Fountain Valley is a beautiful suburban community in Orange County, California. With a population of 55,313 as of the 2010 census, Fountain Valley is relatively small compared to other areas in Orange County. But, it certainly does not lose any character or lack activities to keep its residents occupied. In addition to a bustling economy and great educational opportunities, Fountain Valley has miles of green space. Mile Square Regional Park is an expansive recreation area with two lakes, a golf course and a 20-acre nature preserve with California-native plants. If the beach is more your style, Huntington State Beach and Huntington Pier are within close proximity to Fountain Valley, and locals and tourists alike enjoy the relaxation and water sports all-year round. Families with young kids, young professionals and even retirees all agree that Fountain Valley is an incredible place to live.

Fountain Valley continues to grow in population exponentially. As more people migrate out of pricier Los Angeles, housing in Fountain Valley is becoming more in-demand. But, with more development and lower housing costs, Fountain Valley has also seen a rise in something else: property hoarding. Property hoarding isn’t always noticeable, and many are surprised by who it affects. Residents may not even see the invisible consequences of hoarding until it is right at their front doorstep. But property hoarding can be detrimental to an area’s growth, and calls for necessary support. 

Hoarding Explained

It is extremely important to note that hoarding is not a choice. It is a medical disorder, as diagnosed by the Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic characterizes hoarding as having “persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them.” This persistent need to save to clutter causes excessive buildups in the home and disruptions in normal life functions. Hoarding is usually not collecting items for display or appreciation. Hoarders often collect items without prior thought and save them for excessive periods of time. Unfortunately, hoarding can have dire consequences that may even become life-threatening. Hoarding may also cause dangerous fire hazards and insect and rodent infestations, which can introduce disease. And, perhaps the most damaging is what hoarding can do to the hoarder’s personal relationships with friends and family, who may feel a constant strain. 

Is Hoarding an Issue in Fountain Valley, CA?

Hoarding is, surprisingly, very common throughout the entire world, and affects thousands of people every year. As Fountain Valley is an extremely popular place to live and attracts many new residents, property hoarding may also become more common in the area. It is unknown what exactly causes a hoarder to develop their disorder. Sometimes, it is due to a traumatic event, such as the death of a family member or other loss. Other time it is a combination of several brain deficiencies. Some other common symptoms are reported as: 

Enduring difficulty giving away or throwing out items.

Items block and clutter a space until the resident cannot move freely. 

The Need for a Professional Property Hoarder Company

Due to the sheer gravity of property hoarding, many family members of hoarders find they cannot help the person on their own. Often, many hoarders do not want to disclose the extent of the problem due to shame, and they may not even believe that they have a problem. Hoarding over the span of several years can cause severe clutter accumulation that that family members are simply not equipped to clean on their own. Property hoarding also requires medical grade sanitization materials that regular homeowners do not have access to. If you or a loved one is facing property hoarding, the best recommended course of action is to consult a both a psychologist and a professional hoarder property cleaning company. 

There are five levels of hoarding, with 1 being fairly mild and 5 classifying the house as completely inhabitable. The professional property hoarding company will determine the level after an initial analyzation. There are also several scenarios that hoarding may look like. These include a thorough, deep cleaning of the residence while the hoarder lives there, entering and cleaning the residence after a hoarder passes away and cleaning animal-based hoarder. No matter what, the proffesonial company will always seek the approval of the hoarder before starting. This is crucial, as otherwise the hoarder may object and both the entire cleanup and healing processes will be delayed. 

To begin the process of de-cluttering a hoarder’s property, a professional company will analyze the presence of all biohazard materials. These need to be removed immediately, even if the hoarder objects, as they pose a significant health threat to both the hoarder and everyone in the house. Removal will only happen with the proper tools in place, such as gloves and a mask. Animal hoarding is also a common extension of property hoarding. This can deliver a new host of biohazard threats, including animal defection, and unfortunately, animal carcasses. Because these challenges are above what a normal resident can take on, the professional assistance of a hoarder property cleanup company is necessary. A professional company is both experienced and ready to help this situation. In addition, a substantial cleaning will hopefully inspire the hoarder to make an actionable change for themselves and their loved ones. 

How To Move on From Property Hoarding

Every possible hoarding situation needs to be treated with care and sensitivity. Often, there may be several underlying root causes that trigger someone’s hoarding tendencies, like depression, anxiety or general trauma. There are many licensed psychologists in Fountain Valley who specialize in property hoarding if you or a loved one is considering seeking support.