There you are, minding your own business in your home when you hear two people shouting next door. You think nothing of it and go back to whatever you were doing only to then hear the sounds of gunshots and breaking glass. You are startled and go to investigate, only to discover a male stranger is laying dead on your part of the property, likely shot by the woman you see shakily grasping a gun with lowered hands and staring down at the man. The man’s blood is emptying his body and spread along the grass and driveway of your property. After calling out to the woman to see if she is alright, you realize that both your home and hers have become crime scenes. While you cannot do anything about the man’s body until the police can at least make an outline, you are going to need someone who knows how to get rid of the blood, viscera and other biohazards that a dead body can leave behind. This is why you look up a crime scene cleaning company in Dana Point, California.

The Stats

With a safety rating of just 36%, Dana Point is one of the less safe cities in the state of California. A safety rating gauges of how crime-ridden a city is and a rating of 36% means that 64%, more than half of all other cities on the planet, is a safer place to live, visit and work than Dana Point, California.

Despite the high crime rate, the vast majority of crimes committed in Dana Point have been property-related, rather than violent. Out of the 576 crimes committed in the last year, 507 were property-related. When looking at the overall crime rate, Dana Point has a rate of 17.08 crimes per 1,000 residents (2.05 violent and 15.03 property-related).

The chance of being victimized in a violent crime within Dana Point, California is less than half as likely as the state average (1 in 489 vs 1 in 224). The majority of crimes committed in Dana Point are assaults, followed distantly by robbery and then sexual assault; murder does not even register. When you take all of these facts and figures into account, it makes sense why you might want to look up a crime scene cleaning company in Dana Point, California.

Why Hire a Professional?

Crime scenes come in many varieties and this also means that there are all sorts of substances, be they chemical, biological or “other,” than can pose a threat to people in the area. Furthermore, some crime scenes can be rendered so hazardous or heavily soiled from the inciting incident that it becomes a fool’s errand for a single person to try and clean them up.

Common Health Hazards of a Crime Scene

While the discovery of an improvised meth lab is more than enough of a health hazard on its own, there are several other potential problems that need to be cleaned up around a crime scene.

For instance, one in every 24 individuals, just over 4%, of Americans have Hepatitis, B, C or even HIV. Hepatitis C is the most common of these ailment, having affected nearly 4 million people. Hepatitis C mainly develops after blood-to-blood contact incurring from using needles or badly sterilized medical equipment. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacterium known to have infected at least 1.6 million, most of whom have open wounds, weakened immune systems or rely upon catheters. There are around 1.4 cases of Hepatitis B and 1.1 million cases of HIV in the United States.

When something happens, people tend to think that you can just take a hose to the problem and wash away all the blood. Other people think that bleach is the ultimate cure-all and will just empty out a bottle over the area to be thorough. These are both dangerous delusions. Every scenario is unique and anyone who works for a crime scene cleaning company in Dana Point, California has not only the training but the equipment necessary for cleaning and purifying a crime scene of any and all biohazards.

Most bloodborne pathogens can survive for a considerable amount of time in the open.

  • HIV-positive blood can remain a problem for 4 weeks.
  • Hepatitis B can remain an issue for 7 days. Hepatitis C dies off a bit more quickly at 4 days.
  • MRSA can linger on surfaces for months.

Anyone who works for a crime scene cleaning company has access to the sort of enzymes that can dissolve all of the nastiness a crime scene can contain, including the pathogens mentioned above. They are also more than capable of safely disposing any sort of contaminated trash like glass shards, drug bags and needles.

These professionals understand the importance of their job and know that cleaning a crime scene greatly helps the mental state of the people directly affected by that scene’s existence. “The cleaner said that he destroyed every trace of that nastiness, so I can go back to my normal life” is one of the most common thoughts people have after a cleaner properly does his job. In cases where the crime scene happened in a public space, the cleaner’s work means that people can go back to using that area without worry. Far fewer people are willing to go into an area like a public park after an altercation between known drug-users if the only news they hear is that park services had someone mop up what got splattered over some benches than when that same incident is handled by a crime scene cleaning company in Dana Point, California.