Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is your trusted and reliable source for crime scene cleanup in Laguna Beach, CA, and nearby areas. Our trained technicians know how to expertly and meticulously clean and restore crime scenes while still keeping the human factor in mind. We realize services of this nature go beyond cleaning; and because of the emotions that often go along with dealing with a tragedy, our cleaning team will be respectful and understanding while completing the necessary cleanup tasks. Our crime scene cleanup services in Laguna Beach combine reliable cleaning techniques with appropriate and safe biohazard mitigation.

Facts about Crime Scenes in Laguna Beach, CA

It’s a common misconception that police or other officials will handle crime scene cleanup responsibilities. In reality, it’s often the family that’s ultimately responsible for crime scene cleanup in Laguna Beach, CA. This is also typically the case if the crime scene is at a business or other commercial location. Another fact to keep in mind about crime scenes is the nature of the substances involved. Oftentimes, there is blood coupled with other biological materials. Blood alone can contain potentially harmful pathogens that can make it unsafe to handle without proper training and personal protective gear. This is why it’s best not to attempt crime scene cleanup yourself.

Developing a Safe Remediation Plan

The first step the Eco Bear cleaning team will take when arriving at a crime scene in Laguna Beach, CA, is to assess the situation. This allows our licensed and trained experts to develop a safe and efficient remediation plan. The initial stage of cleanup also involves containment of the affected area to prevent issues with cross-contamination. This is also the time when you’ll be able to tell us about specific areas you may want us to give some extra attention to while cleaning.

Our Four-Step Crime Scene Cleanup Process in Laguna Beach, CA

As is the case with the other services we offer, each situation is unique. That said, we typically take a four-step approach to crime scene cleanup in Laguna Beach. It’s a process that involves: 

  • Initial cleanup: All substances and items within the affected area cleaned and/or removed. For safety reasons, everything within the crime scene area is treated like biohazardous materials.
  • Sanitization: During this phase of crime scene cleanup, medical-grade sanitization chemicals are used to clean surfaces within the affected area to mitigate risks associated with blood and other biologicals.
  • Deodorization: In situations where the body wasn’t discovered right away, there may be lingering odors that can be difficult to eliminate. We use commercial deodorization agents to thoroughly remove any crime scene odors.
  • Restoration: This is the stage of crime scene cleanup that involves any other steps necessary to make the affected area usable or habitable again.

Why Mitigating Biohazard Risks Is Important

The biggest risks at a crime scene often stem from any biological materials present. Human blood contains an assortment of substances, some of which have the potential to contribute to diseases or illnesses. These substances are known as pathogens. What the Eco Bear team does with a typical crime scene cleanup is to identify all surface areas, materials, and items covered with blood and other biohazardous materials. In some instances, this could mean dismantling furniture, stripping beds, or even pressure washing if the crime scene is outdoors on concrete surfaces. With biohazard cleanup at crime scenes in Laguna Beach, CA, expert our team to: 

  • Contain biohazardous areas as much as possible
  • Remove saturated or stained items for further inspection and cleaning – if possible
  • Properly dispose of any items that cannot be saved, restored, or salvaged

Removing Stains at Laguna Beach, CA Crime Scenes

One of the more challenging aspects of crime scene cleanup is the stains often left behind. Our cleaning team typically uses a combination of specialized cleaning equipment and appropriate cleaning products to remove stains from blood and other biological materials. Scrubbing tools and absorbent cloths may be used as well to fully restore surfaces with crime scene-related stains.

Benefits of Client-Focused Crime Scene Cleanup in Laguna Beach, CA

In addition to minimizing the emotional impact of the aftermath of a crime, cleanup of this nature is beneficial because it allows your property to be safely used again. This can be especially beneficial for business owners looking to resume normal business operations. For our residential clients in Laguna Beach, CA, proper crime scene cleanup can allow for a slow and steady return to daily life without the constant reminder of what happened being present.

Why Choose Eco Bear for Reliable Laguna Beach, CA Crime Scene Cleanup

A woman-owned company, Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is also veteran-led and fully committed to top-notch customer service and reliable results. With everything we do, we keep our clients needs in mind. You’ll also appreciate that our rates are half of what our competitors typically charge for comparable services. At the same time, we’ll always maintain our high-quality standards with crime scene cleanup and the other services we offer in Laguna Beach and nearby areas.

The Eco Bear Team Is Here to Help

When you’re in need of prompt and thorough crime scene cleanup in Laguna Beach, CA, call on Eco Bear. We’re easily accessible with 24/7 help. What’s more, you’ll find our rates reasonable and upfront and our staff friendly and professional. We’ll gladly give you an accurate, no-pressure quote when you first contact us. Our goal with crime scene cleanup is to make the cleanup process as smooth and efficient as possible from start to finish in a way that’s respectful, safe, and effective.

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