The homeless crisis is growing every single day. This is easy to see in the expanding occurrences of homeless encampments all around the city. While these are simply people down on their luck or who have just fallen on hard times, the mess that they can leave behind as they move around in their transient lifestyle is very real and can be very large. They can leave everything from tents and tarps to everyday garbage and even plenty of biohazardous waste behind at these homeless encampments. That is where our service comes in.

We offer homeless encampment cleanup services for any property homeowner or manager who oversees the cleanliness of their property. We specialize in safely managing all the materials and substances that can be found in these places. This is important because everything you would think of being in a homeless encampment plus more is often leftover in these places. There is regular everyday garbage, human feces, dirty syringes, rats, fleas, and plenty of other horrible stuff is in these piles of refuse.

We specifically train our clean up professionals to identify and handle all these substances, materials, and more. Then they have been trained to safely handle and transport all of this to the correct disposal site. Whether that disposal site is the regular landfill or city dump, or a biohazardous waste disposal site where they often incinerate or otherwise safely destroy the material. This means our crew members have the expertise and experience required to safely remove all the leftover material that gets left behind as the transient population of homeless in the city move about from one encampment to another at their own whim.

There are more homeless on the streets today than there were ten or twenty years ago, and that population is sure to grow with the current economic crisis being created by the shutdown from Coronavirus. This means that the number of abandoned homeless encampments will grow in the near future, and the need for services like ours will grow along with them. So when the need arises and you find yourself in charge of the removal and cleanup of an old homeless encampment, please call us and we will come to give you a fair and proper quote for getting rid of the camp and removing every trace of its existence from your property.

Our services are thorough, and we leave nothing behind once finished with our work. We take care of all the big materials like tents, tarps, mattresses, sleeping bags, piles of donated clothing, and much more, first. During the process of removing all the bulk material, we next find all the major hazards to human health and safety and prepare a safe plan of action for its proper removal. This step includes removal of all the human waste and feces, used syringes, dead rodents, razor blades, anything with bodily fluids in or on it, and much more very hazardous waste. This step is where our professional expertise is vital to the safe cleanup of one of these sites and why we strongly suggest against anyone attempting to do the cleanup on their own, without the proper training or experience required to do it safely and properly.

As our last stage of cleanup, we sanitize the area, once all the material has been separated and loaded up for its various disposal destinations. This step can include pressure washing of concrete or other surfaces, spraying for bugs in the area including ants, bedbugs, fleas, and other pests that make a home in these unclean piles of stuff, and finally preparing areas to be painted over by painting crews and other professionals who follow us up in the refinement process of returning the area of your property to its original glory. The goal is to make the area ready for renovating crews to come in behind us and repair all the damage to landscaping, paint walls or remove graffiti paint from walls, and even installing new barriers and deterrents to keep another homeless individual from setting up a new camp in the area. But that is up to you what steps to take towards the prevention of future encampments. Our job is to simply remove the present sites and return the property to how it looked before they built a temporary home in that location.

There are other areas where our team has been professionally trained, and one of those includes the safe handling of the scene itself. This is important because other local homeless can sometimes get upset at the removal of one of their fellow homeless’ homes and can cause trouble during cleanup. Our professional crews are great at making the scene stay safe and run smoothly from start to finish with as little interference as possible in the process of eliminating the encampment from that site. They are also minor pest control specialists who know how to identify the presence of bugs and/or animals in order to safely handle the material and know what to treat for in the last stages of cleanup. There are numerous areas of specialty that are involved in the cleanup of a homeless encampment. So many, in fact, that our crews take on a vast number of hours training and retraining to learn all the latest techniques and processes for handling all the unique items, materials, and substances which they face while removing an encampment from your property. Our professional crew members take on this responsibility for training with a smile and keep that smile through the entire process of eliminating the encampment from existence on any site.

In the end, we leave you with your property looking as close to the way it did before they set the camp up in that location. We aim to completely put things back the way they were before, but sometimes the damage requires other professional craftsmen to repair or rebuild the structure, infrastructure, and even replanting by landscapers to return the foliage to its original glory. What we leave you with is an area ready for repair and rebuild. A clean slate for other craftsmen to build upon is what we strive to create, and we do not stop until we reach our goal.