A thriving community in Orange County, Laguna Hills has a population of approximately 32,000 people. About 60 percent of the community is comprised of married couples, more than half of that group of people being families with children under the age of 18.

Laguna Hills is a community that comes complete with solid schools, a fairly low crime rate, and a myriad of different recreational, cultural, and entertainment opportunities.

A Fatal Shooting in Laguna Hills

Murders and other types of violent crimes are not the order of the day in Laguna Hills. With that said, these types of criminal offenses do occur from time to time. An example of this type of crime occurring in Laguna Hills involved a former U.S. Marine and his wife.

The former Marine, his wife, and the trio of children lived in a home in Laguna Hills. The family had not been seen for a period of time that caused neighbors to become concerned. As a result, a neighbor contacted law enforcement to obtain a welfare check at the residence by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, which provides services to Laguna Hills.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the home about mid-afternoon. Upon entering the residence, they discovered the wife and mother dead, having been shot to death. The husband and children were not present in the home at the time. Their whereabouts were not immediately known.

While the crime scene was being investigated, and before the Orange County Coroner had removed the remains of the slain woman from the residence, that woman’s own mother arrived at the scene. She was understandably highly distraught, in fact so much so that she fainted. She was taken to the hospital for observation and was eventually released when she was stabilized.

In addition to investigating the crime scene, law enforcement canvassed the neighborhood to identify any other possible witnesses. Eventually, an arrest warrant was issued for the husband. He was initially designated as a person of interest in the case. He ultimately was charged with crimes associated with the fatal shooting of his wife.

The Aftermath of the Domestic Slaying in Laguna Hills

The completely understandable reaction of the murdered woman’s mother to the learning of the shooting underscores the level of raw emotions associated with the sudden, traumatic loss of a family member or other loved one. The grief process in such a situation can be overwhelming.

The emotions a person faces after losing a loved one in sudden, tragic circumstances can be significantly aggravated with responsibilities that can fall into a family member’s hands following this type of death. For example, as is the case with the Laguna Hills homicide, the grandmother of the surviving children is likely to be the person who will have responsibility going forward for the care of these youngsters. What many people do not realize is that responsibility for the biohazard cleanup in Laguna Hills associated with the violent killing may also become her responsibility.

The reality is that a surviving family member, like the grandmother in this situation, is dealing with more than enough, including emotional challenges, without all that is involved with personally undertaking the cleanup of the homicide scene. This stark reality underscores the importance of seeking qualified, experienced, compassionate assistance from a biohazard cleanup professional.

In addition, a professional biohazard remediator ensures that the scene of a tragic death is thoroughly and safely restored to a completely livable condition. A specialist protects not only those involved in the cleanup process but everyone else from exposure to dangerous pathogens that can be found in blood and other bodily fluids that are present at the scene of a traumatic death.

Laguna Hills Grief Therapy

As was mentioned, grieving the loss of a family member through a violent or sudden means can be overwhelming. A person in this type of situation is likely to be best able to address his or her emotions and loss by seeking the assistance of a Laguna Hills grief therapist. A therapist will schedule a consultation, typically at no cost nor any obligation. During the consultation, a discussion occurs of what types of professional assistance is advised.

There are different therapy and counseling options available to a person who has tragically lost a family member or other loved ones. These include individual grief therapy and group grief therapy. Laguna Hills grief therapists include:

Jocelyn Pijpaert
23232 Peralta Drive, Suite #114
Laguna Hills, California 92653
(949) 393-4322

Suzanne Koch Eckenrode
24953 Paseo De Valencia, Suite 24B
Laguna Hills, California 92653
(619) 405-6180

Piper Glasier
25301 Cabot Road, Suite 216
Laguna Hills, California 92653
(949) 335-7336

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