Hoarding disorder is a condition in which a person finds it difficult to get rid of things that aren’t useful. At the same time, they have a compulsion to acquire new things. After a stressful event, such as the death of a family member, anyone may have trouble getting rid of things, or they might engage in “retail therapy.” However, people with hoarding disorder always have a hard time getting rid of possessions, and they consistently want to acquire additional items. When a person with hoarding disorder tries to get rid of something, even a broken toy, cracked pottery or bag of rotted food, they feel intense distress. The difficulty in getting rid of things causes the person’s home to become so full that it’s unsafe, unsanitary and uncomfortable. At Eco Bear, we specialize in hoarder property cleaning in Cerritos, CA. No matter how big the hoard is or what’s in it, we’ll clear it and fully remediate the property.

Effects of Hoarding on a Person 

For most people with hoarding disorder, symptoms are minor or mild during their teenage and young adult years. By the time a person is in their 30s, items may have accumulated to the point where closets or cabinets are full. Once a person with hoarding disorder has reached middle age, their homes are often full. At this point, the hoarding affects every part of the person’s life. If you’re living with hoarding disorder or your loved one is living with it, you may notice these effects:

  • Tripping or getting hurt by the hoard
  • Buying items in triplicate because you can’t find what you need
  • Closing off rooms because you can’t or don’t want to deal with what’s in there
  • Social isolation and fear of someone seeing what your home looks like
  • Fear of someone finding out how you live
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Constantly thinking about getting new items
  • Overwhelming worry of getting rid of something you need

About 75% of people with hoarding disorder have a concurrent mental health condition. Some conditions likely to occur with or before hoarding disorder include anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

What Hoarding Does To a Home or Property

In addition to the stress, frustration, distress and anxiety that hoarding causes to a person’s mental health and the potential for injury a hoard has on a person’s physical health, the hoard also has serious consequences for the home or property. Hoarded items make it difficult for maintenance and repair technicians to access a broken furnace or malfunctioning outlet. Roof and water leaks may go without repair because you’re embarrassed or afraid to let someone in to inspect and take care of the problem. This can lead to severe structural damage. After years of hoarding, the items may spill to the home’s exterior, covering areas of the porch, driveway or yard. When this happens, neighbors may complain. Code enforcement may get involved at this point. If there are children or senior citizens living in a hoarded home, Child or Adult Protective Services may initiate an investigation. Humane society agents may remove pets from a hoarded home. Hoards attract pests and vermin. Cockroaches, mice, rats and other critters could move into the property and cause problems for the neighbors, too. If the property isn’t thoroughly cleaned, the home could be condemned, and you could be evicted.

Why You Need Professional Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

The old saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” also applies to your hoarded property. It didn’t become hoarded in one day, and you wouldn’t be able to clean it by yourself in a short amount of time. However, you may be facing angry neighbors or family members, a dangerous living situation, possible removal of a child or even eviction if you don’t get the property cleaned in a hurry. You can’t do it alone, and Eco Bear’s professionals are the right choice to get the job done promptly and correctly. We’re experienced in working with code enforcement, repair professionals, animal and pest control agents, structural engineers and others. Safety is our top priority, and we have the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to work in any type of hoard. We’re able to clear hoards that contain:

  • Household and automotive chemicals
  • Animal or human waste
  • Food, including rotted or expired items
  • Items damaged by water, pests or mold
  • Medical waste
  • Bulky or large building materials
  • Vehicles
  • Consumer or retail goods, such as clothing, toys or crafts supplies
  • Books, newspapers, bags and boxes

Hoarder Property Cleaning Services Offered by Eco Bear

No two hoards are alike, which is why we customize our services for each situation. Our process begins with a site evaluation. We gather information about the size and layout of the home and any other buildings on the property. We assess what’s in the hoard and what supplies we’ll need to remove the items and clean the home. Our team coordinates dumpsters, recycling, towing, pest removal, inspections and more. With our experience and skills, we’re able to completely clear and remediate hoarded properties in Cerritos within a few days to one week. 

What Makes Eco Bear the Right Choice for Hoarder Property Cleaning in Cerritos

We efficiently clean your hoarded property. If you’re facing fines or criminal penalties related to the property’s condition, we’ll have you in compliance as soon as possible. We treat each client with compassion and respect. Our skilled cleaners accommodate your special requests, such as setting aside photographs mixed into the hoard’s piles. We recognize that hoarding situations are stressful for people with hoarding disorder and their families. With Eco Bear cleaning your hoarded property in Cerritos, you’ll return to a clean, sanitary and safe home.