Fountain Valley is regarded as one of several commuter communities located in Orange County. The city consists of numerous residential neighborhoods that are home to people who commute to other locales for employment. Fountain Valley currently has a population approaching 60,0000 people.

Fountain Valley is home to a fairly diverse population, that includes individuals in a different age and marital demographic groups. Although there are a good many families in the community, there are also people in their Golden Years who live alone.

One of the true tragedies that can occur when an elderly person is consigned to living alone is dying an unattended death. What an unattended death means is that a person passes away from any one of a number of different causes and that individual’s remains are not discovered for what can prove to be an extended period of time. When it comes to a Fountain Valley unattended death, a deceased person might not be found for multiple days, weeks, or even months. Common causes of unattended deaths include:

  • Accident
  • Disease
  • Homicide
  • Suicide

The Human Body Following an Unattended Death

If the remains of a deceased individual are not immediately attended to, the human decomposition process continues apace. In fact, the human decomposition process technically commences the moment a person dies.

At the foundation of the human decomposition process are bacteria that naturally are found in a living person. Indeed, these bacteria are beneficial and are vital to the proper functioning of the body.

When a person dies, and blood stops flowing, these bacteria no longer have a sourced of nutrients. Thus, they start to attack and consume the body itself. Initially, this process begins at what fairly can be described as a frantic pace in the pancreas and the intestines. After a couple of days, these organs essentially become putrefied and the bacteria spread throughout the body, furthering the decomposition process.

This process ultimately releases dangerous biological pathogens into the area surrounding the remains. These pathogens are contained in blood, bodily fluids, and other materials that seep out of the body during the decomposition process. They are also found in a myriad of different gasses that likewise escape from the body as it decomposes.

Unattended Remains and a Homeless Person From Fountain Valley

The effects of decomposition are further illustrated by a truly odd case involving a Fountain Valley homeless woman. Another woman met this homeless individual in a park in Fountain Valley. The individual owned a car and told the homeless woman that she was free to sleep in the vehicle. The homeless woman accepted the offer.

Not long after, the homeless woman died in the car from natural causes. Foul play was not involved. Nonetheless, the owner of the car feared she somehow might get in trouble and did nothing about the deceased woman in the vehicle. Ultimately, a stench was reported and law enforcement officials discovered the remains of the homeless woman in the car.

Biohazard Cleanup in Fountain Valley Following an Unattended Death

A situation of a person dying in his or her home of an unattended death, and the situation involving the homeless woman who died and was left in a car, help to illustrate what happens in regard to biohazard cleanup in Fountain Valley. Once these types of deaths are discovered, Fountain Valley Police Department and the Orange County Coroner are called to the scene.

After investigating the scene and removing the remains for forensic examination and an autopsy, the police and coroner release the premises to the owner. Typically, these are family members. Family members are then left with the task of undertaking the cleanup of the scene.

Already overwhelmed by the trauma of finding a loved one who died an unattended death, the added burden of a family undertaking the cleanup of the scene is not recommended. The added emotional trauma is not something these individuals should assume. Rather, they should seek the assistance of a professional in biohazard cleanup in Fountain Valley.

Another reason why a biohazard cleanup in Fountain Valley specialist should be engaged in safety. Such a professional has the experience, resources, and equipment to safely remediate a biohazardous situation without being exposed to dangerous biological pathogens.

Grief Therapy and Emotional Support in Fountain Valley

Following the unattended death of a loved one, as well as after a suicide or homicide, the bereavement process can be highly challenging. There are Fountain Valley grief therapists that can assist in the process. These professionals can assist both individual and group therapy. Grief therapists in Fountain Valley include:

Karen Allen
9550 Warner Avenue, Suite 227
Fountain Valley, California 92708
(714) 786-5152

Orange Coast Psychological Associates, P.C.
10061 Talbert Avenue, Suite 200
Fountain Valley, California 92708
(714) 643-8386

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