Hawthorne has experienced an uptick in its growth rate in the past five years. Hawthorne has a population approaching 90,000.

Hawthorne definitely is a city looking to the future, which is one of the reasons why its population has been increasing. For example, Hawthorne is home to SpaceX, the aerospace manufacturer, and space transportation services company founded and primarily owned by Elon Musk.

Despite the fact that Hawthorne is the center of major space technology, the community is not without the kinds of problems that have plagued communities for centuries, and literally so in some instances. For example, rat infestation is a 21st-century problem in Hawthorne

Hawthorne Bistro Shuttered for Rat Infestation, Presence of Droppings

Las Brisas Restaurant has been a relatively popular restaurant in Hawthorne. It is located at:

Las Brisas Restaurant
11828 Hawthorne Boulevard
Hawthorne, California 90250
(310) 970-1380

Recently, La Brisas failed a health department inspection, which resulted in the establishment being shut down, at least on a temporary basis. Provided the restaurant address the violation issues appropriately, the closure is temporary.

The primary reason this eatery was closed is that a health department inspector found evidence of rodent infestation at the restaurant. This included rat droppings found in the kitchen, in food storage areas and elsewhere. Other health code violations included;

  • Improper food holding temperatures
  • Inadequate hand washing facilities
  • Lack of proper permits
  • Permit suspension
  • Inadequate lighting and ventilation

While many of the violations enumerated by inspectors are serious, there exist significant reasons why the matter of rat infestation and rat droppings tops the list. Rats can carry disease. In addition, rats themselves can be riddled with fleas that also carry disease. Noting this, what really snagged the attention of health inspectors in regard to this Hawthorne restaurant was the presence of not just fresh rat droppings but old, dry ones.

The initial response to the presence of old, dry rat droppings oftentimes is a conclusion that a business fails to clean up regularly. While there may be some truth to that conclusion, it is not the real danger represented by old, dry rat droppings.

Old and dry rat droppings can contain viruses, like the dangerous and potentially deadly hantavirus. These types of rat droppings crumble when touched, as happens when someone tries to sweep them up. When rat droppings crumble, dust containing viruses can be released into the air, can be breathed in by people, resulting in an infection.

Proper Rat Droppings Cleanup

The Las Brisas Restaurant was required to undertake proper rat droppings cleanup before health inspectors would consider allowing the eatery to reopen. There are rat droppings cleanup specialists that work with restaurants to properly eradicate rat droppings and remediate the risk of viruses. These same types of biohazard cleanup specialists also work with other types of Hawthorne businesses, as well as area homeowners, to safely and thoroughly address rat droppings cleanup.

Ultimately, Las Brisas Restaurant in Hawthorne did address the various violations at the eatery. In the end, health inspectors permitted the establishment to open its doors to patrons.

How to Find Restaurants in Violation of Health Code

The Los Angeles County Health Public Health Department maintains a search tool you can use to find restaurants and other establishments in Hawthorne that are facing or have faced health code violations. These establishments, of course, include restaurants. However, they also include grocery stores, convenience stores, other retailers, and even Hawthorne pools.

The search tool is user-friendly. You need only click on the search tool link provided. Once at the website, type in “Hawthorne” in the search bar and you will receive a comprehensive list of establishes in the city facing or have faced, health code violation notices.

You can find out more about a particular business and violation by clicking on the link provided with each individually identified violation. The detailed information provides a list of each element of the health code violated by a business. Information is also provided as to whether a particular violation is considered major or minor.

Information about an establishment’s closure is also available. Restaurants and other establishments typically are not closed for a minor violation, particularly if a business has had a decent track record when it comes to health code compliance.

The same cannot be said of many major code violations, particularly if an establishment has had ongoing issues with health code compliance. At least a temporary suspension is likely to occur in such a situation, pending an establishment getting back into health code compliance. Ultimately, is an establishment continues to accumulate code violations it can be closed permanently.

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