If you’re looking for a crime scene cleaning company in Hidden Hills, California, you have a lot to think about. Crime scene clean-up can be extremely difficult and challenging for non-professionals to have to navigate their way through. If an actual crime took place at the scene and someone was hurt or killed, there’s is most likely a lot of trauma to sort through for the survivors. Dealing with the cleanup could very likely be an emotional tipping point. Working with a company like ours can help make the process a bit easier. 

By getting rid of all evidence of the incident and restoring the space, crime scene clean-up teams can help people who have to live or work in the get on the road to emotional healing.

What Do Crime Scene Cleanup Companies Do?

At Eco Bear, our teams are trained to handle the rigorous, complicated cleanup that’s necessary at crime scenes. Crime scene clean-up covers spaces where deaths and/or traumatic accidents have occurred. This includes violent deaths, homicides, suicides, industrial or work accidents, and natural deaths. Our teams go in, thoroughly cleanse the spaces, and get rid of biohazardous waste like blood, bodily fluids, and tissue. These substances are carriers for pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and fungi. If they’re not properly cleaned, they could very easily spread all types of diseases.

When Do Crime Scene Cleaners Show Up?

Crime scene cleaners arrive at the scene once after the first responders have done their jobs and law enforcement has released the scene. Crime scene clean-up specialists are sometimes called second responders. After the scene is released, they’re contacted by the owners of the space. Once they take an assessment of the scene, they can begin the cleaning process.

What Are Some Key Facts About Crime Scenes?

Following are some key things to know about crime scene cleanup.

Crime scene companies have to follow the biohazardous waste disposal rules of the state they’re located in.

Biohazardous waste disposal is regulated by agencies like OSHA, the EPA, and the California Department of Health. Crime scene cleaning companies need to follow these rules to help ensure public safety. There are all types of biohazardous waste at crime scenes. Blood is one of the most dangerous biohazards because it’s extremely infectious. If the person who was injured or killed has a disease, that disease will be present in the blood and body tissue left behind. Improper cleaning of this blood and other biohazards could end up causing the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria. 

In addition to blood and bodily waste, there is also danger in the waste found at scenes like drug dens, meth labs, and even legitimate science labs that have had a spill. Microorganisms at these sites that aren’t removed properly could become a danger to the public.

Crime scene cleaners need to have training in bloodborne pathogen safety.

It’s extremely dangerous to work with biohazards that are infected with bloodborne pathogens. Since this is the material that crime scene cleaning specialists work with all the time, those specialists must be trained in how to work safely with those elements. Doing so will protect the crime scene cleaners and protect the public.

California has strict rules regarding the removal and disposal of biohazards.

Like most states, California not only has strict rules regarding biohazard cleanup, but it also has strict rules regarding what to do with that waste once it’s collected. The California Medical Waste Management Act is an act that lays out exactly what’s to be done with biohazard waste once it’s removed from a crime or trauma scene. 

All biohazard waste collected at the scene needs to be removed from the site immediately following cleanup. It needs to be labeled properly and stored in the appropriate bags, bins or containers. Once the waste is removed from the site, it can stay at the crime scene cleaning company’s facilities in cold storage dedicated for this purpose for up to 14 days. If it needs to stay there longer, the cleaning company will need to get approval from the Department of Health. After that, it will most likely be completely disposed of via incineration. That waste is then usually transported to a sanitary landfill.

Crime scene cleaning is an emotionally taxing task that can extend and enhance the trauma that survivors are already dealing with. At Eco Bear, we understand all of your concerns. Once cleaning is over and your space has been returned to normalcy, you’ll be able to focus on your emotional recovery. Give us a call if you need to work with a crime scene cleaning company in Hidden Hills or if you want to find out more about what it entails. Ask us anything. We are here to help.