The spectacular city of Chula Vista, California is situated in one of the most mesmerizing environmentally diverse regions in the country. Boasting gorgeous scenery with glorious rolling hills, splendid canyons, and pristine mountain views, this town offers idyllic nature trails covering miles of preserved untouched natural landscapes that draw plenty of outdoors enthusiasts year-round. A haven for runners, hikers, and bicyclists, this geographic area also features a stunning 52 mile stretch of golden sand beaches and wonderful coastal landscapes to attract water lovers of all ages.

Chula Vista, with a name that means “beautiful view,” is the second largest city located in San Diego County with a population estimate of 270,000 and growing. Tourists and residents alike frequent the sensational Bayfront region stopping at the scenic Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge and the nearby Living Coast Discovery Center to feed their appetite for seeing magnificent sea turtles, bald eagles and other endangered area wildlife up close and personal.

Speaking of appetites, visit Otay Ranch Town Center for a one-stop-shop-and-eat destination that features 100 of the top specialty shops, savory outdoor cafes and other enticing dining establishments. Visitors have plenty of fun and diverse entertainment choices all within this terrific outdoor air market center that even boasts pet-friendly areas and a shady and adjacent well-maintained dog park. This city offers many sensational historical sites, lots of cultural events, landmark restaurant options and phenomenal outdoor music concerts and a refreshing weekly farmer’s market.

Chula Vista is a lovely place to raise a family or retire in. Just recently, a resident was having her carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service when she noticed the worker standing at attention and saluting the television screen where the funeral for the first Bush president was showing. While there is a lot of positive energy here, there is the stark reality of crime reports that can be unsettling.

When a violent crime occurs, the scene can look like a natural disaster when the police investigators finally turn over the site to the owners when their investigation of the crime scene is completed. This can be a huge shock for the victim or family of the victim on top of the already stressful crime event itself.

Reasons to Hire a Chula Vista Cleanup & Remediation Company Skilled in Crime Scene Biohazard Cleaning Methods

The aftermath of a crime that occurs inside a home, business or other structure can be a real shock for the property owners to see. Depending on the crime that was committed there, the crime scene can contain plenty of hard-to-clean challenges like removing dried blood stains from floor, wall and ceiling surfaces and on or in nearby furnishings like mattresses, couches and so forth.

As most any person has experienced, getting blood out of porous fabrics can be next to impossible even when using the better cleaning products sold in the marketplace. Exposure to blood and other body fluids can be dangerous as there could be contagious pathogens present that could lead to serious illness and sometimes death due to additional infection complications.

Another issue when untrained individuals clean up a site where a violent crime occurred is the very high possibility of cross-contamination during this necessary cleanup process. Trained property remediation experts, like those working for Eco Bear, will have the knowledge and background in cleaning just these sorts of locations. These professionals will take immediate steps to safeguard anyone living or occupying the building as well as taking preventative measures to protect their own health like wearing the appropriate and top quality personal protective gear also commonly known as PPE.

Reasons Why Professional Property Biohazard Cleanup Technicians First Contain the Affected Area

There are some important steps in most biohazard cleanups and property restoration efforts that should be taken to increase the chances of successful property remediation without posing any further threat to anyone on the scene. Experts in this line of work will generally have a step by step method of adequately completing these types of jobs. The steps for this process that most biohazard property remediation specialists like the topnotch team at Eco Bear are likely to use include:

  • Containment
  • Clean Up
  • Sanitation
  • Deodorization
  • Restoration

There are some effective containment methods that those that work on sites containing potentially infectious or otherwise dangerous to humans substances have been trained to perform. These professionals will “wall off” the contaminated area by setting up the large floor to ceiling panels of thick durable plastic before any work begins.

These experts will also ensure that any nearby heating/cooling air circulation vents are shut down to avoid the dire possibility of cross-contamination which would lengthen and intensify the original damage restoration time and efforts substantially. Tough industrial strength fans are sometimes used to draw in the fresh air and force out contaminated air using precise measures in a safe manner.

