The moniker Desert Hot Springs is utterly fitting to the community. The city, with a population approaching 30,000, is home to the largest number of mineral hot springs found anywhere in the United States. Interestingly, it is also the only spot in the nation that features both hot and cold mineral springs. In addition, the springs in this community do not have the sulfur odor commonly associated with these waters.

Although Desert Hot Springs is a vibrant, lovely community, there are instances when something goes awry in the city. For example, there are situations in which the need arises for biohazard cleanup in Desert Hot Springs.  The most common situations in which the necessity of biohazard cleanup in Desert Hot Springs arise are:

  • Homicide
  • Suicide
  • Unattended death
  • Rat infestation and rat droppings

Valentine’s Day Homicide in Desert Hot Springs

The homicide rate in Desert Hot Springs is low. With that said, there have been alarming homicides in the community. One of the more recent ones is the Valentine’s Day homicide in Desert Hot Springs.

In this case, the Desert Hot Springs Police Department reported that man traveled from Los Angeles to the city with murder on his mind – or so it seems. The police have been a bit circumspect in discussing the case publicly.

In any event, the LA man drove to a residence in Desert Hot Springs. Upon arriving at the home, the man opened fire, killing a man and causing life-threatening injuries to a woman. The man from LA then drove back to Los Angeles. He was arrested in fairly short speed.

The police and coroner declared a crime scene and investigated. The body of the fatally shot man was taken to the coroner’s office for forensic examination. Once investigators finished their examination of the crime scene, the released the property.

When a crime scene is released in this manner, it becomes the responsibility of the owner of the property or the family of the deceased to undertake biohazard cleanup. The risk exists that blood at the scene of a homicide could contain dangerous pathogens, viruses or bacteria that can cause serious or even fatal diseases. This reality underscores the need to retain a professional biohazard cleanup specialist.

Infamous Suicide in Desert Hot Springs

One of the most notorious suicides in Desert Hot Springs involved a former member of the Desert Hot Springs Police Department who took her life by shooting herself in the head. The woman had been involved in a lawsuit against her fellow officers and the police department. In her lawsuit, she contended that her fellow officers had intimidated and harassed her after she reported some of her colleagues for use of excessive force to federal investigators. After she died, her family took up her lawsuit.

A suicide involving a firearm represents another situation in which professional biohazard cleanup in Desert Hot Springs is highly recommended. The same types of risk of exposure biohazards discussed a moment ago can exist. In addition, the emotional trauma of losing a loved one to suicide need not be further aggravated by having family members take a hands-on approach to suicide or biohazard cleanup.

Unattended Death Cleanup in Desert Hot Springs

Another dreadful situation in which biohazard cleanup in Desert Hot springs may be necessary is when an unattended death occurs. An unattended death is one in which a person dies and his or her remains are not discovered for what can be a significant period of time – days, weeks or even months.

As a result of the human decomposition process, within a few days following the death, a body begins to release fluids and gases which can contain dangerous pathogens. Engaging the services of a skilled, experienced biohazard cleanup specialist is highly advisable. This type of professional ensures the safe, thorough, and comprehensive remediation of dangerous biohazards and return of a contaminated space to a fully usable condition.

Rat Infestation and Rat Droppings

The eateries in Desert Hot Springs typically get solid ratings when it comes to compliance with the health code. Indeed, the vast majority of eateries throughout the Coachella Valley garner A grades for health code compliance. Only 8 percent failed unannounced health inspections.

The presence of rat infestation and rat droppings can prove to be a major health code violation in Desert Hot Springs. Rat droppings have the potential to carry serious viruses, including the potentially fatal Hantavirus.

If you encounter an eatery that may have a health code related issue, you can report your concerns to the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health by calling (760) 863-8287 or (760) 320-1048. You also can fill out and submit a complaint form at

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