A seaside resort community located in southern Orange County, Laguna Beach has about 25,000 residents. Laguna Beach has become recognized as something of an artists’ community. It is also home to growing families, up and coming professionals, senior citizens, and others.

Thousands of tourists flock to Laguna Beach every year. Overall, the community is a placid place, with a low crime rate and a pleasant lifestyle. There has been one infamous crime that occurred in 2010 and that continues to cast a cloud over the community ever since.

Violence Between Laguna Beach Business Community Haunt the Community for Nearly a Decade

Two men, Edward Shin, and Christian Smith were partners in a Laguna Beach media and public relations firm. Shin wanted to take full control over the business. Smith agreed to sell his interest in the firm to Shin for $1 million.

In the midst of what proved to be tempestuous negotiations between the two business partners, Smith vanished and was never again seen. Ultimately, the Laguna Beach Police Department concluded that Shin killed his business partner. They reached this conclusion after finding traces of Smith’s blood in the office of the men’s firm. They were able to detect this blood even though Shin has arranged for the office to be cleaned and repainted in the direct aftermath of Shin’s disappearance.

As is discussed in more detail in a moment, a biohazard cleanup in Laguna Beach professional is adept at eliminating blood, bodily fluids, and other biological material completely. The reality is that even a sparse amount of these types of biomaterials can contain hazardous pathogens that can infect people with diseases.

After what investigators concluded was the violent murder of Smith by Shin, Shin then forged Smith’s signature on various documents purporting to turn control of the firm over to Shin. Shin even went so far as to transmit fake emails, allegedly from Smith to Smith’s family. These fake communications were designed to lead Smith’s family to believe the murdered man was alive and well and traveling in Africa.

In recent months, years after Smith was murdered, the case against Shin has finally been brought to court. Smith’s surviving family members now believe they will finally see justice in the murder of Christian Smith.

The Aftermath of a Homicide, Suicide, or Other Violent Crime in Laguna Beach

Typically, when a violent crime like a homicide, as well as suicide with a knife or firearm, occurs, the aftermath involves a challenging biohazard cleanup in Laguna Beach. As mentioned previously, this type of remediation is most appropriately and effectively accomplished by engaging the services of a biohazard cleanup specialist.

When a homicide, suicide, or some other violent encounter occurs in business or residence, it is the owner of the premises who is charged with addressing the cleanup. It is not the task of the Laguna Beach Police Department or the Orange County Coroner’s Office. Many Laguna Beach residents and business owners understandably conclude this is the task of these public agencies. Despite this belief, the task of biohazard cleanup in Laguna Beach is the responsibility of the owner or person or business in possession of the premises.

Because of the inherent health risks associated with biohazard remediation, and the necessity to thoroughly accomplish the task, engaging a professional is the recommended course of action. A biohazard cleanup professional has the equipment, materials, skill, and compassion necessary to work with individuals who’ve been impacted by a violent event in their businesses or homes.

Laguna Beach Grief Counselors and Therapists

Dealing with the aftermath of the sudden death of a loved one can seem overwhelming. The grief and mental anguish associated with the homicide, suicide, or some other traumatic loss of a family member or other loved one can be profound and persistent. Odds are that a person in this type of situation is best served to reach out to a Laguna beach grief or bereavement therapist. There are a number of such professionals in Laguna Beach that provide these types of services in either a group or individual setting.

In addition, a Laguna Beach grief or bereavement therapist can assist a person in working with a psychiatrist should the need for other types of medical intervention exist, including the necessity for some type of medication to assist in addressing depression, anxiety, PTSD, traumatic grief, or some other issue. These experienced Laguna Beach professionals include:

Laguna Beach Counseling
333 Third Street, Suite 6
Laguna Beach, California 92651

Laguna Family Therapy
330 Park Avenue, 
Suite 7
Laguna Beach, California 92651
(949) 347-5468

Susan Eisner
Laguna Beach, California 92651
(949) 287-8864

Photo Courtesy of Don Graham.

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