An Orange County community, Corona has a fairly rapidly growing population, currently at over 150,000 people. A number of companies have made Corona their headquarters in recent years, including Monster Beverage, the manufacturer of the highly popular beverages of the same name.

The city is divided into some very distinct neighborhoods, each with its own distinct identity.  These neighborhoods are:

  • North Corona
  • Downtown
  • North Main
  • Central Corona
  • South Corona
  • Sierra Del Oro
  • Dos Lagos
  • Coronita
  • Temescal Valley
  • Home Gardens
  • El Cerrito
  • Eagle Glen

Corona ranks as having a considerably low crime rate. Utilizing a numerical rating of crime rates nationally, Corona comes in at 10.2 on a scale that extends to 100, with 1 being the lowest rating possible. The average rating in the United States is 34.3.

Understanding that the community does have a low crime rate overall, there have been some incidents that been alarming for the residents of Corona. One of the most troubling of these cases occurred in Corona during the spring of 2018.

Mother and Toddler Found Dead in Corona Residence

On a typical Sunday in Corona, the Corona Police Department received a call from a concerned citizen. Specifically, the caller advised the police that mail had been piling up at a neighbor’s home. The caller requested the police undertake a welfare check at the residence.

The police arrived at the residence and received no response when they rang the doorbell. The entered the residence to find the bodies of a woman and a boy. Due to the state of decomposition of the remains, the police readily concluded that the woman and boy had been dead for some time. The child was no more than about two years of age.

The Riverside County Coroner joined the investigation at the scene. In addition, the Coroner performed autopsies on both deceased individuals. The Coroner, together with the police, concluded that the woman killed the toddler and then took her own life. The woman was the mother of the child.

The Aftermath of a Corona Unattended Death

The gruesome, tragic case of the mother killing her son underscores what happens in the aftermath of a murder or suicide as well as what occurs with the discovery of an unattended death. An unattended death is one in which a person typically dies alone (or in a homicide). Not only does the individual die alone, but his or her body is not discovered for a more extended period of time – days, weeks, or even months.

Because the body is not promptly discovered, the human decomposition process speeds ahead. Indeed, within two to three days after death, decomposition is already evident. In addition, potentially dangerous pathogens can be released from the decomposing body. The net effect of all of this is to render the death scene potentially hazardous.

The unattended death cleanup process is a true challenge and presents a safety risk. For these reasons, if a person faces this type of situation, he or she is wise to consult with a biohazard cleanup in Corona specialist.

The Aftermath of a Corona Murder or Suicide

Depending on the manner in which a homicide or suicide occurs, the scene of the death can be contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, and other biological materials.  As is the case with an unattended death, these bodily fluids can be contaminated with hazardous pathogens.

In the case of a murder or suicide, the recommended course to deal with the aftermath is to engage the services of a biohazard cleanup specialist. A biohazard cleanup professional will meet with the family or property owner in need of this type of assistance to explain all elements of the remediation process, including cost.

As an aside, in addition to presenting a physical risk, biohazard cleanup can also be emotionally challenging. When a person loses family member or other loved one through a death that is violent or otherwise traumatic, making the bereavement process even more emotionally challenging is unwise. Making the situation more emotionally traumatic can be avoided by hiring a biohazard cleanup professional.

Corona Grief Therapy: Individual and Group Options

Losing a family member or loved one through a sudden or violent death can result in profound grief and a torrent of other emotions. Coping with the grieving process can prove highly challenging, if not overwhelming.

In many such instances, a person is wise to seek out the assistance of an experienced Corona grief therapist. Individual grief therapy, group grief therapy, or a combination of both may prove to be an ideal course to take to deal with the bereavement process. There are some experienced, highly regarded Corona grief therapists that include:

Inland Integrated Wellness Center
817 West Grand Boulevard
Corona, California 92882
(951) 310-6224

Melissa Arrieta
1451 South Rimpau Avenue, Suite 216
Corona, California 92879
(951) 383-6540

Jennifer Jordan
624 East Grand Boulevard
Corona, California 92879
(951) 643-0741

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