If you’re looking for a crime scene cleaning company in Desert Hot Springs, you probably realize that there’s a lot involved in the process. A crime scene cleaning company is responsible for cleaning up rooms, open areas, and other sites where crimes or violent incidents have taken place. Although the term “crime scene” implies that a crime must have taken place, the term has a much broader definition for crime scene cleaners. To these cleaners, a crime scene refers to any place a death or violent event has taken place. Incidents like homicides, suicides, natural deaths, and work accidents all fall underneath the “crime scene” umbrella.

When we arrive at a crime scene, our mission is to go into the site and thoroughly clean, disinfect, and sanitize the space, removing all evidence of the incident so that the inhabitants of the space can move back in and proceed with their lives.

What’s the Difference Between Hiring a Crime Scene Cleaning Company and Hiring a Regular Cleaning Company?

When you’re dealing with a crime scene, you can’t simply hire a regular cleaning company. Even the top cleaning companies in an area are not equipped to handle the type of cleaning that needs to take place at a crime scene. Crime scene cleaning companies have mandated rules and protocols set by agencies like OSHA and the EPA that ensure that the cleaning that takes place gets rid of all dangerous and biohazardous material at the site. 

Another key fact about crime scene cleaning companies is that employees go through intense training courses in order to make sure that they’re providing the very best and most thorough cleaning. Many of these professionals even take part in continuing education classes so that they’re up-to-date with the latest crime scene cleaning techniques.

When cleaning a crime scene, the experts need to wear special clothing that will help prevent them from elements that could harm them like bloodborne pathogens. Bloodborne pathogens cause disease by being transferred from bio-hazardous waste like blood or tissue into living tissue. A regular cleaning company would not have the tools necessary to get rid of those pathogens and prevent spread from happening.

What Types of Incidents Should Crime Scene Cleaning Companies Be Called in For?

There are several instances where it makes sense to call in a crime scene cleaning company. Some of those times include the following.


Homicides are most often caused by some type of violence. This usually results in a crime scene filled with blood, human tissue, human waste, and other bodily fluids. The aftermath can be extremely traumatizing for survivors. The last thing they’ll even be thinking about is cleaning up the site themselves. Our company can come in and handle all of the difficult responsibilities.


Suicide are committed by both violent and non-violent means. It’s pretty clear why a crime scene cleaning company should be used if the method of suicide was violent, but nonviolent methods of suicide also often require professional crime scene cleaning services. Nonviolent suicidal methods like overdoses may seem to be pretty straightforward, but people who pass away this way are often not found for days or even longer. When this happens, decomp sets in. Once decomp sets in, you’re dealing with a biohazard situation.

Meth Lab Cleanup

Meth labs are some of the most toxic environments in the drug world. They’re filled to the brim with chemicals and other elements that are ready to explode at the drop of a match. In addition to the flammability factor, meth is also a highly dangerous and toxic substance to inhale. Simply inhaling even a little bit of it could cause extreme respiratory distress. It’s absolutely crucial that facilities like meth labs are scoured, cleaned, and decontaminated by professional crime scene cleaners. They have the tools, machines, and equipment necessary to clean the spaces so that they’re once again safe for human occupancy. 

What Types of Equipment Do Crime Scene Cleaners Use?

Crime scene cleaners have a lot of great items at their disposal. These items can range from the gear that they wear to the tools that they use.

Ozone Generator Machine 

An ozone generator machine is probably the most important tool that a crime scene cleaner uses when it comes to removing odor from a site. This machine destroys the microorganisms that cause the odor by allowing the ozone to follow the same path that the vapors from the crime scene traveled. The ozone gas is then able to target and eliminate the source of the smell. The length of the time that the machine will be used will be dependent on how intense the odor is.

PPE gear

 The PPE gear that the crime scene cleaners use makes all the difference in the world when it comes to safely cleaning a crime scene. From bodysuits to gloves to goggles, the PPE gear will help keep our cleaners safe from any of the biohazardous material that’s on site, including diseases like HIV, cholera, and other highly infectious pathogens. 

Special Equipment

Our team has all sorts of specialized cleaning equipment at their disposal. This includes everything from scrubbing brushes that can reach hard-to-reach areas to sprayers that can spray down liquid and matter that’s on the highest walls. We even have wet vacuums that allow our cleaners to employ no-touch cleaning systems when necessary. This equipment allows our cleaners to access even the most hard-to-reach areas of a crime scene while simultaneously protecting them. 

We understand. A crime scene isn’t just a space that needs to be cleaned up. it’s a space where a horrific incident took place that has a lasting effect on the survivors. Our goal is to return the space to usability so that people can begin the process of moving on with their li