Looking for a crime scene cleaning company in Hawthorne, California may feel a bit overwhelming, challenging, and something that you really don’t want to do. Crime scene cleanup covers spaces where deaths and/or traumatic accidents have taken place, including violent deaths, homicides, suicides, industrial or work accidents, and natural deaths. Anyone who’s looking for the service knows that it has to be done, but knowing this fact doesn’t make seeking out help lany easier.

At Eco Bear, we’re here to make things easier for you. We can handle every single part of the crime scene cleanup process so that you can focus on healing. Dealing with the aftermath of a crime scene is traumatic enough. By working with a company like Eco Bear, you’ll be working with a company that can clean, sanitize, disinfect, and restore your space to the state that it was in before the incident.

What Is Crime Scene Cleaning?

Crime scene cleaning is the type of cleaning that takes place at a site where a traumatic event or incident has taken place. That event could be a murder, a suicide, an accident, or even a natural death. Crime scene cleaning doesn’t necessarily have to take place at what most people consider “crime scenes”. The term simply refers to a particularly stringent and rigorous form of cleaning that includes ridding a site of biohazardous waste that can cause disease. Biohazardous waste is blood, body tissue, bodily fluids, or any other type of contagious matter. With crime scene cleaning, a crime scene or trauma site is completely cleansed, sanitized and deodorized so that it’s once again safe for human habitation. 

What Types of Tools Do Crime Scene Cleaners Use?

In order to make a crime scene extremely clean, our crime team uses special tools and gear that help them completely sanitize and purify the space.

Special Containers

Biohazardous waste can be extremely contagious, possibly loaded with disease-spreading pathogens. This means that any waste we collect at the crime scene site needs to be packaged up and stored away securely and properly. We have special containers and bins that we use to store and hold the biohazardous waste until those bins and containers can be carried away for proper disposal.

PPE Gear

Our teams are outfitted with OSHA-approved PPE (personal protective equipment) gear. That gear works by sealing off our workers and protecting them from any contaminants that they come into contact with during crime scene cleanup. Some of the gear that they wear includes full bodysuits, boots that repel chemical spills, goggles, face shields, and shoe covers. This gear is disposable, so once it’s used at a crime scene, it’s thrown away. This is to help prevent contamination spread between different crime scenes or the transfer of pathogens to clean spaces.

OSHA-Approved Cleaners

The crime scenes we service end up thoroughly clean and sanitized because of the types of cleaners that we use. Our OSHA and EPA-approved cleaners, solvents, disinfectants, and deodorizers rid crime sites of every type of biohazardous waste. They’re effective against pathogens that could cause disease like HIV and HBV.

What Happens at the End of Crime Scene Cleanup?

When crime scene cleaning is finally done, we take all of the bins, bags, and storage containers filled with the biohazardous material and transport them to a medical biohazardous waste facility. Per state and health agency regulations, the containers will be properly labeled so that they are easily identifiable. Once at the facility, the biohazardous materials will be completely destroyed. 

How Much Does Crime Scene Clean-Up Actually Cost?

Every crime scene is different, so the costs relating to crime scene cleanup will vary from site to site. Before figuring out costs, we’ll need to look at how big the cleanup site is. We’ll also take into account how much biohazardous waste there is that needs to be cleaned as well as how many containers and bins will need to be transported and disposed of. Other factors that can affect pricing are things like tough removal of certain types of matter, heavy, lingering odors, or deep down stains that are difficult to remove from porous materials. 

If you’re concerned about costs, you could reach out to your home insurance company and find out if crime scene cleaning is something that’s covered in your policy. This type of coverage varies from policy to policy, and not every insurance policy covers it, so it’s something that you really need to reach out to your insurance company to find out.

We understand that crime scene cleaning is tough. There are a lot of emotions involved when a traumatic accident or crime may have taken place. Give us a call if you have any questions about how to move forward. We’re always available to chat.