenkins. They were both in California at the time of Fiore’s death to attend a poker tournament.

Early one morning during the summertime, the body of a naked woman was found crushed to fit into a suitcase. The suitcase and remains of the woman were found in a dumpster in an alley in Buena Park.

Based on the appearance of the body, the Buena Park Police Department determined that the woman had been strangled to death. They also immediately ascertained that the teeth had been removed from the victim’s mouth. In addition, all of the woman’s fingers had been removed as well. The police affirmed that these steps were taken to conceal the identity of the murdered woman. The attempt to conceal her identity worked initially.

The Orange County Coroner was called to the scene and began a thorough forensic investigation. This included an autopsy, during which breast implants were removed. The coroner and police investigators utilized the serial number on the pair of breast implants to identify the deceased woman. The victim was model Jasmine Fiore.

During the investigatory process, Fiore’s car was found as well. The interior was contaminated with a significant amount of blood and hair that appeared to have been pulled from the victim’s head. The police surmised that this was, in fact, the location at which the victim’s teeth and fingers had been removed and likely the location of her murder as well.

Her husband Ryan Jenkins became the prime suspect. A police hunt was on to find him. Law enforcement ultimately did locate Jenkins. When they found him, Jenkins had taken his own life, having hung himself from a clothes rack.

The Aftermath of a Homicide: Biohazard Cleanup in Buena Park

When a murder occurs that results in the release of blood and other bodily fluids, a situation involving potentially biohazardous substances are created. This occurs because human blood, bodily fluids, and other biological materials can contain dangerous, disease-causing biological pathogens. Examples of the more common types of pathogens that can be found in blood and other bodily fluids are:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • MRSA

Because of the possible presence of these dangerous pathogens, appropriate protection must always be utilized when undertaken the cleanup of a homicide or suicide that involves the presence of blood and other fluids. The risks involved underscore the importance of seeking assistance from a well-trained biohazard cleanup in Buena Park professional.

The owner of a residence or business where this type of traumatic event occurs is responsible for the cleanup. The same holds true if a homicide or suicide occurs in a vehicle. If these traumatic events occur in the home or car of the victim, more often than not the responsibility for the biohazard cleanup in Buena Park falls into the hands of family members.  

A family that has lost a cherished loved one by homicide, suicide, or even a traumatic accident, has enough to address when it comes to the bereavement process. Individuals in such a situation need not embrace an added emotional burden of taking on the task of cleaning up the scene of this type of incident themselves.

Grief Therapy Following a Traumatic Loss of a Loved One

Many individuals in Buena Park find that they need professional support in the aftermath of losing a loved one through homicide or suicide. This assistance can come in the form of individual and group grief therapy. There are Buena Park therapists that specialize in assisting people in this type of situation:

Counseling & Spiritual Care Center
7342 Orangethorpe Ave, Suite A103
Buena Park, California 90621
(562) 445-4735

Mark Scholten
6575 Crescent Avenue
Buena Park, California 90620
(714) 676-8935

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