How a Biohazard Cleanup Job Typically Unfolds

After the affected contaminated area is contained, the workers will begin the aggressive and intense job of cleaning the area thoroughly and systematically. Using some of the same principles that healthcare workers use, this team of property remediation specialists will be wearing protective clothing to avoid becoming exposed to any pathogens that might be present.

Specialized cleaning supplies and industrial grade equipment are used to give the space a thorough top to bottom clean. As fabrics like furniture upholstery, window drapes and mattresses can soak in the blood and other fluids, special precautions are used to ensure that the items are really deeply cleansed.

Sometimes, too badly contaminated items might not be able to be fully restored. However, cutting-edge cleanup crews like the professional cleaning experts that work for the impressive Eco Bear property restoration company go the extra mile to hopefully save as many possessions for the property owners as is reasonably feasible under the circumstances.

After the cleaning process is complete, the workers then move on to completely sanitize as much as they possibly can. The products used are of hospital grade, and these cleaning agents are ones already approved by OSHA an organization that oversees health and safety protocols to keep the public safer. It is necessary to clean deeper than what is obviously seen at the surface levels.

When the sanitation and disinfection stage of the remediation process is done, the next step involves a deodorizing technique using powerful yet safe products. Many biohazardous scenarios include distinctive unpleasant smells that are tough to eradicate without professional help and the proper deodorizing products. This type of cleansing the air goes a whole lot further than just masking the offensive odor with another strong smell.

Finally, when the above steps are finished, the seasoned property remediation professionals turn to the task of property restoration. Every effort is taken to ensure the safety of anything in the room or space that could be valuable or simply sentimental.

What to Do After an Unattended Death in a Home or a Business

Anytime that someone dies without anyone else being present, the persons who discover the dead body might become exposed to harmful pathogens that are often present just hours after death. Even if the death was by natural means as with fatal strokes, heart attacks or severe head traumas, there are still risks of exposure as everyone has pathogens in their bodies even while alive.

There are some very aggressive pathogens that are generally present in the lower bowel and colon. Some examples more readily are known are E-coli and salmonella. These two pathogens might lurk in the intestines of healthy individuals without causing any symptoms. However, if these pathogens are transferred to another location, the person could become seriously ill and might even die.

This transfer of potentially deadly pathogens can happen if one food worker didn’t wash their hands properly following a bathroom break. Those pathogens that could be on their hands then gets transferred as the worker touches food or the dishes, utensils and other kitchen items and surfaces.

To keep safe and healthy, the person that discovers the dead body should take all precautions for their safety. Individuals that find themselves in this situation should remove themselves from the contaminated area sooner than later. Preferably, the person will call for emergency medical personnel then step out of the immediate location of the death. Calling a professional local company that delivers superior biohazard cleaning and property restoration services is the best decision that anyone can make.

How a Local Biohazard Cleanup & Restoration Business Can Safely Clean Contaminated Vehicles

Those that frequent car auctions often might be familiar with the term “biohazard car” or similar wording. Vehicles that have old blood or other bodily fluids inside might be cars that the police department have processed following a death or severe accident involving the vehicle.

Car buyers are urged to beware. These types of car contamination scenarios often end up being a true hassle for the new car owner. The process of cleaning this type of potentially infectious scene is often far more difficult than the new owner could have imagined beforehand.

There is a simple remedy that could save your car and restore it to a pre-contaminated state. Hire a trained cleaning company that is skilled and experienced in handling tough biohazardous situations just like this one. These experts, like Eco Bear employees, will have all of the necessary tools and equipment of the trade to safely, quickly and effectively clean the entire car or other vehicle interior.

The Best Cleanup Methods Following a Suicide Event

Any unattended and unexpected death is difficult for those close people left behind. Some mental health experts claim that suicide is listed as the 10th leading cause of death, and suicide really knows no boundaries. There is no distinguishing one factor that can explain why so many individuals take their own lives every year.

