Once the location of many dairy farms, and in fact called Dairy Valley, Cerritos is now called an “affluent suburban city.” Cerritos is home to an array of upscale bistros, trendy boutiques, and other popular destinations. Neighborhoods in Cerritos are generally tree-lined, with lovely homes. Despite all the truly appealing aspects of life in Cerritos, there are negative blips that occur from time to time, as is the case with any community.

Understanding the Need for Biohazard Cleanup in Cerritos

An example of a situation that pops up in Cerritos, like any community, is an issue involving some type of necessary biohazard cleanup in the community. A prime example of this type of situation involves restaurants or even private residences in Cerritos. Once in a while, a local restaurant will be cited for a health code violation stemming from the presence of rat droppings somewhere on the premises. Similarly, there are occasions in which the same type of situation, the presence of rat droppings, occurs in private residences in the city.

On first blush, a person may hear about the need for rat droppings cleanup and conclude that such a prospect is distasteful or “gross.” However, what many people do not fully recognize is that rat droppings can present a biohazardous situation that has the potential for spreading serious disease.

Rat droppings, particularly dried ones that readily crumble, can contain dangerous pathogens, like the hantavirus. These harmful viruses can become airborne, in some circumstances, when dried rat droppings crumble. (Rat droppings can crumble when a well-meaning individual attempts to sweep them up.) Once crumbled, and airborne, viruses contained in the rat droppings dust can be breathed in, resulting in the possible infection of an individual.

Because of the heightened danger to people associated with rat droppings, the need for professional biohazard cleanup is significant when it comes to rat droppings. A person who dives into “cleaning up” rat droppings on his or her own, without regard to the vital safety protocols associated with the process, including the use of a respirator to avoid inhaling hazardous substances, runs grave risks. In addition, in the absence of professional biohazard remediation, there is no certainty that biohazardous substances and dangerous pathogens associated with rat droppings are thoroughly remediated. In other words, absent professional rat droppings cleanup, people may remain exposed to harmful biohazards.

Awareness and Keeping Cerritos Safe

Home and business owners, as well as all other, need to vigilant when it comes to identifying the potential for a rat infestation in Cerritos. Of course, people necessarily must be tuned in to what is going on at their own residences when it comes to the possibility of rat infestation. This includes being aware of early, tell-tale signs that rodents might be present somewhere on the property. These signs include:

  • Rat Droppings
  • Noises in the attic and between walls
  • Foul odors (typically from rats that have died)
  • Evidence of gnawing

Reporting Rat Infestation in Cerritos

If a person encounters a structure or some other location the Cerritos that appears to be infested with rodents, a necessary step to take to keep the community safe is to contact the Cerritos Office of Community Safety Services at (562) 860-0311. You do not need to identify yourself if you make a report.

Be firm in reporting suspected rat infestation. This includes contacting the agency if you think one of your neighbors has this type of issue at their home. Of course, you certainly can approach your neighbor with your concerns and hope action will be taken. However, if nothing seems to occur, contact Cerritos Community Safety Services. You need to bear in mind that your neighbors’ rat issue could become yours in little time.

Testing for Exposure to Virus Transmitted by Rat Droppings

If you, or a loved one, has been exposed to rat droppings at your residence, or somewhere else, consulting with your primary care physician is recommended. Your doctor can refer you for proper testing to determine if the rat droppings exposure has resulted in some type of infection.

If you do not have access to a primary care physician, residents of Cerritos can access these types of services from the Los Angeles Public Health Department. Although the health agency does not have a clinic located specifically in Cerritos, a resident of the city can access services at any of the Public Health Clinics in the county. The complete list of clinics can be accessed through the link provided.

Young children, older individuals, and people with suppressed immune systems are particularly susceptible to illnesses that can result from viruses spread through rat droppings. With that said, no one is immune and testing after exposure is advised.

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