We are living through a troublesome, unprecedented time. COVID-19 has kept its iron grip on Hawthorne, the larger California area, and the rest of the United States for months now. The pandemic that has swept the nation has turned Hawthorne into a ghost town. Its once joyful, neighborly streets are quiet, and our local retail community has shut down. 

As we all band together to observe the stay at home order, we are still left struggling to keep our homes and city clean enough to eradicate COVID-19. That is why we at Eco Bear have stepped forward to lead and care for Hawthorne and the larger California area in this time of great need and fear. 

Eco Bear is a woman-owned, veteran-led small business with years of specialized and trusted experience in biohazard cleanup. We know that these times require new levels of leadership and cooperation, and we have taken swift and decisive action to inform the public and treat this virus through specialized services and resources. 

COVID-19: The Big Picture and What It Means for Your Safety

The virus has been widely misunderstood throughout its spread because it is a new illness that is so highly contagious. There are over 26,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in California alone, and there was a significant rise in the diagnoses and deaths recently. All of us are susceptible to contracting it. Of the 26,000 confirmed cases, over 12,000 of them are in citizens ages 18-49, and over half of them are in people ages 50 and up. 

While many of us will not feel the impact of this illness, our elderly, immunocompromised, and chronically ill are much more likely to experience severe or fatal symptoms. It is a virus that has had vastly differing effects on people, and we must all help those most who are most vulnerable to stay safe and recover. 

All of the undiagnosed and asymptomatic cases are causing people to spread the virus through our essential businesses and public spaces unknowingly. This only warrants more aggressive preventative measures and precautions. 

How to Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Your Business

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stresses that there is no cure for COVID-19. There are no vaccines, no medications, and no methods of slowing the virus’s toll once contracted. 

What we can do is practice social distancing and disinfect, sanitize, and clean our homes, businesses, rental properties, and public spaces. That is the only way to eliminate Coronavirus contaminants. How can you do this with such limited cleaning resources available right now? What is the best way to do this without putting yourself at risk? Let us do what we do best: remedy the most hazardous and infectious situations with professionalism, thoroughness, and efficiency. 

Eco Bear Hawthorne COVID-19 Cleaning Company: We Will Make You Safe

Our culture, economy, and families are suffering short-term and long-term effects from COVID-19. We are a family-owned business with roots in the California community. We live where we work. California has indeed been hit hard, and we feel the pain and loss in our local communities very profoundly. It is this loss that continues to drive our passion and commitment to make our community safe and whole again. 

Because disinfection and sanitation are some of the only ways of combating the continued spread of Coronavirus, Eco Bear takes our responsibility as a leading biohazard cleaning company seriously. 

We have a 24/7 COVID-19 helpline that you can call, day or night, with the confidence that we will be on-site immediately with specialized gear in hand. If you fear that you have a COVID-19 contamination in your home, business, or rental property, you can call us at (818) 358-4359. We also have treatment and contact information regarding COVID-19 on our Hawthorne COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Services page

We use the highest quality sanitation and disinfection materials, the most advanced technology, and durable protective gear. We eradicate contaminants from your home so that you can feel safe again. We have years of experience in guiding our community and clients through difficult situations with respect, kindness, and efficiency. 

We are also committed to making these life-saving services accessible and affordable to everyone. Our rates are typically 50% lower than our competitors. We understand that we are helping our neighbors, friends, and the broader community recover from an unsettling and historic crisis. 

If you fear that you have a COVID-19 contamination in your home, business, or rental property, call us today and let us make you feel safe again. 

Let’s defeat COVID-19 once and for all.