The City of Hidden Hills provides an apt, accurate description of the community:

Our 2,000 residents enjoy a city that has preserved a country way of life that has nearly vanished from the surrounding communities of Southern California. Its bucolic atmosphere is enhanced by its absence of sidewalks and street lights and its presence of white three-rail fences and bridle trails. The City’s beautiful and peaceful ambiance make it a treasured rural component of Los Angeles County and is one example of small-town Southern California living at its finest.

Writing in City of Quartz, Mike Davis described Hidden Hills as being aNorman Rockwell painting behind high-security walls.” The way to best understand Hidden Hills is that the entire area is a fully gated town.

The town is filled with some of the most extraordinary mansions in all of Los Angeles. In addition, Hidden Valley is home to a number of celebrities, including all of the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Other celebrities that call Hidden Valley Home to include:

  • Miley Cyrus
  • Drake
  • Lee Ann Rimes
  • Jessica Simpson

Prior residents of Hidden Hills included Jennifer Lopez and Tupac Shakur.

Although Hidden Hills truly has become synonymous for “easy living,” there are occasional instances when something unpleasant and challenging occurs in the snug community. For example, the city occasionally faces an issue with biohazardous situations arising from:

  • Unattended death
  • Suicide
  • Rat infestation and rat droppings

Unattended Death in Hidden Hills

In part because of the small population of Hidden Hills, and in part, because the community is relatively close-knit, the experience of an unattended death is not highly likely to happen. An unattended death oftentimes is not a well-understood term. Many people who encounter the term “unattended death” attribute it to a situation in which a person dies without medical attention. While this is true that a healthcare provider is not at the scene of an unattended death, the phrase actually means something more.

An unattended death is one in which a person dies on his or her own. In addition, the body is not discovered for what can prove to be an extended period of time after death – even in a matter of months. In Hidden Hills, the odds are low that a body will go undiscovered for a longer period of time.

Suicide in Hidden Hills

Although an unattended death in which remains are not found in a fairly prompt manner is not very likely, suicide presents another story. The suicide rate in the United States, including in congregation of Los Angeles County communities, is at about 13 people for every 100,000 people. This is up by almost 25 percent in the past five years.

Suicides involving a gun or knife, as well as a suicide that is not immediately discovered, results in the potential presence of dangers substances known as biohazards. Biohazards, including viruses and bacteria, can be found in blood, other bodily fluids, as well as other biological materials. Common types of bloodborne viruses are HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. MRSA is an example of a dangerous bacteria that is bloodborne.

Rat Infestation and Dropping in Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills features lovely homes – magnificent homes, in fact. In addition, in the neighborhoods directly connected to the community, there can be found a number of highly regarded eateries, including fine dining establishments like:

  • Brandywine
  • Bazille
  • Adagio Ristorante
  • Larsen’s Steakhouse

There are no reports that these establishments have been cited for rat infestation and rat droppings. However, it is important to understand that money and style cannot in and of themselves prevent a rat infestation and associated rat droppings.

There have been instances in which rats have appeared in Hidden Hills. They do seem to have been rapidly dispatched.

Having said that, it is not only living rats that can pose problems to residents of Hidden Hills, but also rat droppings. Rat droppings can contain dangerous pathogens like hantavirus. Rat droppings become even more dangerous when the dry. Dried rat droppings can rapidly crumble, releasing dust containing dangerous pathogens. This dust and the associated viruses can be breathed in, causing a person to become infected.

Biohazard Cleanup in Hidden Hills

In the event of a suicide, rat infestation, or even an unattended death, the safest course to take is to retain the services of a biohazard cleanup professional. A biohazard cleanup specialist has the tools, resources, and equipment to thoroughly remediate a situation arising from a suicide, rat infestation, or unattended death. When a biohazard cleanup is indicated, a professional should be called to the scene immediately.

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