When looking for help with crime scene cleanup in Huntington Beach, it can seem a bit overwhelming.

When a crime is committed in which someone is hurt or killed, the aftermath of that trauma is all over the crime scene. Elements like bodily fluids, blood, tissue,make it all too clear that a crime or accident happened in which someone was hurt or killed. When first responders release the scene, crime scene cleaning companies enter the scene. Crime scene companies thoroughly cleanse away all of the evidence of the crime, removing biohazard waste and restoring the space back to normal.

At Eco Bear, we make this part of the process as easy as possible for our clients. Having cleanup handled by a professional team could make all the difference in the world when it comes to the healing process.

Why Is It Important To Have Crime Scenes Professionally Cleaned?

There are several reasons you should work with professional crime scene cleaning companies. 

  • Many crime scenes take place on private property, whether that’s in a home or in an office. in the home. Having that part of the process handled by professional frees up the survivors to focus on other areas of healing.
  • Blood, human waste, and body tissue is considered biohazardous waste, so the team must follow all of the rules and regulations regarding disposal. Homeowners and business owners don’t have this know-how. Having trained teams come in and thoroughly clean the space helps ensure that the job is done properly.
  • Some crime scenes are extremely difficult to clean. They may have strong, lingering odors or waste that is difficult to remove. Companies like ours have the tools to handle all of this.
  • Pathogen exposure is very real. Pathogens are present in elements like blood and bodily tissue. These pathogens could be present in a person who’d been sick prior to the incident, or they could have developed after death. Our teams have the equipment necessary to not only clean the space but also safely and completely remove the biohazardous waste that can cause disease.

What Types of Incidents Necessitate the Need for Crime Scene Cleanup?

Many people are surprised to learn that crime scene cleaning companies handle all types of cleanup scenes, including those not connected to a crime.

Unattended Death

When someone dies alone at home, it’s called an unattended death. Sometimes, their bodies may not be discovered for quite some time, especially if they didn’t have regular contact with people. In those cases, their bodies could remain undiscovered for quite some time. By the time they’re found, their bodies may have decomposed to the point where specialized clean-up is necessary. 


The aftermath of a suicide can be extremelydifficult to clean up, especially if a weapon like a gun was used. Cleanup teams could be dealing with a body that’s gone through heavy decomp or a body that has extensive and intensive physical trauma. Our teams will go in and remove all signs of blood, body waste, and odor so that the space is habitable again.


Homicides are usually very violent, leaving behind lots of blood and human waste. It’s critical that professional crime scene cleaners get in and remove every bit of biohazardous material so that they eliminate the possibility of disease spread. Our teams are trained to go in and thoroughly remove every bit of blood, human waste, and tissue so that the space is restored to what it looked like before the incident. 

Tear Gas

Tear gas is a notoriously difficult substance to remove from the air and from surfaces. The effects of the tear gas can be felt long after it was deployed. Our teams are equipped to go in and remove every trace of tear gas so that the air is completely safe for breathing again, Failure to properly rid a scene of tear gas could have devastating long-term effects on anyone exposed to the remnants.

What Types of Materials and Equipment Do Crime Scene Cleaning Specialists Use?

Our teams use special equipment, chemicals, and gear to thoroughly clean and sanitize the crime scene. Some of that equipment includes the following.

  • We use ozone generator machine that get rid of the toughest odors,
  • We always use biohazardous waste containers that include things like sealed plastic containers, hazmat bins or 55-gallon heavy duty waste bags,
  • Our teams wear top PPE gear, including gloves, disposable body suits, respirators, sealed shoe covers, and special boots that prevent chemicals from penetrating them.
  • We used the toughest, industrial-strength, and hospital-grade disinfectants and deodorizers that are also OSHA approved.
  • We use items like sprayers, long-reach scrubbing brushes, and wet vacuum that allow us to reach high ceilings and difficult angles.

Reach out to us if you have any questions about crime scene cleanup in Huntington Beach. We can help.