Buena Park is a community with over 80,000 residents. Buena Park is also a popular tourist destination, being home to attractions like Knott’s Berry Farm.

Despite the many positive elements associated with Buena Park, the community also has a growing problem with homelessness. This includes an increasing number of homeless encampments in the city.

The Spread of Homeless Encampments

Over the past couple of years, homeless encampments have expanded beyond their historic boundaries. More homeless encampments are now popping up not only in central Los Angeles but also in surrounding counties and cities, including Orange County and Buena Park. This trend is expected to continue apace into the immediate future.

Some people contend that local governments, particularly Los Angeles, are intentionally trying to drive homeless people from their communities. There is some truth to the contention that development and gentrification are driving homeless people from their traditional stomping grounds. Other reasons why homelessness, and homeless encampments, include:

  • Closed homeless shelters
  • Soaring rents
  • Support services funding cutbacks

Other phenomena include the closing down of cheap motels. A good percentage of people took advantage of these cheap motels to provide a roof over their heads. As redevelopment and gentrification carried on, these cheap motels are being torn down.

Most of these motels were located in the largest urban areas in Southern California, particularly Los Angeles. These closures have driven people further out from Skid Row and into the outer LA communities and neighboring countries and cities. 

Neighbors Respond to Homeless Encampments With Self Help

The city of Buena Park does take some action in regard to controlling homeless encampments in the city. The reality is that the city does not have the resources necessary to really make a significant dent when it comes to reigning in homeless encampments in Buena Park,

Due to the limitations on the part of the city associated with controlling homeless encampments, a growing number of residents, businesses, and organizations are taking matters into their own hands. This type of conduct in Buena Park is following the same lines of action that are being found in neighboring towns.

The story of a church illustrates the scenario. Church property fairly regularly is targeted by people coming together to create homeless encampments.

One church struggled with homeless encampment issues on its property. Once the church eliminated an encampment, another one would crop up. Sometimes the new encampment consisted of some of the residents from the encampment that was removed from the premises. On other occasions, an encampment developed that consisted of entirely different people than who occupied the encampment previously.

In order to try and reign in the reappearing homeless encampments on its premises, the church strung police tape around its property. In addition, the church hired around the clock security services.

The church has had some success with this type of defensive posturing when it comes to homeless encampments. Other businesses are employing similar tactics and not relying on the City of Buena Park to eradicate or protect against homeless encampments infringing on their premises.

Services and Resources for Homeless People in Buena Park

There are a variety of services available to homeless individuals and families in Buena Park. The Buena Park Coordinating Council is an organization that provides homeless and other economically disadvantaged people with food. The Buena Park Coordinating Council can be reached at:

Buena Park Coordinating Council
7957 Whitaker Street
Buena Park, California 90621
(714) 521-3772

There are also Neighborhood Resource Centers located in different locations in Buena Park. These Centers are tied in with public schools and are particularly targeted to assist homeless families. These centers can provide a wide range of resources that include:

  • Immunizations
  • Physicals
  • Wellness checks
  • Medical applications

The Centers can also assist in referrals to homeless shelters and job training programs. The Centers can also make referrals to food banks, clothing banks, and soup kitchens.

The City of Buena Park can provide information on the locations and available services from different Neighborhood Resource Centers in the community. The city can be reached at:

Buena Park City Hall
6650 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park, California 90622
(714) 562-3500

Professional Homeless Encampment Cleanup in Buena Park

Because of the biohazardous materials that exist in a homeless shelter, the safest and more effective way to undertake homeless encampment cleanup in Buena Park is to engage the services of remediation professional. A professional homeless encampment cleanup in Buena Vista has the background and resources necessary to safely and fully remediate an encampment, returning the space to a safe and usable condition.