As is the case with all of the state of California, the residents of Chula Vista are under a stay at home order as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the second week of April, the city of Chula Vista made the decision to expand and enhance stay at home enforcement protocols in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. Not only are residents being directed to stay at home except for specifically delineated activities (medical appointment, grocery shopping, and exercise that fully comply with physically distancing mandates). In addition, every effort is being made to decontaminate buildings of all types – residential, commercial, community, medical, industrial – that may have been infected by COVID-19. As will be discussed in a moment, there are two primary ways to contract COVID-19, including via contaminated surfaces in buildings. Eco Bear is the leading Chula Vista COVID-19 cleaning company. Rapid response coronavirus cleaning and disinfection can be arranged at any time of the day or night by calling (818) 358-4359.

COVID-19 Can Kill: Facts You Must Know About the Novel Coronavirus

COVID-19 is highly contagious. You can become infected by having person to person contact with an individual carrying the disease. In addition, you can become infected if you touch a surface or object contaminated by COVID-19.

There is yet to be firm data on COVID-19 fatality rates. Based on some initial analysis of the rate of infection and the number of people who have succumbed to the disease, the death rate is placed at least at 1% in the best possible scenario. It is possible that the death rate may prove to be as high as 3 to 4%. Noting these points, about 20% of individuals infected with COVID-19 will experience excruciating symptoms.

Signs You or Someone Else in Your Home or at Your Business Is Infected

The existence of what is now commonly referred to as COVID-19 was unknown until December 19. As a result, the symptoms of this type of coronavirus has been subject to some evolution. As of the early spring, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has fixed upon a list of the common symptoms of a COVID-19 infection. The CDC has also listed other symptoms that some people experience when they have a COVID-19 infection.

Before taking a look at the comprehensive list of COVID-19 symptoms, an important point needs to be made about this infectious and potentially deadly disease. In a considerable number of individuals, an infected person experiences no symptoms whatsoever. In another large block of cases, an infected individual has mild symptoms that don’t particularly impact normal routines. In the final analysis, only a relatively small percentage of people require hospitalization. With that said, for that cohort of people that end up in the hospital, the virus can be devastating and fatal.

The four most commonplace symptoms of a COVID-19 and their rate or prevalence are:

  • Fever – 88% of cases
  • Dry cough – 66% of cases
  • Fatigue – 38% of cases
  • Phlegm – 33% of cases

Fever, dry cough, and fatigue tend to have an earlier onset when it comes to individuals who suffer more significant symptoms of COVID-19 infection. The phlegm issue can develop a bit later and typically foreshadows a symptom that occurs in about 19% of cases – and it is a very serious symptom and a warning sign that hospitalization may be required. Shortness of breath can represent in a significantly negative turning point for some people with a COVID-19 infection.

Other symptoms some individuals experience with a COVID-19 infection, and associated rates of occurrence, are:

  • Joint pain – 15% of cases
  • Sore throat – 14% of cases
  • Headache – 14% of cases
  • Chills – 11% of cases
  • Runny nose – 5% of cases
  • Vomiting – 4% of cases
  • Diarrhea – 4% of cases

Comprehensive COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection

Eco Bear provides the people of Chula Vista with comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services. An independent, family-owned Chula Vista COVID-19 cleaning company, we used the latest, most effective equipment and EPA-approved medical-grade disinfecting agents to ensure that coronavirus contamination in a home, business, rental property, or other location fully is eradicated. The premises are restored to a fully safe, usable condition.

Eco Bear is committed to reasonable, transparent pricing for our biohazard and infectious disease remediation services. We provide a thorough job estimate before work begins. There are never any hidden fees. Generally, our rates are not only competitive but oftentimes 50% less than the competition.

Protect Yourself, People in Your Life, and the Community: COVID-19 Cleaning Company Chula Vista Rapid Response

At Eco Bear, we understand time is of the essence when you face a possible COVID-19 contamination at your home, business, rental property or elsewhere. You can call us around the clock, seven days a week at (818) 358-4359. Our rapid response coronavirus cleaning and disinfection team will be at your home, business, or other location promptly.