When someone commits suicide in their own home or another residence, there can be a huge mess that will need to be cleaned in order to make the room habitable for living again. This presents a unique challenge for individuals who are not in the specialized biohazard cleanup field. Fortunately, people have the option of hiring a fantastic cleanup crew from Chula Vista that has extensive experience in biohazard property remediation techniques.

This can be an emotionally devastating time as these grieving families wonder why this has happened. Many will blame themselves or regret not doing anything that might have prevented this chilling situation. When Eco Bear’s biohazard property suicide cleanup team from Chula Vista arrives to begin remediation services, it imperative that everyone on this team behaves with extreme sensitivity and respect for the family members during this difficult and stressful time.

It is essential that the cleanup team that has been hired to complete the necessary task of thoroughly cleaning the death scene be exceptionally discreet. Many family members will not be up for conversations, and some prefer to keep their grief private. The discretion of the cleanup professionals handling the removal and sanitation of body fluids and other biohazards on the scene can hopefully help the family members begin their journey towards healing.

Suicide is often difficult for family members to accept and process in a healthy healing manner. If the person that died was living alone and wasn’t checked on for a time, there are likely to be feelings of guilt for the survivors involved along with other strong emotions. Mental health experts stress that these feelings are entirely common, and survivors of a suicide incident can find compassionate support from local community support groups and trained counselors that specialize in grief therapy.

The Dangers of Cleaning Rat, Mice & Other Rodent Droppings

Rodents have been invading the living spaces of humans for centuries. Like any living creature, rodents are drawn to sites where there is easily accessed food and comfortable living conditions. When the weather turns colder, rats, mice, and other rodents tend to look for indoor spaces in which to make their nests and ride out the winter season. While these rodents might not seem intimidating, there are some real dangers to humans when cleaning up rodent feces.

There are a number of serious health diseases and syndromes that can be transmitted via the fecal droppings of a variety of rodents. This includes mice, rats, bats and others. Humans should use extreme caution when in an area where rodents may be present. Some of the most common diseases that are rodent-borne include:

  • Salmonella
  • Sarcocystis
  • Streptobacillus
  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome & Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome
  • Epidemic Typhus
  • Flavivirus
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Rabies
  • Plague
  • Lassa Fever & Others

There are some additional diseases that rats, mice and some other types of rodents are known to indirectly spread and transfer potentially infectious diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease and Colorado Tick Disease among others.

It is crucial to be exceptionally cautious when encountering a rodent nest, droppings or the creature itself. Not only do most of the above diseases inhabit droppings that can transfer to humans through touch contact, many become airborne as individuals disturb the nest or dropping area thereby releasing infectious dust into the air where it can be breathed in by unsuspecting humans, pets and other animals.

Some areas where these rodent nests and droppings include:

  • Attics & Crawl Spaces
  • Basements
  • Behind Walls
  • Under Sinks
  • In Closets
  • Inside Abandoned Vehicles
  • Sheds, Garages & Other Outdoor Storage Places
  • Roofs
  • Inside Air Venting Systems
  • Closed Up Camps, Cabins, Cottages & Vacation Houses
  • At Campsites – especially near garbage bin areas
  • In Food Pantries or Other Food Storage Site
  • Near Woodpiles
  • Beside Pet Food Dishes
  • In Boats
  • Barns & Dog Houses

Some tips from biohazard cleanup & property restoration companies like Eco Bear to avoid these diseases include:

  • Air Out Closed Spaces Before Entering
  • Use Protective Clothing & Gear
  • Avoid Disturbing Nests
  • Use Mats When Camping & Avoid Sleeping on Ground
  • Keep All Food Sealed

Proper Way to Handle Contaminated Sharps

California has strict rules regarding the disposal of medical waste that includes sharps. These include needles, syringes, lab slides, and lancets. Use the proper OSHA approved red-hazard containers, and never overfill or reach into this container. Local drop-off spots are available for appropriate and safe disposal.

Dedicated Chula Vista property remediation experts like those hired by Eco Bear are happy to present the finished habitable spaces back to the owners. For more details, browse this site at any time.

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