A bucolic seaside community in Orange County, Huntington Beach has a population approaching 200,000. Huntington Beach is the most populated beach community in Orange County and features almost 10 miles of shoreline, highly popular with surfers. The city is not only enjoyed by its residents but is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in California.

What Happens During a Biohazard Cleanup in Huntington Beach?

When there are a lot of biohazard substances present, a professional biohazard cleanup team are the preferred party to perform the work. These professional cleaners will have the necessary training, skills, experience and proper cleaning equipment and supplies to safely clean the area and eliminate the risks of potential pathogens on the scene. Knowing that someone is on the job that can keep others safe can be a welcome relief for property owners worrying about the dangers of infectious material on their property.

What Cleanup & Restoration Steps Are Taken by Professional Biohazard Cleanup Specialists?

There is a certain cleanup process that professional biohazard cleanup and restoration specialists follow to ensure safe cleaning of the affected property. These cleanup stages are divided into 5 steps. These are:

  • Containment
  • Cleanup Measures
  • Sanitation Process
  • Thorough Deodorization
  • Property Restoration

The end result that professional biohazard cleaning experts like Eco Bear employees strive for is the complete safe cleanup and effective property restoration that transforms the property back into a clean, livable and habitable property once more.

What Occurs During the Containment Phase?

During the initial containment phase of cleanup, the cleaning experts seek to contain any dangerous to humans or animals pathogens and ensure that there is not any cross contamination. Many harmful to humans pathogens can be airborne meaning they can spread disease through the air. Others are bloodborne pathogens that spread disease through contact with blood, bodily fluids and contaminated materials.

All efforts are made to keep the dangerous pathogens contained into that one contaminated area. The cleanup specialists might put up temporary barriers like heavy-duty plastic tarps or sheets to block any pathogens from unwanted contamination. A properly performed venting air system may also be used to safely air out the contaminated space.

What Happens During the Biohazard Cleanup Phase?

During the critical biohazard cleanup phase, experienced cleanup specialists use proven effective methods of safe cleaning that also eliminate any of the harmful pathogens that may be lurking on the scene. Strong and powerful chemicals and cleaning products are used to perform a thorough and deep down cleaning up of anything on the site. It is important for workers to wear the right protective clothing and gear to ensure their safety and health during this process. These protective items include:

  • Durable Surgical Strength Gloves
  • Impervious Disposable Attire like Smocks, Aprons or Gowns
  • Eye Protection such as Goggles or Faceshields that Protect the Eyes
  • Disposable Foot Booties & Hair Caps
  • Facial Masks or Other Breathing Apparatus like Respirators and Helmets
  • Full Protective Gear & Equipment for Especially Dangerous Cleanup Sites

This crucial part of the cleanup stage is where the workers will safely and appropriately remove any contaminated items like blood, bodily fluids and contaminated objects. Bloody sheets, clothing, furnishings and other items need to also be disposed of as hazardous waste. All cleanup specialists like those at Eco Bear will know how to dispose of the contaminated items on the scene in the correct manner using the designated biohazard bags and trash bins.

How Do Cleanup Specialists Sanitize the Area?

After a deep cleaning, the area must be properly sanitized to ensure the complete elimination of any present pathogens. The team from Eco Bear have access to strong hospital-strength sanitizing agents and equipment to complete this important phase of the biohazard cleanup process. This sanitation phase is much more than spraying on of a cleaner, and the result is the complete destruction of any nearby pathogens that could harm people or pets.

Is Deodorization Really Necessary Following the Cleanup Stage?

Yes, the deodorization phase is especially important and necessary when there is a large amount of biohazard material present or if a dead body has been found on the site. When a person dies, the natural decomposition process begins right away. Within even a few hours, a noticeable foul odor is noted. If a dead body has not been found until days or weeks later, this rank smell is then often overpowering. Only deep deodorization measures using exceptionally strong hospital-grade deodorizing products will rid the area of these types of smells.

What Happens During the Property Restoration Phase?

During the crucial property restoration phase, the cleanup experts will focus on restoration of any property that has been contaminated with possible pathogens. This can include bloody furniture like couch cushions, bed mattresses and fabric items such as drapes or bed covers. Anything that was contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids will be thoroughly cleaned using advanced cleaning skills and industrial strength cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies. The cleanup specialists at Eco Bear have been thoroughly trained in these cleanup and property restoration methods.

The end goal of any biohazard cleanup effort is to quickly return a cleansed property space back to its owners in a livable or usable condition with all harmful pathogens eliminated.

