The city of Dana Point has adopted as its motto: “harboring the good life.” Dana Point does have one of only a few harbors along the Orange County coast. It is also a popular destination for surfers. The city currently has a population of about 35,000 residents.

The Golden State Killer is Connected to Dana Point

California’s most infamous unsolved case involving a suspected serial killer appeared to be solved after decades without any progress. The case of this serial killer appears to have been solved with the arrest of a 72-year old man who is now believed to be the Golden State Killer. He is also thought to be the East Bay Rapist, and the Original Night Stalker. The resolution of the case has a direct connection to murders in Dana Point.

Joseph James DeAngelo is believed to have raped more than 45 women and to have killed at least a dozen people during his reign of terror. The alleged crimes committed by DeAngelo include the murders of Dana Point residents Keith and Patrice Harrington. As of now, the Harringtons are believed to be the first people murdered by DeAngelo in what would become a murderous career that would last for years.

Thus far, the Orange County District Attorney has charged DeAngelo with four homicides, including the murders of the Harringtons of Dana Point. The brother of Keith Harrington, Bruce Harrington, has been a leader in pushing for a resolution of the case since the murders of his family members. Indeed, Bruce Harrington was instrumental in pushing for a change in the California DNA collection law. In the end, it was the change in the state’s DNA law that played a key role in identifying DeAngelo as the Golden State Killer. Upon the arrest of DeAngelo, Bruch Harrington summed up the feelings of many people who lost loved ones, or who were harmed directly by, DeAngelo. Bruce Harrington stated: “Sleep soundly tonight. (DeAngelo’s) now in jail and he’s history.”

The murders of Keith and Patrice Harrington, and the impact the killings had on the life of Keith’s brother Bruce help to illustrate the crushing emotions and immense challenges that are faced by people who lose loved ones suddenly. This includes people who lose loved ones not only a homicide but through suicide, accidents, and other types of sudden, tragic deaths.

The Aftermath of a Traumatic or Violent Death in Dana Point

Criminal cases of different types remain unsolved in Dana Point, and elsewhere in California. The lack of resolution and the inability to garner some sense of finality can prove extremely challenging for family members and other loved ones who lose a loved one to homicide. There are also instances in which survivors of suicide never really understand why a loved one takes his or her life.

The grief and bereavement process following the unexpected, violent death of a family member or another loved one can be profound. Indeed, oftentimes the only way to maneuver through this type of traumatic grief is with the professional assistance of a therapist or counselor.

Other issues that arise following the death of a loved one by homicide or suicide can make the level of grief even more unmanageable. Planning a funeral under these circumstances can be challenging. Facing the prospect of cleaning up the scene of a traumatic death can prove to be overwhelming. Loved ones of a person lost to homicide or suicide should not add this virtually inconceivable burden to their lives. Rather, they should seek assistance from a professional biohazard cleanup company in Dana Point.

Professional Biohazard Cleanup in Dana Point

A biohazard cleanup professional in Dana Point can address the horrific aftermath of a violent murder or suicide by firearm or knife. This includes ensuring that any biohazardous waste is not only fully remediated or eliminated but that the cleanup process is undertaken in a safe manner. The reality is that when blood or other bodily fluids are present, individuals who come into contact with these biological materials run the risks of exposure to dangerous pathogens like:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • MRSA

Individual and Group Grief Therapy in Dana Point

In addition to not having to go it alone when it comes to biohazard cleanup in Dana Point, an individual who loses a loved one suddenly need not struggle to address the associated profound grief without help. There are seasoned, compassionate Dana Point grief therapists who’ve experience in working with individuals faced with traumatic grief, significant depression, anxiety, and PTSD:

34052 La Plaza Drive, Suite 107
Dana Point, California 92629
(949) 829-2979

Catherin Snyder-Tarr
32565 Golden Lantern Street, Suite B
Dana Point, California 92629
(602) 405-3654

Beach Cities Psychological Clinic
24681 La Plaza, Suite 370
Dana Point, California 92629
(949) 899-5790

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