If you’re looking for hoarder house cleanup in Huntington Beach, you know that there is a lot that the process entails. Cleaning up a hoarder house means that you’re most likely going through years and years of trash, clutter, and biohazardous waste that has built up over time. It’s not an easy task to take on, and it will most likely require professional assistance on many levels. We are here to help.

The Difficulty With Hoarding

Hoarding is a professionally recognized disorder. It is a mental illness that affects roughly 3,5 million people in the United States. One of the most difficult things about hoarding is that it’s a mental illness that’s extremely difficult to treat. Hoarders are often very reluctant to even admit that they have a problem. Unfortunately, it’s not a mental illness they can keep to themselves. Hoarding not only affects the home of the actual hoarder, but it also affects other peoples’ homes. This is especially true of hoarders who live in multifamily buildings. It can also be true of hoarders who allow their clutter to spill out into their outdoor space, affecting their neighbors’ ability to enjoy their own homes since the clutter and trash is visible from their homes.

The Dangers of Hoarding

One of the biggest issues with hoarding is the fact that hoarder houses are usually filled with biohazardous waste. Biohazardous waste is waste that contains pathogens, the microorganisms that cause diseases in humans. Biohazardous waste includes elements like blood, bodily fluids, human waste, animal waste, garbage, rotting food, and a host of other types of waste that is frequently found in a hoarders’ home. If biohazardous waste isn’t properly removed from a home, it can cause illness and disease in the people who live in the home as well as people who come into contact with the waste. 

This is where hoarder house cleanup companies come in. They can handle the unique type of cleaning that’s required to safely remove biohazardous waste from a home. 

How Long Does Hoarder House Cleaning Take?

The amount of time that it takes to clean a hoarder house depends on the house involved and the condition that it’s in. For inexperienced people tackling the load themselves, it could take weeks to clear out a hoarder house. For professionals, it could take much less time. Hoarder house cleanup professionals have the know-how and the experience necessary to tackle each level of cleaning quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

How Do You Get Rid of Biohazardous Waste?

In order to get rid of biohazardous waste, cleaners must use OSHA-approved cleaning solvents, disinfectants, and deodorizers. These items have been specifically formulated to help get rid of biohazardous waste that can cause disease. Using cleaners that don’t have the specific ingredients found in these cleaners will result in a finished space that may look good but isn’t actually sanitary and safe for human habitation. According to the state of California and OSHA, homes that have bio-hazardous waste must be cleaned according to specific standards.

How Do Cleanup Crews Protect Themselves?

 Cleanup crews wear special gear that’s designed to help protect them from the biohazardous waste they’ll come into contact with during hoarder house cleanup. They wear gear like bodysuits, shoe covers, face masks or respirators, and special gloves that are puncture-proof. All of these items will help ensure that the crew remains safe as they tackle even the most extreme hoarder situations. 

This is another reason that it pays to work with a professional cleaning company. They know exactly what to do to get rid of the biohazardous waste in the home, and they know how to protect themselves as they’re doing it.

When Should You Call for Hoarding House Cleanup?

 There are several situations when it makes sense to call for hoarding house cleanup.

You’re Ready

Call when you reach your breaking point and you realize that you want to change. Sometimes, people just reach a point where they realize that living in a hoarder house is unhealthy mentally and physically.

You Bought a Hoarder House

Reach out for help if you’ve bought a hoarder house and don’t know where to begin regarding cleanup. Oftentimes, hoarder houses are sold “as is.” For buyers, it’s a worthwhile investment to get a professional cleaning done so that the house becomes habitable again. This is especially key if you’re going to be using the house as an investment property.

Pending Eviction

Reach out for hoarding house cleanup help if you’re in a situation where failing to have the house stripped and cleaned will result in eviction or expulsion from the home. Many local authorities have the ability to remove someone from the home if they are living in a hoarder house that is on the verge of being condemned.

We understand; hoarding is hard. We will approach each job with compassion and understanding. Our goal is to help you end up with a clean, healthy living space.