Understandably, it’s not pleasant to be left with a crime scene in Laguna Hills, CA, to deal with after a traumatic incident has occurred. At some point, however, there will be a need to clean up the crime scene and remove painful reminders of what happened. It’s a common assumption this task will be handled by police or other authorities. In reality, it’s often loved ones, family members, or business owners who are ultimately responsible for cleaning up a crime scene once it has been officially released. If you’re in need of efficient and affordable crime scene cleanup in Laguna Hills, CA, Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is the company you can count on to get the job done respectfully and thoroughly from the initial cleanup through a full restoration.

When to Give Our Crime Scene Cleanup Pros a Call

Typically, crime scene cleanup can begin when the location where a serious, fatal, or violent crime occurred has been cleared or released by all involved authorities and crime scene investigators. If a body was removed, however, it may take longer for the crime scene to officially be cleared, especially if foul play is suspected or indicated by the evidence. Regardless of the circumstances involved, once the scene is officially cleared, you’re welcome to give Eco Bear a call. Our local team will then get to work.

What We Do at Laguna Hills Crime Scenes

We approach each crime scene restoration or cleanup project on an individual basis. We’ll start by assessing the situation and determining what the best way to handle cleanup is. Our team will then bring the proper protective gear, cleaning products, and equipment needed to clean the scene, mitigate risks, and restore the affected area. On a more basic level, crime scene cleanup in Laguna Hills can be broken down into four common and important steps: 

  • Initial cleaning
  • Sanitization
  • Deodorization
  • Restoration

Initial Crime Scene Cleaning

During the initial phase of cleaning up a crime scene, our trained technicians will remove or clean everything that’s contaminated in some way. This usually involves removing blood-stained items and anything with bodily fluids or other biologicals. Such materials are treated like biohazardous waste for safety reasons and handled and disposed of accordingly.


Blood and other bodily fluids often present at a crime scene can contain an assortment of pathogens. These are microscopic substances that can contribute to various illnesses or diseases. Our cleaning crew uses medical grade sanitization chemicals to sanitize all surfaces that may contain harmful pathogens.


If a crime scene included a body that wasn’t discovered immediately, there may be lingering odors. Blood and other biological materials can also contribute to stubborn odors. Our cleaning pros use commercial deodorization agents to properly and thoroughly remove any noticeable or lingering odors.


The final step involved with crime scene cleanup in Laguna Hills is to ensure that the affected area is fully restored. This may involve additional biohazard remediation efforts to prevent further issues with pathogen exposure. Other steps may be necessary as well if there are stubborn or challenging stains that need to be removed as part of the restoration process.

Drawing on Our Biohazard Expertise

Eco Bear is a reputable and trustworthy company that specializes in biohazard cleanup and the various situations where biological hazards could exist. As noted above, it’s not unusual for crime scenes to contain an assortment of potentially hazardous materials or bloodborne pathogens. This is another reason why it’s best not to attempt crime scene cleanup yourself. There’s no way to know for sure what pathogens are present at a crime scene. Everyone on our cleanup team is well-trained and familiar with acceptable and appropriate biohazard handling processes and procedures.

How Our Clients Benefit From Our Crime Scene Cleanup Services

A crime scene, by natural, tends be startling and unsettling. It can also bring back a flood of emotions or trigger painful memories of traumatic circumstances. By having the Eco Bear team handle crime scene cleanup duties in Laguna Hills, CA, you and anyone else personally involved with the situation can focus on healing and recovery as our team does the cleanup work in an orderly and efficient way. Our clients also benefit from: 

  • Timely arrivals
  • Attention to all important details
  • Working with caring, experienced, and courteous professionals

Fair, Upfront Pricing

There are many factors that affect rates for crime scene cleanup in Laguna Hills, CA. Typically, we charge hourly, per technician rates. The extent of the crime scene is the main factor that will determine total cost. However, we do keep our rates fair, upfront, and reasonable.

Why Choose Eco Bear for Laguna Hills, CA, Crime Scene Cleanup

Choose Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company for crime scene cleanup in Laguna Hills, CA, and you’ll be working with a woman-owned, veteran-led company with top-notch reviews from satisfied clients. In addition to being fair and upfront, our fees are typically half of what’s normally charged by competing companies offering similar services in the Laguna Hills area.

Let Us Restore Your Property and Peace of Mind

For experienced, compassionate, and affordable crime scene cleanup in Laguna Hills, CA, look no further than Eco Bear. The experienced professionals at Eco Bear have specialized training and the resources required to plan, organize, and complete cleanups of this nature regardless of the scope of the job. You’ll also benefit from our client-focused service and commitment to reliable results.

Contact us today about crime scene cleanup in Laguna Hills, CA and we’ll get you started with a quote.