Hoarding is a psychological disorder that results in the compulsive need to keep or collect belongings or certain items. It’s a condition that often continues for several years until a point is reached where household clutter has become unsafe and unhealthy. If a loved one who’s a hoarder in Laguna Beach, CA, is in the process of receiving treatment and restoring their home, the experienced team from Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is here to help. We provide comprehensive, personalized, compassionate, and affordable hoarder property cleanup in Laguna Beach and nearby areas.

Why Hoarder Property Cleanup Is Best Left To the Pros

The National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization divides hoarding into five distinct levels based on the nature and extent of hoarding. If the hoarding has reached higher levels on the Clutter-Hoarding Scale beyond the lower levels, it’s usually best to have professional cleaning assistance. We say this because more extensive hoarding tends to involve: 

  • 2 or more rooms that are clearly cluttered
  • Pest-related waste
  • Unsanitary eating areas and food prep surfaces
  • Lack of sufficient sleeping space
  • Certain rooms that are entirely unusable or inaccessible

Providing a Broad Range of Hoarder Cleanup Assistance

The seasoned cleaning team at Eco Bear is well-trained and experienced. Everyone on our team is also fully prepared to put together and execute an effective cleanup and mitigation plan in a variety of situations. Our broad range of hoarder property cleanup services in Laguna Beach, CA, includes: 

  • Clutter-based hoarder cleanup
  • Animal hoarder cleanup
  • Cleanup related to compulsive shopper hoarding
  • Garbage and trash removal if hoarding primarily involves such items

Hoarder Cleanup When a Hoarder in Laguna Beach Has Passed Away

When a loved one who was a hoarder has passed away, you may find yourself needing to clean out their home or apartment fairly quickly. Time can also be limited if your loved one has a landlord insisting that the property be cleaned ASAP, or if there are plans to put the home on the market. With situations like this, our team will arrive promptly with everything necessary to clean the premises.

Restoring a Hoarder Environment in an Orderly Way

Each situation is unique when it comes to hoarding. However, cleanup of this nature is typically done in stages. Initially, our cleaning professionals will remove obvious clutter and debris and special attention is paid to pathways and walkways. The more detailed cleaning is typically done on a room by room basis. What this does is give our cleaning experts a chance to identify any biohazards present and address more complex cleanup and mitigation needs.

Dealing With Biohazards in the Home

It’s common for hoarder property cleanup in Laguna Beach, CA, to involve biological hazards, or biohazards. For this reason, our cleaning pros usually arrive with masks or respirators, gloves, disposable shoe covers, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) or gear. Biologicals that may be present in a hoarder’s home could include: 

  • Pest or animal waste
  • Mold or mildew from leaks previously hidden by clutter
  • Bacteria and other microorganisms from rotting food and other sources
  • Urine, and even human waste in some instances

Biological materials are dangerous because they contain “hidden” substances that could cause illness or disease in the human body. Such substances are referred to as pathogens. If animal hoarding is an issue, pathogen-filled biologicals on-site may include animal urine, feces, and other bodily fluids. There may even be deceased animals within living spaces.

Removing Lingering Odors and Sanitizing Surfaces

There are numerous potential sources of lingering or distracting odors that may be present on a hoarder property. Our cleaning team addresses such issues by using specialized cleaning products and methods. Another step taken during the later stages of the cleanup process is to sanitize commonly touched surfaces. What this does is to mitigate risks from lingering pathogens that may be present.

Doing a Final Inspection to Ensure Optimal Restoration

Once everything is cleaned and removed, a final inspection can be done to make sure nothing is overlooked. When our cleaning crew is done, the hoarder home will be clean, free of clutter, and ready for safe habitation. You’re also welcome to talk to our cleaning professionals about any concerns or special requests you may have before the process begins.

Making Hoarder Cleanup Less Stressful

Our approach to hoarder property cleanup in Laguna Beach always involves keeping compassion in mind. If the hoarder will be present, our cleaning professionals will be respectful and clear everything out in an orderly and careful manner. A staging area can also be set up for salvageable items. A staging area is a designated location away from the areas being cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized where items still in good condition can be placed for review and sorting. Taking this extra step will give your family member or loved one a chance to deal with the cleanup process in a less stressful way.

The Eco Bear Difference in Laguna Beach, CA

A five-star-rated Google and Yelp company, Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is also proud to be woman-owned and veteran-led. Become one of our clients and you’ll be treated to attentive service and rates that are typically about half of what our competitors charge for similar services in the Laguna Beach area.

Get the Professional Cleanup Assistance You Need Today

Regardless of the level of hoarding involved, the Eco Bear team is ready to get to work and leave you with fully restored and properly cleaned living spaces. Choosing us for your biohazard and hoarding cleanup needs in Laguna Beach also means you’ll benefit from fair, honest pricing and dependable results.

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