In coordination with the state of California, Huntington Beach local governmental agencies strive to be as proactive as possible when it comes to effectively combating the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19 in our community. At the heart of “taking on” COVID-19 in Huntington Beach are coordinated strategies that include physical distancing (also known as social distancing) as well as the effective decontamination of spaces thought to have been tainted by this potentially fatal virus. That’s where the dedicated specialists at Eco Bear come into play through providing home and business owners COVID-19 decontamination services. An independently owned Huntington Beach COVID-19 cleaning company, Eco Bear is on the clock 24 hours a day and can be reached any time at (818) 358-4359.

A Straightforward Assessment of COVID-19

If you spend any time watching news reports, commentary, or surfing the internet, you likely find yourself more than a little confused about COVID-19 and the risks it presents to all of us. That is perfectly understandable, and you most definitely are not alone. With that in mind, these are some bottom-line COVID-19 facts that you need to bear in mind, based on information provided by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • COVID-19 is highly contagious
  • You can contract COVID-19 via person to person contact and from contaminated surfaces and objects
  • COVID-19 can remain alive on surfaces and objects for days
  • You must follow physical distancing protocols, including abiding by stay at home directives and maintaining your distance between other people (of at least six feet)
  • Not all people show symptoms of COVID-19
  • Even without showing symptoms, an infected person can still spread the virus to others
  • If you believe your home, business, rental property, or other location you own or under your control has been contaminated, you need to take prompt action to remediation that contamination

Your COVID-19 Cleaning Company Huntington Beach Remediation Services

Unfortunately, nearly all biohazard cleaning companies are parts of large corporations, with no meaningful connection to California communities and a real focus only on making fast money preying upon people in crisis situations. As an independent, woman-owned, veteran-led biohazard remediation company, we truly are here for you. Indeed – we are you. 

All members of your COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting crew are fully insured and bonded. They are people you can trust to have in your home because we welcome them in our home. 

As a committed Huntington Beach COVID-19 cleaning company, we provide comprehensive services at your home, business, rental property, or other location. Using the very latest technology and EPA-approved medical-grade disinfecting agents, we are able to eradicate the coronavirus from wherever it may lurk in your property. We will effectively and safely restore your home, business, or any other location to a safe and fully usable condition. 

Eco Bear is also fully committed to providing the fairest and most transparent pricing. Unlike other biohazard remediation corporations, you’ll never experience surprise or hidden fees with Eco Bear. Rather, we provide you a thorough and reliable estimate before work begins. We never request an upfront payment, the fee becoming due when we finish work to your complete satisfaction. We’ll do a walk-through with you and explain precisely what we’ve done to make your property safe. 

Rapid Response Remediation From Our Huntington Beach COVID-19 Cleaning Company

The reality is that if you believe your home, business, or other location has been contaminated with COVID-19, any delay jeopardizes the health and welfare of people who access that location. For this reason, the Eco Bear Huntington Beach COVID-19 cleaning company established its rapid response team. You can reach us any time of the day or night, 365 days year, by calling (818) 358-4359. We will be onsite promptly and prepared to initiate safe, effective COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting without delay. 

Although COVID-19, a novel coronavirus, by definition is new to all of us, challenging biohazard remediation is not new at all to the team at Eco Bear. Through the years, we’ve taken on the most challenging types of biohazard remediations including eradicating other highly contagious and potentially deadly diseases from homes, businesses, schools, fitness centers, motels, rental properties, and a wide range of other locations. In addition, we’ve addressed other extraordinarily challenging situations that include violent crime scene cleanup, suicide remediation, and unattended death cleaning. We’ve returned hoarders’ homes to livable conditions. As part of the community, we are here for you.