The importance of hiring expert cleanup specialists skilled in confronting and eliminating harmful pathogens and other biohazards couldn’t be stressed more. The risks of potential biohazardous material that can spread dangerous diseases through pathogens should prompt anyone into calling Eco Bear for this type of dangerous work.

There are many dangers of cleaning up a death or crime scene that can frighten individuals and cause emotional stress. The cleaning specialists working at Eco Bear understand all of the emotions that those dealing with the aftermath of these types of events are likely dealing with. These professional cleanup experts have the necessary credentials, experience and supplies needed to get the job done right in the fastest method possible.

Those needing biohazard cleanup and property restoration services in the Huntington Beach area are urged to contact Eco Bear by phone, or to visit https://ecobear.co online to browse more information.

Murder-Suicide Unsettles Life in Huntington Beach

As is the case with any community, there are incidents that disrupt the normally placid flow of life in Huntington Beach. One such incident involved what those who knew the “participants” called a highly surprising murder-suicide. The perpetrator was a retired photographer, the victim a popular Huntington Beach Realtor.

A typically quiet Huntington Beach neighborhood was sent into what fairly can be described as chaos following the deaths of two locals, a pair of neighbors thought unlikely “participants” in a bloody murder-suicide. The perpetrator was a 78-year old man whose sister reported had suffered complications from a surgical procedure on his intestines. The man evidently had been in considerable pain following the surgery.

The Huntington Beach Police Department reported that the man and his neighbor, a 62-year old woman, has been involved in an ongoing dispute. Law enforcement officials did not elucidate anything additional about then nature of the dispute.

Just after 8:00 in the morning, the neighbors ended up having what evidently was a heated argument in front of the condominium complex in which they both lived. As the argument progressed, the man pulled out a gun and shot the woman to death. After killing his neighbor, the man turned the gun on himself and took his own live. The shooter was on the phone with a friend and colleague during the incident. The person on the other end of the line heard the shootings and immediately called 911.

Both individuals were declared dead when the police arrived at the scene. The condo complex was an active crime scene well into the evening, with the Orange County Coroner also participating in the investigation.

When law enforcement and the coroner completed their investigations at the scene, the premises were turned over to the management company that oversees operations of the condo community. The next step was biohazard cleanup of the scene.

Homicide, Suicide, or Other Traumatic Incident on Commercial Property

If a homicide, suicide, or other traumatic incident occurs in the common area of a residential structure like a condo complex, or at some other commercial location, the owner and management team of the premises are responsible for biohazard cleanup in Huntington Beach. The police, coroner, nor any other governmental entity are tasked with biohazard cleanup in Huntington Beach.

The parties responsible for the common areas of the condo complex have an affirmative legal duty to ensure that the aftermath of the murder-suicide is safely and thoroughly cleaned up. Due to the possibility of dangerous pathogens that can be contained in blood or other bodily fluids, this cleanup, also known as biohazard remediation, must commence immediately.

Those responsible for this type of cleanup or remediation are best served by engaging the services of a well-trained, experienced biohazard cleanup in Huntington Beach professional. A pro can ensure that a post-homicide or suicide cleanup is conducted in a completely safe and thorough manner.

Homicide, Suicide, or Other Traumatic Incident on Residential Property

In this case, the violent event did not occur inside residential property. Had that been the case, the owner or family members of the deceased individuals would bear responsibility for the cleanup. Again, law enforcement and the coroner are not charged with biohazard cleanup in Huntington Beach, even in a residential property.

Family members, or other individuals responsible for residential property, are consistently advised that they should retain the services of a biohazard cleanup professional to undertake this type of challenging task. Not only do individuals in this type of position better ensure a thorough and safe remediation of the situation, they also protect themselves mentally and emotionally. Personally cleaning up the aftermath of a homicide or suicide can negatively impact the already fragile mental and emotional state of people who’ve lost loved ones in a sudden, violent manner.

Huntington Beach Grief and Bereavement Therapists

Family members who lose a loved one by homicide, suicide, or some other sudden or violent means can face a tough bereavement process. The same holds true for people who witness the violent end to someone’s life or who come upon the scene in the aftermath of a homicide or suicide.

There are Huntington Beach grief and bereavement therapists that work with individuals in these types of situations, including in individual and group settings:

Ben Tilton
18600 Main Street, Suite 295
Huntington Beach, California 92648
(714) 717-5415

Heather Browne
Grace Lutheran Church
6931 Edinger
Huntington Beach, California 92647
(714) 334-4026

Rosie Saucedo
18811 Huntington Street, Suite 200
Huntington Beach, California 92648
(949) 381-1446

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